Designing a website has become a lot easier with online tools like WIX and WordPress. Offering templates for just about any type of business, all you need to do is copy and paste your own content in to the imagery and text boxes. Done.

Really? You think it is that simple? Unfortunately, it isn’t. Because, though you may have all the relevant information showcased on your website, your web design itself does not stand out from the other websites out there. The message you are sending to your customer is that your product or service is, like your web design, a dime in a dozen. Not something you want them to take out, right? Read on and see which changes you can make to stand out amongst the crowd.

Home page

Treat your home page like a brick-and-mortar storefront. Essentially that is exactly what it is, a shop window. If the window of the shop doesn’t look great, then why would anyone want to go in for a browse. So, using a strong image is just one of many web design tips for creating an engaging home page. Also, remember to display a clear call to action (CTA). Do you have hundreds of happy customers? Why not display some of their testimonials too?


Ideally a customer never sees this page as it means something went wrong with the web design and the page they were looking for doesn’t exist.

Instead of letting them end their journey here in frustration, use it for something positive and reel them back in. Along with the message that the page doesn’t exist you could show product imagery, suggest them to go to your blog page or invite them to follow you on social media.


When you go to a brick-and-mortar store you see the store manager and some store employees. You will get a vibe of what the store is like and what type of products you can expect there. Web design doesn’t boast that advantage. Or does it?

The About page is exactly where your website visitors go to if they want to learn more about the people who work at your store, who run it or who created the product. The About page give customers the reassurance they normally would get from meeting you or your staff in person.

The more personal you get, the more trustworthy you come across. Just keep it relevant! Let customers know what inspired you to start this business, how you select your product or in what way you like to work with them. Including imagery of yourself, your staff and your workspace and it will do wonders for your relationship with your potential customers.


Many businesses offer an enquiry form. Nothing wrong with that, but why not add a little more to this page.

And don’t forget to show your street address and phone number. Customers do not mind buying online from a store they have never been to, but they do need to have the feeling they can go somewhere with their questions and issues if something is wrong with the product they bought. You’d think this is basic information, but you’d be surprised that it is actually one of the four common web design mistakes that negatively affect the user experience.


The Careers page is fantastic for keeping the door slightly open for those who are interested in working at your company. Candidates who swing by your website to see if you have any job opportunities are the ones who have a genuine interest in your company.

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