Introducing .NEWS, .TV and .MOBI and Coupons

For those unfamiliar with the term, a top-level domain (or TLD for short) refers to the letters located to the right of the dot at the end of any internet web address. You’ve probably heard of some of the more popular TLDs out there: .com, .org, .net, .info and .biz. is one of the many registrars that allow you to get such a domain name for your website and benefit from a discount coupon.
There are also restricted top-level domains (or rTLDs) such as .name or .edu. These are only available to registrants who belong in a certain community or represent a certain entity. For example, the .edu domain is reserved for educational institutions such as colleges and universities.

Thanks to – one of the largest registrars in the world – you can now register a custom top level domain related to your industry.  Here are three TLDs you should know about if you are an online publisher or journalist.


A .NEWS domain will help you establish yourself as an authoritative source in the field. .NEWS websites are quickly recognized by the search engines as news sites. The domain is modern, recognizable and SEO ready – a perfect choice for anyone looking to earn credibility as a news source.


By registering a .TV domain, you’re basically telling your potential visitors what kind of content they can expect to see on your site. This domain is an ideal home for personal and business sites intent on featuring a video experience. This will help you stand out in a sea of .com and .net sites looking to provide the same kind of content. The .TV domain is financed by Verisign, an industry leader operating with more than 95 million domain names.


A research company, named Statcounter, recently announced that mobile devices have surpassed desktop and laptop computers when it comes to Internet usage. Out of 2.5 million sites, 51.3% of them were accessed from smartphones and tablets. This is just another sign that computing is shifting to mobile devices, and the idea of targeting exclusively mobile users is rapidly gaining traction.

So far, .MOBI is the only top-level domain dedicated to mobile devices. This domain is designed to guide its users through Internet content and services made exclusively for mobile use. The user experience has been developed around Switch On! guides and practices recommended for developing mobile content. The domain is backed by some of the most powerful Internet and mobile companies in the world, so you can rest assured – it’s here to stay.

.MOBI is ideal if you publish news for users that read or watch the news on mobile devices.

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