With much the same requirements for PC gamers, so has developers and programmers the need for a proper ergonomic chair that can support their body for up to 8 or more hours a day.

Some of the best computer chairs on the market today are made for PC gamers, but they can be used for so much more than just gaming. With the help of a gaming chair, you can get into a proper back posture, and over time might also better align your spine – especially if you’ve spent years sitting in bad chairs.

So let’s look at what makes a PC gaming chair unique from other computer chairs on the market:

  • Designed specifically for long sessions in front of the computer
  • Often comes with an ergonomic neck support
  • Engineered to fit the body’s needs so as to ensure both short term and long term sessions will leave the user with a healthy posture
  • Often has more settings to ensure proper customization to the unique person using the chair

As often is the case, there is not one single best pc gaming chair on the market, but it depends on your specific needs. If you are playing games that require you to be very active with the mouse, or if you are programming and using the keyboard mainly, you would benefit from a different set of criteria for each scenario.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to brush up on the basics of the gaming chairs and their function.

The neck support piece is a love or hate it attachment, that some people swear to, and others loathe like the plague. Consider how you sit in your car, or your favorite chair at home, do you use the neck support at all – or can’t you live without it? If you are very active in front of the computer, you might not need a neck support during those sessions, but for laid back work or relaxation it can be invaluable.

Choosing a gaming chair with plenty of settings can be vital in ensuring the best comfort and fit for you. Depending on what games you are playing, or what work you are performing, the most important setting to have on the chair is height adjustment, but a number of other features, such as angled seating, lumbar adjustment and back adjustments can go a long way in keeping your body and spine healthy and ready to perform at full capability.

Regardless of the choice of chair, all gaming chairs are designed to be used for a long period of time, and therefore your main/default posture should be the one the settings are set to accompany.


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