Roof extensions are amazing at expanding your living space. It give you the opportunity to add to your home, renovate the modelling and lets you change the pre-existing structure of the floor plan if desired. Furthermore, it is often lends you creative and imaginative optionality that mere room renovations do not allow.

However, deciding on how you want your extension can be really difficult and there are many factors that should be considered. To help you with your efforts we have 5 roof extensions ideas.

It is important to note that many of these extensions will require permission from your council and these rules will vary depending on where you live.

  • 1. Separate From the House
    Most roof extensions are accessible from the rest of the house, but that doesn’t necessarily need to be the case. Going the other way and having a room that while connected to the house is only accessible from outside can be great for a secluded area, one that is more self-contained and the gives the user of the room more privacy and freedom. Some suggestions might be a study, where you can get away, or a bedroom for a teenage that really needs that little bit of distance from the rest of the family… and you from them
  • 2. Utilise the Roof
    A roof extension has the obvious and primary advantage of adding a new room to your house, but often the roof part of the roof extension goes untouched and in some terms, is wasted. Consider adding a balcony on top of you newly extended room. This is best for a house that has haemorrhaged a large portion of the garden or backyard seating area due to the roof extension. Plus it also gives you double the amount of renovations. Although it can only be down if you have a shallow, flat roof.
  • 3. Sun Room
    The possibility for a sun is going to be largely dictated by the orientation of your home and where the extension is taking place. If you have the opportunity to do so, then it should be highly considered. There are so many great reasons to have a sun room, the cosiness, the view and the most obvious, the sun. A sun room works best as an outdoor extension is you are a working with a smaller area as certain sun room styles benefit from the compactness to give you a tighter, warmer feeling.
  • 4. Two Stories
    If you truly want to maximise the amount of space you gain with a roof extension and a willing to pay extra then extended out two stories is the best option. This is most effect for terraces in city settings. The ability to double up the amount of rooms you allows you a much more creative movement. You might be able to add a second bathroom on the top floor, while opening up the kitchen-dining area on the bottom. A double story extension gives you tonnes of optionality and can absolutely incredible at extending the size of your home.
  • 5. Semi-Outside
    A style of room that is becoming fashionable is the outdoor room; a room that has a roof and some level of walls but is paved or decked (sometimes is has inside flooring). An outdoor seating area with benches, or a table for eating allow this to be perfect for summer. The roof keeps sun from being to perturbing, while rain won’t make it unusable. Having half a glass roof can be a great style to give you that extra sunlight. Or if it lead onto a patio area, then it can work perfectly as a connector between house and outside.

When it comes to a roof extension need is usually what dictates the decision, however if you are fortunate enough have the options to be creative, then these are some of the less known, less choices.


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