The internet marketing is developing day by day. Among the many tactics, SEO, Search engine optimization is playing a prominent role. Incorporating SEO may be hard work, but it also includes a variety of critical tactics.

In this article, you will read a few pointers on how can you improve your blogs and your writing skills and market your website with spectacular SEO by making a few changes to the Way You Write. This will help you post a More SEO Friendly article, which will in turn, boost your traffic and ultimately your revenues!

Focus on the Titles

The title is the first thing that you spot on a page. This highlights how important it is to have a good one. You want your title to be:

  • Meaningful
  • Not too long or too short
  • Figures are key
  • Contain Keywords

You can make your title meaningful for your readers as well as the Google spiders. Therefore, when setting up a website or putting up a blog, instead of going for regular computer generated emotionless titles; go for something that is interesting and something that you would want to read.

You need to understand that the special keywords you incorporate in the title have a huge impact on your Google rankings. Hence, choosing a title wisely is one of the first necessities for an SEO optimized post.

Keywords, they are important!

Paste Image: “Keywords”

Keywords are a necessity for an SEO optimized post. You need to find the words that work for you and hide them the relevant amount of times in your text. However, disguising your keywords and incorporating them at the right time allows you to draw readers as well as the google spiders. The right amount of keywords are generally described as:

  • Present in the intro
  • Distributed evenly in the body
  • Mentioned in the post
  • Included in sub headings
  • Included in headings
  • Included in URL

Once your post draws attention, it becomes easier for google t track you and your rankings improve considerably. This, in turn, has a great impact on your traffic and words to boost revenues.

Interesting Content

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Good SEO is not just about keywords and links. You need to have great content that appeals to the reader too. Yes, SEO tactics will help you draw that initial click. However, unless your content is worth reading you will not be able to convert your visitors into long-term readers. For this to happen you need to incorporate, unique and entertaining information that links with readers and calls out to them. This works to peak reader attention and ensures regular visits, adding a permanent boost to your page traffic.

Add tags

Add tags to your article. These small labels allow you to group your article. It also synchronizes with Google, which in turn expresses it on relevant searches. Label stuff and what it is about what and give tags even about the stuff that is related to. While adding these keep another thing in mind that too much of something is also not good, so do not overdo it. tags help to:

  • Characterize your post
  • Make it easier for readers to find
  • Attract Google spiders

Post URL

The URL of the post holds considerable importance as well. Incorporating important keywords in that link can help spiders detect and promote your post. Certain vital parts of your post are important and your link is one of them. Try including long tail keywords that automatically connect Google searches to your post. This will help boost traffic from the start and will enable Google to rank you higher in the future.

Use highlights, bold and italic to emphasize

Emphasis is very important in everything. If you need power and authority over something, in this case, and authority over the reader and a power to overcome his thoughts, instead of just saying it like everyone else, it is better to just use the emphasis on the font, like adding highlights and bolds or even italics in the conversation.

  • It looks different but attractive
  • It is reader-friendly
  • Increases chances of it getting a higher search engine number.

Using a different font style would not make much of the difference because it is the texts they need to prioritize but if you have highlights and bolds they would know which lines were your most favorite most focusing ones over the boring regular typing styles.

Linking and crosslinking

Paste Image: “Linking”

URL, the one thing that keeps this generation breathing, these days kids need the URL links more than they need oxygen and fresh air to breathe. A smarter way to deal with this can be to use lesser number of words like thirty to fifty characters instead of long boring ones. A search engine would not prioritize that they find irrelevant or something that the reader would leave up just because of a long boring title, which does not even, match the URL properly. Here are some pointers that you need to tick off:

  • Incorporate outbound links
  • Incorporate inbound links
  • Keep the URL short
  • Hyperlink wherever possible
  • Link authentic resources

Wrap up

These are a few pointers, which can help you build a blog, which can help you optimize your posts on websites. SEO is not a mystery. In fact with the development of the internet, SEO has become easier and easier. In order to promote your post and optimize it, you just need to use some good tools and your own skills. If you keep the above-mentioned pointers in your posts, the search engines would be certainly opting for your content over the regular ones, because ain’t nobody got time for long boring stuff, that isn’t optimized at all!


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