As the name implies, big data basically means a large amount of information and data which are usually analyzed and stored. Big data also became popular in the business world for storing relevant and important information in terms of business’s transactions, financial aspects or reports, and customer’s information. Big data needs a conventional data tools or more specifically enterprise servers such as the Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers in order to manage, capture, analyze, and store them as they are large, dynamic, and complex.

This big topic leaves the small as well as the large business owners to check the specifications of their servers in order to meet the big data’s requirements. There are factors to consider before considering to upgrade your server for your business including the accessibility of information in the shared server, level of security, overall control and use of the server. However, all of these will also depend on what you use your online presence for.

So how does this big data and servers work together for your business growth, productivity, and success? In this article, let’s tackle how.

Reporting and Analytics

With conventional data tools like Hewlett Packer Enterprise server, it reduces the waiting time for data reports mainly because it lets you access the different data anytime and anywhere. This could be necessary for setting up customized data collection parameters in order to meet up your customer’s wants and needs based on their personal preferences and interests.

But why are advanced data analytics services important for your business? Here’s why.

  • Cost reduction: cloud-based analytics and other big data technologies can have an impact on reducing the cost of storing a large amount of data from different factors. They can also provide proper and efficient ways for the transactions in different business’s areas.
  • Decision making: the combination of in-memory analytics and big data can be beneficial for a better and faster decision making. It also helps the business to analyze data in a rapid way which can have a factor in decision making based on the analyzed 
  • Introduces new products and services: through analytics, it measures the customer’s satisfaction and analyzes their needs. It can be beneficial for introducing new services and products and give them new options as well.

The right of possession or ownership

A dedicated server is beneficial for that website who receives a high volume of traffics by helping them to own the data, store, and manage them as well. You might also consider investing in dedicated servers if your business will benefit from owning that data and most server companies usually make their clients to agree for owning data.

Once the information is collected will belong to you and your company, however, you can only collect the data and use it based anytime and anywhere as long as it is within the law.

Connectivity and control

Simply owning data from your website might not be enough which is why owning a server plays a vital role in extending your website’s reach to the IoT or the internet of things. Owning a server lets other devices including televisions, home assistants, smart appliances, and other tech-enabled inventions to connect from your company’s server. Since data from IoT devices usually requires a larger storage capacity, it is important to for you to own a server so you won’t have to worry about the storage limits and connectivity mainly because you’re in control.

Privacy and Security

Most of the server and host companies such as HP Enterprise –offers great security and privacy, however, it doesn’t always mean that they are not prone to cyber-attacks. Using dedicated server it lets you control both privacy and security of all the data you collected.

So if you’re the company is involved in sensitive and private information, you might want to consider upgrading your server’s ability to protect the stored information. Otherwise, this could put not only your business in attacks but your clients as well. Customers might leave and the worst-case scenario they might sue your business.

Securing a server is not a task to overlook and not an expense to skim on because it requires expertise to protect all the information you’ve collected.


One significant role of big data is that it lets the company knows the purpose and importance of servers, especially servers like the Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers. All the information you’ve collected online might not be going to be as valuable as the data you’ve collected using a dedicated server to your company. A secured and dedicated server can add more insight and control to the process of your data collection which can also affect your business’s growth, effectiveness, productivity, and overall success as well.

Owning a server really is important for storing, managing, analyzing, and owning big data collected from different areas.


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