Everybody involved in online marketing utilizes SEO in his or her ways. Building a website on WordPress does give an advantage in optimizing the site for better performance in marketing. However, what you get from the basic offerings of WordPress by picking a search engine friendly theme is too little to fulfill your marketing goals.  You should know how to extract the maximum potential of WordPress for SEO gains by optimizing the website with ‘out of the box ideas’ that sets you apart from the crowd. This is necessary to get the cutting edge in marketing, as the competition in the marketplace keeps turning more intense with every passing day.  Choosing WordPress is not enough unless you are capable of laying the foundation for a great search engine optimization campaign. Facts you should know to enhance its SEO-friendliness!

That you have chosen WordPress should give you the satisfaction of belonging to the majority population of website owners. Numerous themes and almost uncountable plugins make WordPress the content management system that can take your marketing campaign to new heights. It is versatile, customizable and easy to set up that does not require any special skills, nor does it require learning codes. Having the basic knowledge of using a computer is good enough to run the website for SEO purposes.  But, you have to carve out your New York SEO campaign in the way you want to see that it provides the returns you expect. Nothing will happen on its own just because WordPress is search engine friendly.  To know how to create the right strategies that enhance the search potential of WordPress websites, keep reading this article.

WordPress facilitates SEO but does not provide SEO solutions

Since WordPress is search engine friendly, some people wrongly expect it to have features that provide readymade SEO solutions.  They misinterpret the phrase ‘search engine friendly’ by deeming it as a solution provider.  WordPress has features that facilitate building a strong SEO campaign and how strong it can depend on your capabilities of understanding the features and using it to your advantage.  WordPress encourages SEO, but it is not an end in itself as it allows building the campaign according to your marketing goals. The search engine optimization measures you take are your creation, which the WordPress platform is ready to uphold for giving impetus to your marketing efforts.

SEO friendliness of themes does not happen by default

WordPress themes that are SEO friendly are ready to accept all kinds of optimization techniques but not automatically optimized already. This is quite logical because what kind of optimization would suit you depends on your marketing goals. You have to set up the kind of optimization you need while the WordPress platform allows you to do it your way with its SEO friendly characteristics. How friendly the theme it would depend on how well you can utilize it for SEO. To make a website completely optimized, you have to create high-quality content.

Plugins do not automatically optimize websites

Plugins do not make websites optimized on its own. Plugins are tools that facilitate your endeavors in optimization, but it does nothing on its own. You have to use the plugins to achieve certain SEO goals and choosing the right plugins is very important.  Each plugin is created to achieve some specific functions that you have to understand and evaluate how much use it will be for your purpose. With the help of plugins, you can customize some aspect of your website to make it more efficient. Simply select the plugin and instruct it what to do to see how it performs the tasks as requested.  Plugins optimize the website elements that you have created like Meta descriptions optimization.

Optimization is your brainchild, and WordPress supports it well

WordPress does not give directions in optimization but only facilitates the implementation of optimization measure you take. This aspect truly depicts the user-friendliness of WordPress websites.  By picking the right themes and plugins, you are enhancing the scope of optimization only. You have to take the right steps in optimization that would enhance SEO performance and having done it, match it with the features of the themes to breathe life into it. While the default settings of WordPress allow some types of optimization, for more elaborate applications, you have to depend on plugins that enhance the SEO capabilities of the website. Select the theme and plugins after careful consideration because some themes can slow down the website speed as also some plugins can. Too many plugins will do more harm than good, and it is necessary to use it optimally.

How well you can implement SEO with suitable themes and plugins would decide the fate of the campaign. Do not expect WordPress to work wonders unless you can make it happen.


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