Now, let’s have a close look at another spy app. Spyera is the award-winning app and regarded as “Best Overall Spyphone”. It is compatible with Android, iPhone and BlackBerry devices.

Following are the features of the Spyera that you must know:

1) Phone call tracker:

With this feature, you can listen to the incoming and outgoing calls of the target device without knowing him/her. This feature is quite awesome. Along with tracking, you can also record these calls and thus, can monitor with whom your child, family members or employees are talking. Such features will help you in determining the efficiency of your employees at their workplace.

2) File manager tracker:

You can check the audio and video files received by your child or any other person who has a device in which Spyera is installed. Nowadays children love to watch films, play video games on their cell phone. But overusing the cell phone can destroy their future so it is better for parents to see what their child is watching, sharing.

3) Now use Spyera in the secret mode:

You can hide the Spyera icon as well as many files related with it easily. Selecting a Spyera hidden mode will help you.

4) Money-back guarantee:

Spyera offers the money-back guarantee to its users. There are many cell phone spy apps available in the market but very few of them offer such money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied while using the features of this app you can request for the money-back guarantee. But you have to raise your request only in the initial 10 days.

5) Find the correct GPS location:

You can get the exact location of your child or employees at any time. So, there is no need to worry. Whether your child is attending school or not can be easily found by this location tracker.

6) Monitor text messages:

In this digital world, people prefer messaging over calling. So, check the contact list of the targeted device and have a close look at their contact list. This will help you in deciding whether your child is in contact with right people or not.

7) Simple and convenient:

Spyera is really very easy to operate and the control panel has an elegant design. It takes a maximum of four minutes to install this app.


There are basically four packages of the Spyera.

1) Smartphone: For the Spyera smartphone app you have to pay $189 for 3 months. Also, other packages are $289 per 6 months and $389 per 12 months

2) Tablet: For the tablet version, 3 months package is of $149, $189 dollar per six months and $249 per 12 months.

3) Computer: Whether you have a PC or MAC device, 3 months subscription is for $59, $79 per six months and $99 per 12 months.

4) All in one: It is a combo pack where you can use a smartphone, tablet, and PC for $489 per year, $689 per 2 years.

In short, Spyera is quite higher in price but in turn, it is providing many extra features to users. Due to a wide range of features and its simplicity, it is the best cell phone spy app.


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