A few tips on choosing your web design agency 

How to choose your web agency for the creation of your website or a mobile application ? How to find the right partner among all providers? Indeed it is a delicate choice that is not to be taken lightly. But fortunately, there are some basic criteria that will allow you to make your selection with confidence. We recommend checking out Market Fuel Media, a reputed web design agency.

To begin the creation of a website is not only a matter of design but also of content, marketing , programming , SEO … There is a whole set of skills that require to entrust your project to professionals. So a first selection of web agency (say a dozen) will be necessary. But it will be necessary to consider in priority 5 main criteria:

  1. The first being to find out about the agency’s website. We must take the time to analyze all the services offered by the web agency.
  2. The second being to go through word of mouth, to have recommendations from friends, partners or to go to forums. It is essential to try to recover opinions, customer testimonials. The goal is not to have bad surprises.
  3. The third is to have customer references by going to the sites that have been created by the web agency. You can even contact customers for a direct feedback to find out how the collaboration worked. This will allow you to have a clear idea of the credibility of the web agency.
  4. The price obviously. It must stay average of what the web agency does for the type of service you have chosen.
  5. Future collaboration. How will she commit? how are you going to work together?

All these criteria will normally allow you to stop on a final selection of up to three agencies. Then it is important to meet with a contact person from each web agency to see how he evaluates your project. Because creating a web project takes time. So both make the right choice and put all the chances on his side.

– The interest of the company: to contact several web agencies by putting them in competition.

– The mistake not to commit: contact too many providers.
Plan to take the time to study each agency response. Too many responses prevent comparison.

When the Internet project has an important strategic dimension, the interest of the company is to surround itself with a council to judge perfectly the solidity of the provider.  Before submitting any specifications, the company must take a few steps:

  • Choose agencies with a similar profile
  • Meet each agency (schedule an appointment for one hour each)
  • Ask them about their type of clients, their varied skills, their modes of organization on a project, etc.
  • Then carry out an analysis of the answers obtained according to a grid of notation
  • Determine 3 or 4 maximum agencies to whom to send the specifications


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