Video content has become one of the most sought-after information channels. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! Videos genres in YouTube range from comedy to video gaming to beauty tutorials to technology reviews and many more. One of the most popular trends in YouTube is educational videos which can be an opportunity for businesses to create quality educational videos about topics in their area of expertise. In other words – create content which is useful to your audience, but also mentions and promotes your brand.


When you will grow your audience and get an already large enough traffic to your videos, you can subscribe to YouTube’s advertising platform and earn money from selling video ads of other businesses shown in parts of your videos.

Many video content creators make this as their main business model. You don’t have to sell directly any of your product using your videos. You can earn by seamlessly integrating YouTube ads or other brands into your videos.


A more traditional way is to use your YouTube channel to post video ads about your own brand. Start by creating and uploading a company profile video or a brand film to boost that brand awareness. Then create a product or service launch promo video. Another video genre that can be helpful is an animated explainer video which explains your product or service in a simple, visual and easy to understand way.

This of course is not an easy thing to achieve as video production can be expensive. But if you look around carefully you will always be able to find quality and cheap video production companies.


Although TV is still one of the most popular information and entertainment channels, YouTube has one significant advantage over TV – it is always there. TV stations have schedules and not all TV content is available on demand. Your YouTube channel will be there all the time, 24/7, and your target audiences will always be able to access your video content any time and anywhere.


Creating your own video content can seem overwhelming, but there are many techniques out there for those who want to go the DIY path as well as for those who want to create videos with medium and high production value.

But most importantly – sharing videos in YouTube and gaining new audiences by uploading new and engaging video content in YouTube is completely free.

This is not the case with TV. TV advertising or producing branded TV shows is extremely expensive in comparison to curating video content on your own YouTube channel.


One of the most important tasks for anyone who wants to rank higher in Google search results is to build backlinks. Backlink simply means a link from another site back to your site.

If your video content is interesting and useful to your audiences, you can be sure people will share it in social media, blogs etc.

It is not easy to convince people to share link to your website. It is much easier to convince people to share useful tip or beautiful brand film with a link to your web. Video content has been proven to drive considerably more shares than any other type of content.


If your business has any presence online at all, nowadays it must have a YouTube channel. You can use it to post useful videos for your users (content marketing), you can also simply upload your own marketing videos (brand films, explainer videos etc), as well as use YouTube to earn extra money by joining YouTube advertising platform. YouTube can and must be a significant part of your online marketing strategy.


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