Translation agencies have to provide services priced in a way that is affordable to their clients. Their clients are coming from all walks of life; can come from every spectrum of economic status without any problems or limitations.

The translation industry has to develop itself in a way that it helps and enhances the customers while making a profit. The distinction between a translation agency that follows good business models and the one that is scamming is incredibly hard to make. That is why we have developed this article to address a simple point- ten ways to evaluate the credibility of an economical translation agency. Our ten ways are as follows;

Accreditation: Accreditation is, of course, the best litmus test of credibility. If a translation agency is a certified member of American Translators’ Association- ATA then they are the best translation agency for the job. ATA is highly trusted, and if you have a problem with the translation, you can take your case to ATA. That is why accredited agencies give excellent translations that are beyond reproach.

Machine Software: Machine software is proprietary software that every translation agency gets designed for itself. This software gives first translations that are later cleaned up by professional translators. As these translators are not conducting the translations themselves; they can count only as for a reviewer rate and not a translator rate. That makes them much more affordable, and the translation rates stay economical for the client, but the result could be less accurate. We suggest you stay away from machine translation and get accurate, yet cheap translation services provided entirely by human translators.

Proofreading: If the translation agency has a culture of getting your translation reviewed by another translator; then the chances of high quality and accurate translation increases a lot.

Quick Response: The faster they reply; more professional they are. If a translation agency is taking a wee in giving you a quote; then they will need a month to work on your translation that will be subpar. You should get a translation agency that provides quotes in half an hour; the faster they work, the better they are. That is the golden rule of the translation industry.

Number of Languages: When a translation agency is working with a vast amount of languages; they will have a wide variety of translators. That makes them more reliable because they are retaining the professional workforce.

Kinds of Translations: The more diverse types of translations they take, more they know about the translation industry. So no matter the type of document you send to them; they will know how to translate it.

Time of Delivery: Best translation agencies deliver content in a day or two. If a translator is keeping your two-page translation for three weeks; something is definitely wrong.

Accountability: If the translation agency is open to money back guarantees; then that is a huge sign of their trustworthiness.

Initial Assessment: The first reply when you get the quote can tell you a lot about the translation agency. The way they present the next steps; with clarity, focus and understanding of the specific needs of the assignment, are huge indicators of the reliability of the agency.

Translation Process: The translation process is a significant factor when it comes to translation agencies. Check and make sure that you like the translation process.

These are a few major points for you to keep in mind while you are getting your translation. If your translation agency is not living up to at least half of these points, then you should not use it


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