Customized applications literally govern individuals and enterprises. Businesses have started gauging the power of apps in terms of reaching out to their potential customers. With hybrid apps poised to be the mobile app development trend for 2018, the time to market for a mobile application is even more critical.

Creating a wrong app can drain your enterprise’s time, cost and resources. That is where careful outsourcing of your mobile app development can bring high returns and unlock business value at the same time. Digital transformation solutions providers like HokuApps can channel your business idea into scalable solutions.

Nearly 90% of consumers grab their phones within an hour of waking up. A smart, scalable, agile mobile app in today’s connected age is no longer a dressed-up optional addition to the software arsenal, but a mandate for businesses. A feature-rich and the user-friendly app can help your business gain traction, ensure that users are engaging well and are able to interact with the brand and product with ease.

Devising a mobile app development strategy can be daunting for an enterprise and the way forward can be stunted due to lack of the required skill, diversity, and budgets. These factors could lead to unnecessary delays in implementation or to a dissatisfied outcome.

In such scenarios, choosing to outsource the task to a mobile application development service, seems to be the best way around. Quality outsourcing enables building and launching a successful product that includes agile practices, lean development, and user experience. This could meet the growing customer demands, and help your business gain an edge, in the increasingly competitive space showing no signs of stagnation in the near future.

However, the trajectory of the IT outsourcing model is critical and involves informed decision making. A wrong outsourcing choice can cost the company dearly in terms of delay, time, effort, capital, security glitches, and so on. All of this leads to a highly dissatisfied customer base and workforce. Hence, it is critical to have a well-thought-over effort to choose the company wisely and minimize tripping on possible loopholes.

For instance: If the latest technology is not the forte of your team, outsourcing it is then!

Internal training can prove to be costly in terms of time, effort, cost, and most importantly, can lead to unnecessary delay. Rather, time and money can be devoted to fuel overarching business strengths. Prior to outsourcing, conscious decision-making is required – from being careful in selecting a reliable, reputed company for the development, to the feasibility and cost, etc. These will determine the ability of your product to differentiate itself on the market.

We are here to recommend the top five oversights to factor in before your business takes the plunge to outsource the mobile app development. Hopefully, this will help you to plug-in to the most common loopholes:

  • Selecting the Cheapest Option

Falling for the lowest quote when choosing a company for your mobile app development seems like a quick, obvious choice to many, given the budget constraints. Seeking low-priced solutions is sensible as long as the quality of the app process isn’t compromised. You can invest wisely and enable development of smart enterprise-grade apps using a mobile application development platform (MADP), thus saving on an enormous amount of time and money.

  • Market Research

As for any business, start with a complete, well-sourced market research, which is high-priority. A hasty decision based on google search won’t cut it. Start with understanding the uniqueness of your idea, its viability, the market, and the target audience. Most importantly, know what value your users will be offered through your app.

Then thoroughly search for a development team based on the scope of the project. Filter the highly-rated, reputed contenders, who understand your software engagement requirements, and have key specialization in the domain. Thus, a strong market research lays a critical foundation and anchors your idea.

  • Ignore Time-Zones

This may be the most underestimated factor, where your enterprise may randomly pick a company for a quick turnaround, by skipping the research. To ensure smooth operations when outsourcing, seamless communication is key. The mobile application development service provider you outsource to may also have several questions to ask, to determine the product development journey.

When you hire in different time zones, it might seem that you are prone to hamper the progress of your app, as delays and hold ups are inevitable. However, working at different timings does not delay the progress by creating gaps in communication. Thus, accounting for these by having a representative who can handle the project is what you should be looking at.

  • Clear Expectations

Spelling your requirement is key. Setting off with unclear ones based on assumption is a recipe for disaster. Defining your goals to the outsourced company with clarity is just so the developer can build accordingly. Start with your customer expectations and share your vision in entirety so they can help in transforming your ideas into your business success.

Sharing a clear concept by stating the functionalities and features, without assuming the company understands, can save you a lot of trouble and delays. Having a single point of contact and constant testing of the app as the process goes along enables can help in ensuring a smooth delivery day.

  • Present-Market Scenario

Before finalizing, it is crucial to know that the company you are outsourcing your mobile app development too, leverages innovative, cutting-edge technologies that are relevant to the market and target audience. For instance: UI/UX designs are flooding the market daily. Your outsourced partner must be in the know to implement it.

These companies must check your box for their niche in the industry. One of the most comprehensive mobile application development platforms is provided by HokuApps. Implementing the same reduces development time by almost 10 times, deploying apps faster that adapt to your system.

Outsourcing mobile app development is a crucial investment, promising great returns. In case of any earlier lapses in outsourcing, move on and find a reliable outsourcing partner. Before embarking on the outsourcing trail for your mobile app development, it’s always advisable to take a step back, think, analyze and then zero-in to the most suitable option that could be customized and prove profitable for your business, such as how HokuApps delivers end-to-end mobile development solutions.


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