The pregnancy is a beautiful yet critical phase for a female who is just changing to a woman. Many females love to enjoy this phase when the baby is growing inside. Usually, there are kits available in the market with the help of with one can find if she is pregnant or not after missing periods. So it’s only natural that we would take a look at some of the popular pregancy apps out there, as well as give a general guideline as to what symptoms can let you know early on that you’re expecting.

A few of the most popular apps out there areĀ Ovia Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Countdown Calendar:

And also Bump is a great app for tracking your babys growth progress:

There are also many other symptoms one can observe that indicate to pregnancy. They are easy to know and quite obvious symptoms that can help one to know that the beautiful phase of her life has begun.

  • Sore breasts: This is known as the most felt symptom. One may feel the weight of the breasts and easily displaying The size of the breasts increases which makes it difficult to wear a bra and at this moment one must feel that the baby is just developing.
  • Nausea: It is also a most common symptom in the first trimester of pregnancy. The upset stomach and morning sickness makes one feel uneasy. Sudden feel of vomit can also indicate that the body is being prepared to welcome the baby.
  • Fatigue: It is the feel of being tired without working hard. One may feel much tired almost all the time at this stage. The surprising fact is one may have just woke up and still feel of fatigue is there. Well, nothing serious, this is also a sign of pregnancy only.
  • Breath Shortness: Well, this is a clear and most visible symptom of this beautiful phase. The body needs more oxygen, and hence one may feel shortness of breath even after stepping a staircase or just having a small walk. However, this situation remains during all the time of pregnancy as the baby developing in the womb also needs oxygen, and with its development, the pressure on lungs, as well as a diaphragm, also leads to short breath for mommy to be.
  • Headache: The body prepares itself for the baby, and hence there are many changes happen. The hormonal changes lead to a headache which also indicates to a sign of pregnancy only.
  • Backache: As the baby develops inside the gravity center of the body moves and ligaments also loosen. This leads to a backache which may be tremendous in some cases. Hence if one does not a complaint about a backache in routine but all of a sudden the backache starts, just meet the gynecologist as it is the time to get a proper checkup done.
  • Frequent Urination: Usually one may not have a habit to have frequent visit to the washroom, but during pregnancy, the hormonal changes lead to the extra production of fluid which one is forced to relieve. Hence one may have to go to the washroom frequently during this period. It is also a quick sign of pregnancy as one may notice it.

These are some of the clear indicators that one may observe and believe that the internal changes of the body make it easy for the baby to develop. Without any test or even ultrasound, on the basis of these symptoms also one may know that she is pregnant.



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