People are totally misguided when it comes to the concept of a press release. Basically, a good press release is not the one that makes a journalist write an article to publish, in fact, a good press release is the one that gets published as an article.

You see when your press release gets converted into an article then there are high chances that your message gets interpreted in a wrong way and sometimes your press release loses all the meaning too. So, the best thing is to start writing news stories instead of press releases so that those news stories can be published directly without any modifications.

What Is The Modern Press Release?

According to NewswireNEXT, Modern press releases are the best thing that has happened to the PR industry as now the press releases get published directly as they are and for this, you need to thank the online PR services. With the help of these services, it is now possible that your press release gets distributed as it is without even a single modification.

For example, you can use PRWeb Direct service to publish your press release on different platforms like the Google News, Yahoo News and MSN News and this way even the journalists get to see your PR. So, yes, it’s always better to make some online research and find the best PR service provider in order to spread your word.

Your Content Must Be Newsworthy

“Your news story or in other words your press release must be valuable or at least interesting. Don’t ever compare your press release with a blog because when it comes to blogging, people have to focus more on their SEO and less on their content as all they want is their blog to rank high in the search engine ranking.

However, things are not the same when you are publishing a press release on the web, you have to focus more on the content instead of all the hassle of SEO or keyword search.” Says Roger from Ed Cal Media Agency.

Consider your readers or customers as information hungry people who want nothing else than pure and valuable information that increases their curiosity. So, again, if you want your press release to make it to the headlines then you have to write something extraordinary.

A press release, in other words, is a direct marketing vehicle and you cannot take any risks with what’s written inside the press release so focus on your content and let your content itself do the SEO for you. It’s a pretty simple thing to understand, good and valuable content always spreads like wildfire and when it comes to a press release, you have to let your words to the job for you.


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