Do you need to start a new semester or course with regards to your education? Then you probably know the dilemma: Where to get all the books and articles on your curriculum list as cheaply as possible?

First off, you might be looking for the books on Facebook. It could be that one of your friends has them sitting at home on the bookshelf where they just collect dust, or perhaps someone else in your local area has recently finished his or her education and is ready to let go of the books for cheap. Unfortunately, however, there are few people who are successful with this type of search, as the number of books are simply too large to provide a good chance for availability on those specific topics you might need.

We therefore give you our top 4 tips on where you can get cheap textbooks and articles.

Find used books for cheap money

Do you care if your books have been used by others before you? Then you should take a look at a used book market place specifically for education purposes, such as Booksrun for instance. Here you can buy both used books and sell your own old study books for a little extra money in your bank account.

  • You can search between thousands of different books
  • You can find both new and used books
  • You can search by title, author, or ISBN
  • You can find both paper books, audiobooks and e-books

Try a Flea market

If you are the type that goes on flea markets, then it could also be here to look for the gold. Especially the older textbooks, such as the Marble book ‘ Classical and Modern social theory ‘ can be a bit of a flea find where you can save a lot of money!

Buy book subscription and save a lot of money

Another option is to create a subscription with an online book subscription service, although these can be tricky to find for a lot of educational courses, and only some specialized systems are currently available for the majority of US students.

Books from abroad can give you great savings

If you are one of the people who study a topic that is an internationally recognized education, you’re in luck. These types of classes often use international books so you can expand your search to include other countries, where the price on books is often much cheaper. So instead of, you can try for instance. Most of us know that Amazon is one of the world’s most visited websites and the world’s largest seller of books. The advantage is that you can achieve huge savings. The downside is, on the other hand, that most often there is a delivery time of 5-10 days.


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