Millions of electronics products reach the end of their lives every year, although they can be well repaired. It is an unnecessary burden on the environment and a great pleasure for consumers who want to buy new ones instead of their existing products. One of the reasons is that finding a repair shop can be hard to find. But for Sony products, there’s another way.

Raw Materials

It takes many tons of raw materials, hundreds of man hours and huge amounts of energy to manufacture the many different electronics products we use today. Unfortunately, products such as televisions, smartphones and tablets are often discarded after a few years of use, although their lifetime can easily be extended by repairing broken components, a better battery or upgrading to a higher capacity of RAM.

One of the reasons why electronics products are discarded is that finding a repair shop can be difficult. But it is doing a new repair app on now. The repair wizard, as the app name is, is a list of repair shops, such as can carry out repairs to electronics products – even if you have not purchased the product at the site and also after the warranty period expires.

PCB Manufacturing

If that is the case, then sometimes it is possible to order a custom printed circuit board to match your specifications. In especially China PCB Manufacturing is cheap, and can be of the same quality as your brand-name appliance, so it is well worth looking out for good deals. Another idea is to look for a turnkey PCB assembly solution to keep the workload low for your own end.

If you are responsible for breaking your electronic product, you can freely choose who will repair the damage. If you have an additional insurance or service agreement, please contact the insurance company or the dealer before repairing the item.

When you have to pay a repair yourself, you decide who should do the job. This also applies, even if there is still a warranty or warranty on the product.

  • If you encounter any problems with the repair, please complain to the repairer.
  • If an error appears on your item later, and if the error is covered by the Terms of Sale, you must complain to the seller.
  • You must be aware that the seller can reject your complaint if the new error has occurred due to the previous repair and you must instead complain to the repairer.
  • If the error is inconsistent with the previous repair, you have the right to have the seller repair the error.
  • If you have been repaired by an unauthorized repairer, please be aware that any warranty may expire.


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