Having worked with WordPress over the years in many different capacities, I’ve thought quite a bit on what a good AdSense Optimized WordPress Theme should incorporate and what it should try to keep away from.

Over the years Google have updated with mobile search priorities, as well as responsive adsense, and so I felt it was a great time in history to make a list over what WordPress AdSense Optimized Themes are out there on the market today. Of course, having a theme that is not AdSense optimized does not mean the end of the world, by any stretch of the imagination, however, if the theme developer has but experience and thought into the placements and functionality of the Ad Areas, then why not use that and save yourself the process of trial and error?



Sahifa is one of the best selling themes at the envato marketplace, and for good reason. A very solid and extensive foundation lays the stepping stones for virtually any blogging or news site imaginable. Updated regularly and well documented, this theme has earned it’s 1st spot on this list as being the best all around adsense ready theme, usable for any situation. While the theme might be slightly over-bloated in my humble opinion, this is common for many themes, and appears to be the norm of TF submissions these days.



Subjectively, this theme appears to have a slightly more commercial/educational aesthetic to it, than some other, more personal themes. Perhaps the authors thought so as well, since this one is both AdSense and WooCommerce ready. Something you don’t see combined that often. Featuring BuddyPress and bbPress implementation however, makes perfect sense with the AdSense additions, making this one an ideal template to build a community of some sorts.

Simple Life


As it’s name implies, this is a rather simple theme, but don’t let that fool you! With this theme comes quite a personalized theme, where the user will experience an uncluttered layout, and where LESS is MORE. Very flat design, but optimal adsense locations, and while ads always appear distracting (and to some extent that is great), this theme accomplishes a great balance, harmony if you will, between being in your face, and out of your mind completely.



Stylish, simple theme featuring various post formats, and a simple layout style. Strict Themes implies in their description they are marketing this theme for SEO experts and editors. Featuring responsive adsense, this WordPress theme will not make your visitors close down your page when faced with an ugly google ad. 3 different ad sidebars, along with 4 different ad areas, makes this theme extremely friendly towards the advertising niche.

Directory Portal


Directory Portal is not just a directory theme, in the right hands it can be used for anything, and it comes with perfect Responsive Google AdSense Integration. One of the longest selling directory WordPress themes, with nearly 10,000 customers this theme has surely got some weight to toss around with. Probably not too obvious to style out of the box as some of the other themes, but this is just so flexible, as most WP themes are, that you could create any type of website with this theme.



As the name implies, Goliath strives to be a heavyweight in the WordPress Magazine Theme business. My honest opinion is that they are doing quite a good job of it too! Packed with premium plugins that are worth using, various predefined layouts to get you started in the somewhat large and, for some, overwhelming admin interface, the documentation is great and support on spot to help with any customization regarding this  theme. And I didn’t even mention that it’s adsense perfect! If you’re looking for apps for women, click here.



Planer is a quite simple Adsense Optimized WordPress Theme, but certainly not one to overlook. If you are not requiring over-the-top jQuery bloated themes, perhaps try this modest design. WooCommerce ready with Amazing Slider plugin, this theme has an excellent buyer rating and support history on themeforest.



Making money with WordPress is somewhat of a hard thing to do if you are just starting out in the business, but with this theme, at least the success will not be hindered by the website design and functionality.


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