There is a need for every individual to take care of the environment due to the global climatic changes. We all have a role to play in stopping global warming – whether you are a global policy maker, college students, or freelance writer. The roles of environmental conservation necessitate changing our normal lifestyle. Our small steps and activities can have a bigger impact when summed together.

Remember, we can do away with printed books and yet get the information we need. The online platform provides an avenue for reading environmental conservation content. It is also convenient to access a whole library of literature on the environment.

Below are some of the lessons we learn from eco-friendly content.

Being an agent of change

How can we live a better life? With the smallest consumption of fossil fuel, you can improve your life. It is important to depend less on fossil fuel.

Overpopulation, growth- addicted economy, and industrial agriculture have interconnection. They equally affect each other and cause global warming.

High consumerism promotes global warming. As a student, you can pioneer an action or initiative to minimize fuel consumption. With the limited student budget, you can break loose and come up with an eco-friendly initiative to conserve the environment. You may decide to document all the ecofriendly activates you do daily and be an inspiration to others. In your book, include other eco-friendly tips ranging from bicycling, sustainable agriculture, among others. We should align our daily life’s with the biosphere and minimize dependency on fossil fuel.

Shopping to promote green energy.

We influence the global climate by our buying behavior. How we spend determines the amount of waste we generate to the environment. We can buy goods that support green energy as opposed to those that favor global warming. It is a way of getting ahead with the solution.

Struggling to live should never be a thing to worry about. Challenges such as overconsumption, overpopulation, climate change, war, and diseases should not be disturbing the population.

High population growth threatens global food, water supply, energy needs, and the entire environment. The overgrowing population creates pressure on the available natural resources. The population endangers life on earth. The current outbreak of diseases such as Ebola is an indication of climatic change.

To get ahead of the problem, you need to questioning nature. Scrutinize all the current state of society and the planet. Analyze the effects of taking action on the current environmental challenges. Compare it with the effects of not acting. Such an activity will help in focusing on what is yet to happen and making suggestions on what to prepare for. Getting ahead and volunteering for such a noble task will bring a solution to global climate change.

Greening media.

There is a lot of problems caused by our media culture. Many assume the impact of such problems to the environment. Fewer efforts are exploring the environmental impact of the sound media. By comparing the digital and non-digital media channels, we can highlight some of these challenges. Activities such as keeping large server farms in operation, filling up landfills with high tech junks, and the use of rare minerals on the device require a lot of energy. High energy consumption has a great impact on the environment.

We can revolutionize by critiquing the sound media system. Highlighting all the history of sound media, looking at the old and neglected sound media systems, among others. We should direct all our efforts should towards greening a sound media system.


Global warming is real. High population growth and an increase in consumerism, among other factors, contribute to global warming. We need to take action towards stopping the rising impact of global warming. There is a lot of content on eco-friendly available on an online platform to help you stop global warming. Reading and generating content is not enough. We all need to take the initiative of practically influencing the world with the small eco-friendly activities we take.


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