A progressive website application

A progressive website application or PWA is a dual software as it operates both as a web application and as a website. It provides useful gradual improvements to new as well as active sites.

Proving these mobile-based enhancements is easy. For instance, towards the end of the year 2016, the majority of internet users utilized mobile internet while abandoning desktop browsing. One of the upgrades includes home screen add feature.

In some browsers, websites allow home screen add feature by fulfilling some specific PWA development criteria. The feature enables you to save this app icon to your home screen together with other application icons. Then you can launch the PWA just like any other ordinary app.

This application is user experience which has website reach. It is reliable as it has instant loading time and doesn’t show any signs of down sour, even when operating in unstable network conditions. It responds faster to user interactions while having smooth animations. Also, this app feels like a native application on the device, thus much engaging with the broad user experience.

Importance of PWA

With this application, you will not be required to develop independent or separate solutions, for example, web, Android, etc.

Since there are many features available in some mobile applications which this app cannot copy, it doesn’t entirely replace all mobile software.

However, PWA is the right choice, primarily if you use your application to share information, for example, support, pics, posts, products, and social interaction.

These apps combine the strengths of running app features that result in high usage durations with and the home screen installation ability as well as the reach of website properties.

Hence, this strong hybrid combination defines its efficiency and makes it worth for you to consider this app. Moreover, many websites have already upgraded to leap the fruits of this full-functioning application.

Get started

If you deal with web application development, Google developers PWA page is an excellent place for you to build a strong foundation as a developer. You will only be required to learn website application manifests as well as service workers.

Google provides a lighthouse which is an automatic web auditing tool. It audits five different categories for your application. They include; search engine optimization or SEO, progressive web app, best practices, accessibility, and performance.

A complete lighthouse audit report can give you more than fifteen pages of information with more than fifty individual audit results.

On the other hand, if you don’t deal with web application development, the best thing for you is to find an expert to create or even upgrade your current site and advance to a progressive website application.

Remember progressive website applications offer continuous improvements to already operating sites. Besides, they as well set new procedures for both new as well as pre-existing website applications to strive for.

Final Words

By passing the lighthouse audits and fulfilling the PWA requirements, you will be able to provide fast, engaging and reliable user experiences right on your mobile device; something that we should leap fruits. Indeed, progressive website application is the way to go; don’t be left out.


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