You’ve hired a great wedding photographer. That obviously means that your wedding photos will turn out to be picture-perfect, right? Yes and no. Sure, a good wedding photographer will capture the important moments and provide you with beautiful photos of your wedding day. But he/she would need some guidance from you to give your wedding photos a more personal touch, making them uniquely yours.

Discuss the Shot List

Sit down with the photographer and come up with a detailed shot list. There are standard shots that every wedding photographer knows are crucial and will make sure to capture. But as for more specific shots, like one of you with your grandmother or one of your parents dancing, make sure to mention it to the photographer.

Knowing exactly what you want will make the photographer’s job easy. And when you finally get to see the photos, you’ll not be disappointed that the photographer didn’t capture a shot that you had in mind. Do not hesitate to be very vocal about your wedding photo wants.

Assign A Reliable Point of Contact

Provide the photographer with a point of contact. This can either be the maid of honour, the best man or any other person that you deem reliable. Weddings can be hectic affairs and you, the wedding couple, are going to be in the thick of things, making last-minute decisions and getting prepped for your big day.

Expecting you to be available at all times is not practically possible, as it can all turn out to be a little too overwhelming for you. Instead, having the photographer connect with the chief bridesmaid or best man, and having them relay any important information to you, is a good system to have in place.

Practice Walking Down the Aisle

Sure, you might feel silly practising walking down the aisle. But you’ll feel sillier if you don’t and the photos end up looking awkward. Practice till you perfect the walk. How should you smile? At what height should you hold the bouquet so that your arms don’t stick up at the sides? How long should your strides be?

Once you’ve got all the finer details down pat, you’ll feel more relaxed and confident walking down the aisle on your wedding day. And that in turn will ensure that you look exquisite in the photos.

Have A Disaster-Aversion Kit on Hand

When it comes to weddings, the secret is to anticipate things to go wrong and be prepared for it. Put together a disaster-aversion kit to tackle any little emergencies. This kit should contain everything from wet wipes and bobby pins to an umbrella, a spare pair of shoes and a handy sewing kit. A well-prepared bride is a worry-free bride.

Find the Perfect Location

Apart from the venue of the wedding, have a secondary location in mind for some couple photos. Every city has some great spots for wedding photos. For instance, when it comes to wedding photograph, the Parliament house and Albert park lake are two iconic spots for wedding photos. Even if it means that you’ll have to drive down to the location and fight for parking, it will all be worth it in the end to have those epic photos taken in beautiful locations.

Don’t Drink Too Much

While having a glass of champagne to settle the nerves is okay, downing a couple of shots is a definite no-no. The last thing you need is to sail through your wedding in a drunken haze. Drunk brides tend to have goofy grins that might not look so good on photos. Be sure to keep the drinking to a minimum to get the best out of the wedding photography.

Discuss Your Vision With The Photographer

Talk to the photographer and convey exactly what your vision is for your wedding photos. Are you leaning more towards formal photos that showcase the perfect wedding. Or do you want a more informal, candid approach, with fun photos of the couple and the guests. Don’t expect the photographer to be a mind reader. Instead, be very clear about the kind of photos that you want.

Wedding photography is one of the most important aspects of a wedding. The wedding photographer Sydney should tell a story, capturing all the priceless moments and recreating your special day in pictures. Choosing a good photographer is half the battle won. And being clear about your ideas and communicating it to them is the most effective way to ensure that you get exactly what you had in mind. 


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