The excessive use of the internet is creating a number of challenges particularly in relationships such as cyber infidelity. The online infidelity is as much traumatic as real life infidelity. The famous singer Mathias Mhere made headlines recently when his marriage was about to an end.

He had discovered the intimate messages thread between his wife and his close friend. Social networking platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Yahoo, Tinder, Line, Viber and many others alike have been placed conveniently in the hands of the people individually with the help of smartphones.

The technology gadgets such as smartphone connected to the internet have become the source of dissatisfaction and natural cheats by using the social apps. WhatsApp is the instant messenger which is widely used worldwide and the user can send and receive messages, chats, and calls. Therefore, this particular social tool is one of the biggest platforms to do online infidelity.

  • Some individuals shared their experiences, “I would say cyber cheating is very similar to the real life cheating because it involves emotions and breaks trust among the couples, Marry Mananga said who wedded last year”.
  • Moliah Nyahumwe said that I became worried when my partner went with his friends to the night club, now I have more reservations when he is using the instant messengers and flirting with his online female friends.
  • Mother of five, Alice shared their reservations that my partner had a great time with me a couple of years ago, now I am very disappointed and feel insecure due to the advancement of the technology in the shape of social networking apps such as WhatsApp.
  • Women broke up with his boyfriend when she caught him while sending numerous intimating messages on WhatsApp to his online girlfriend. She added, they even don’t know each other in real life and was planning to meet at some place.

How to prevent to be cheated from spouses?

Yes, it is true that the modern technology in the shape of social messaging apps such as WhatsApp Messenger really creating a mess for spouses. But honestly speaking the contemporary technology also has developed such a groundbreaking spy apps which enable a spouse to keep an eye on their partner secretly such as WhatsApp spy. The user just needs to use the WhatsApp spy app in order to caught cheats without making any arguments.

The user can view all WhatsApp logs such as chats conversation logs, calls, Emoji’s, stickers, emotions and audio and video conversations by using the WhatsApp spy software. It allows user to spy on the target user device covertly and accurately.

The user can view text messages and text conversations along with the complete time stamp. It further enables spouses to listen to voice messages and media files such as photos and videos a user shared on WhatsApp instant messenger by using the world greatest track WhatsApp Messenger app.


WhatsApp is one of the major sources of cyber infidelity; spouses can keep a hidden eye on their partner’s activities online. They should get their hands on WhatsApp monitoring software.


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