Many international travellers enjoy the thrills of having purchased goods through duty free stores, where they have not had to pay import duties. These good extend from alcohol to electronics, and many other luxury goods. Retail enterprises have to pay a duty on these goods when importing them, and then pass these on to the consumer.

Bonded Logistics is Economically Beneficial to Business

A bonded warehouse, and a bonded logistics and transport chain is a specially designated economic area, where companies can import goods into the country, and have them in a holding bay. Duty is not payable on these goods that can be stored on site, until they are released from the warehouse.

Cash Flow Improvement on Liquor Logistics

Alcohol is traditionally a very expensive import item, and designated as a luxury good. Duty is usually payable on it once it is in the country, and that cost is usually associated with it once it is passes through customs.

A bonded warehouse is a specially designated area where enterprises can hold and store their goods and not pay import duties until they are ready to distribute them through their supply chains.

Dutiable Goods Stored For Extensive Periods

When dutiable goods aren’t ready to be stacked out on retail outlet shelving, and need to be stored in a place that keeps the goods secure, it can impose huge costs to pay duties up front.

A bonded warehouse, or bonded logistics economic zone is a huge cost saver to business operations. They can store their goods until at the retail end of the supply chain; they are ready to bring in more stock.

Stock is then only liable for import duties just prior to being sold to the consumer. This means that there is not a huge time lag and massive outlay of cash expenses to the enterprise that dips into cash reserves. A delay on return is eliminated, or at least minimised.

Bonded Logistics Companies Handle Multiple Aspects of Distribution

For commercial enterprises that want convenience and minimising economic imposts in the distribution chain, a bonded logistics company can tailor a worthwhile solution. Alcohol logistics require special handling and licensing, and alcohol logistics companies can both transport, place in holding and handle all import duties.

Many Industries Can Benefit From Bonded Economic Zones

Corporations usually import a significant amount of goods into a country in order to streamline transport and handling costs. This can make an enterprise liable for a large upfront cost. Pharmaceutical, drinks, electronics, automotive and drop-shipping companies can all benefit from warehouses dedicated as bonded economic zones.

Bonded Economics Demonstrates Industry and Political Cooperation

Business well being is critical to the health of a nation, and when an industry works with their government, and comes up with viable solutions to assist business grow and develop, everyone wins.

Cooperative partnerships between industry and government form the backbone on national economic health. When sector lobbyists create solutions for government that assist in win-win scenarios, many people benefit.

The government still collects import duties, but ensures that businesses, while still maintaining legal title over the imported goods, aren’t imposed with duty until those goods leave the bonded warehouse. Goods can therefore be stored in warehouse areas, in long-term storage, and maintain product integrity without damaging cash flows.

Economic Fluctuations Negated By Bonded Logistics

Import tariffs on alcoholic beverages can fluctuate with economic cycles, and create challenges for retain businesses. Alcohol as a luxury good is subject to various duties, and these in some countries can be scaled according to the type of alcohol. A bonded economic zone, and distribution specialist can place alcoholic beverages in appropriate storage where they are free from duty fluctuations.

This means that commercial distribution of alcohol and other luxury items can stay in synchronisation with an appropriate cash revenue stream. At each point in manufacture, packaging, transport, storage and distribution, regardless of tariffs, companies can be assured of their inventory staying secure and intact.

Long-term storage, at times for several months prior to the release of inventory needs to be secure and temperature maintained for different types of items. Bonded warehouses and other logistics handling facilities are designed to safely move expensive product around safely and avoid damage.

When an enterprise is considering a transport and logistics supplier, then choosing a bonded logistics supplier who can also handle all other aspects of secure transport and distribution makes rational sense.

Companies can minimise the large cash outlays and improve cash flows by only paying tariffs on goods released from the warehouse as they are in the demand cycle. They should look for 3pl Sydney to meet their needs. This improves all aspects of supply and demand, and overall the industry is growing to integrate more bonded logistics specialists.


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