Seasonal change of décor for your homes is a fun way to keep things exciting. Roller blinds could be a fun accessory to bring life into your living room. Changing everything in your living room is going to be a major task, whereas changing your blinds is effortless and it does speak volumes in terms of changing styles.

Here are some spring styles you’ll certainly want to spring into:

Spring wedding

For all those of you who love a wedding in spring. You’ll definitely love a blushing bride, ivory and blush for that shy room in your house. Go sober with these colors as they will accentuate hardwood floors to give your room a polished look. Grab a hold of the bride’s bouquet to find an ideal match for your interior. Go for some of our sheer fabrics to have a ray of sunshine on your face while you unravel spring.

Like Netherlands in spring

Go all out like the tulips that blossom in Netherlands during spring with bright hues of yellows, crimson and royal purple. Make a loud sound and announce that spring has finally arrived after the cold winter. Make each room a different color to fall in love every day for seven days in a week till the rest of spring. You don’t have to go to Netherlands if you can bring Netherlands home to you. You could get some inspiration from a translucent range of fabrics to allow a natural illumination that creates a spectrum of change.


That day which marks the start of spring when the day and night are of equal length. For those who want an everlasting effect that lasts all day and all night shades of orange like papaya whip, peach, apricot or tangerine. Dusk delivered to you at your door step with perfect shades of orange to match your walls this spring and you get to decide what time you want the sun up or down.

Springtime for everyone

Springtime is for everyone as flowers bring in the magic. All those looking for some magic lets brighten up our space as spring approaches with ever fragrant blossoms. Go for floral cellular blinds that bring in the essence of spring, you might have a bees coming in for some nectar to your home sweet home.

Spring holiday

If you want to go on a holiday what are you waiting for? It’s the perfect time because it’s the best time of year. Try out some pastel shades that represent delicate feminine springtime. Pastel shades such as pink, mauve and baby blue might bring birds chirping at your windows and the cuckoos might even sing you a sweet song.

Hidden beauty of spring

Giant Himalayan lily looks like a clump of glossy leaves, but every 5-7 years they blossom into such beautiful flowers. It’s springtime to bring out the true style of your home that is your perfect reflection. With shades of everything up to you choose the colour that best suit your personality and paint your home spring. Take it up a notch this season and bring out that hidden beauty, your home.

Transform your home this spring to a wonderland as you jump into a whole new world of roller blinds until you’re the queen with all the hearts. Decorate your lifestyle and make a statement while you’re at it. You can never go wrong with spring because everything is made in this season.


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