There are a great many uses for a Faraday cage. The more technologically advanced our society becomes, the harder it will be on the general population if something happens to their devices. Technology has become an integral part of everyday living. It has replaced many analog items and replaces more every day. Unfortunately, there are many potential ways for electronic devices to become damaged, both internally and externally. It is general knowledge that any device that can access the internet is at risk of viruses. It is vital to have virus protection software to avoid serious problems caused by infection. It is also common knowledge that most devices should be ensconced in a protective case to avoid scratching, dents, and cracked screens. What is not always common knowledge is that almost any digital signal can be accessed remotely for nefarious reasons. Also, any electronic device runs the risk of ceasing to function in the event of a detonated EMP or a certain level of solar flare. The only way to combat this is by placing your device in a Faraday cage. If you are unfamiliar with this fantastic invention or are looking for more information, this is the article for you. Here, you will find information about what a Faraday cage is as well as the many uses for this device.

Before you can fully appreciate all of the uses for a Faraday cage, you must understand what exactly it is. A Faraday cage sometimes referred to as a tech protect bag, is a container that blocks all digital signals. These containers are capable of blocking WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth, cellular data, and RFID. A Faraday cage container is simple to construct and there are actually quite a few videos available on YouTube and other places online that details how to build your own Faraday cage. There are actually very few materials needed to create a signal blocking container, a conducting material such as metal plates or wire mesh and cardboard is all you will need to get started. For a complete tutorial, simply use your favorite search engine and input the search term “homemade Faraday cage tutorial” and you will find several choices.

Because these containers are able to completely block all signals from getting in or out, they have a long list of possible uses. Engineers are incredibly fond of Faraday cages because they create a controlled vacuum that is perfect for a variety of electrical testing. This allows them to safely design and test new devices and technology without fear of interference from outside signals. Many engineers use these containers on a daily basis.

Another very popular use for Faraday cages is protecting evidence in police stations. Sometimes during an arrest or investigation, it is necessary for a police officer to collect or confiscate a computer, tablet, or smartphone as evidence. When this happens, it is generally the contents of the device that is the real evidence. Unfortunately, those so inclined can remotely access the device. While connected to the device, a person can alter, add, or delete content which would mean erasing evidence before it could be examined or presented in court. A Faraday cage prevents this from happening. Once the device is placed in the signal blocking container, there is no chance of remote access. Also, it prevents anyone from being able to trace the device via a GPS signal. The Military may use these containers for similar reasons; to protect vital and confidential information. The same goes for any business professional that has data to protect.

Preppers are also quite enamored with Faraday cages. These containers can be used to protect radios, phones, flashlights, and any other electronic device from EMPs (electromagnetic pulse) and solar flares. In either of these events, any electronic device within a certain radius would be rendered useless; however, if the device is protected within a Faraday cage, it will be spared. Despite many rumors, signal blocking containers do not need to be grounded to effective or to work. This is a complete myth. Many preppers have stocked signal blocking containers so that they will still have functioning equipment in the event of an emergency. The top list of items to store in a Faraday cage includes Solar radios, flashlights, transistor radios, walkie-talkies, ham radios, phones, etc.

Did you know that you may be interacting with a Faraday cage on a daily basis? There are a few different types of Faraday cages, not all of them can block all signals. Your car is a type of Faraday cage. The metal frame acts an electricity blocker. This is why it is always safer to remain inside your car during lightning or if a power line has fallen in the road. The frame of the vehicle will redirect the electricity and keep it from entering the interior of the vehicle. Another example is an elevator. Not all elevators are signal blocking containers, but many are. This is due to the materials that the elevator is made from. This is unintentional on the part of the elevator designers. Microwaves are another example. A microwave is not an actual Faraday cage, but it does contain a part of a Faraday cage. The mesh lining in the window if the microwave is the reason the radiation does not leak out.

For those interested in a Faraday cage for everyday personal use, there are bags on the market that this a possibility. They came is a wide range of sizes to accommodate the different sizes of various devices. Of course, there are bags for laptops, tablets, and phones, but that is not all. There are also signal blocking wallets designed to protect your credit and debit cards from RFID scanners meant to steal your information. There is also a pocket specifically for keys and key fobs to prevent anyone from interfering with the locking system on your vehicle. If none of these sounds like what you are looking for, there is also a universal bag meant to be able to hold any and all devices that you want to protect. If you are still not satisfied, your best option is to make your own so that you can create it to your personal specifications.


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