Have you ever thought why the process of creating a website is so fast and easy in WordPress? WordPress is easy to handle even by persons who do not have any technical knowledge or idea about code, but it is not the reason for doing it fast. Since you build websites on WordPress themes, you get ready access to a well-designed website with great looks and functionalities.  It does away with the time you would have spent in designing sites from scratch, and automatically saves a lot of time.  Moreover, you need not be an expert in SEO to implement SEO on WordPress websites because choosing an SEO friendly website theme would do the trick. You not only save time in creating websites with WordPress but also save good money that you would have spent in designing websites.

Simple themes are easy to handle

To understand how much user-friendly WordPress themes can be, select simple themes although there are numerous themes available for almost every kind of business niche that comes to your mind. There is always some theme available for any industry, and there is no dearth of premium themes in the WordPress repository.  For more flexibility, there are multipurpose themes available that help to create websites according to varied needs of the business. However, the simple themes are the ones that demonstrate how simple it is to set up WordPress websites without having to delve into the intricacies of web design and development.

Why are simple themes attractive?

It is not just because of the simplicity of creating websites that WordPress themes are so attractive, but its accompanying benefits also contribute to its attraction.

  • Easy and speedy setup – Simple WordPress themes are easy to personalize, as it does not require any coding at all. It is easy to set up and customize according to your needs in just a few clicks. The process is so simple that you would be encouraged to do it on your own.
  • Better SEO – No online existence can be meaningful unless it is capable of implementing SEO that provides the platform for gaining more exposure and earning better search ranks.  WordPress websites are mostly SEO friendly and possess features that help better implementation of SEO.
  • Faster loading times – Simple website themes have minimalist design elements that help to improve the speed of websites. Speedier websites are welcome by users as well as search engines because it provides better user experience and helps to earn better ranks because search engines prefer speedy sites.
  • Enhanced focus on content – Since the design is minimalistic, the content holds the center stage that helps to pay more attention to the call to action (CTA) that stands out from the rest of the content.

It is all very easy

That no code is required for setting up WordPress websites makes it the most preferred choice over HTML template that requires knowledge of code and HTML for setting up and operating sites. It is easy to insert pages and posts on WordPress themes by using a post editor that has an interface resembling a word processor.  By going to the themes setting page, you can customize the page by using drop-down menus and sliders for choosing font, colors and other website options.  

Features of website theme design

Minimalistic design – You can easily make out a WordPress theme by looking at the minimalistic design features that make the typography more prominent and eye-catching. Sufficient space or white space in the design allows the content to become the centerpiece of attraction, as there is nothing too loud or bold in design that could distract viewers.

Demo Import feature – For enjoying the simplicity of design in WordPress themes, pick a theme that has the feature of one-click demo import. By using this feature, you can import the demo content with the layout and place it on the page to figure out how far it is matching with your expectations. You can recreate what you have seen in the demo version by editing the pages with colors and font of your own along with your content.

Options for simple customization

By going to the settings of the theme that you find grouped at one location, you can change whatever you want to make changes in design, from colors and fonts to everything else by using the drop down menus and sliders. There is no need to write custom CSS as you would have to do for HTML templates.

Now that you are ready for the website, it is time to prepare for launching it. Choose an impressive domain name that upholds the purpose of your site or carries hints about it. Having gone through it, buy a hosting plan that gives the best opportunity of gaining continuous exposure on the web with proper support.