There are many reasons to take up Sydney dance classes. They can be a great way to alleviate stress, to meet new people, to gain confidence, to become more co-ordinated and to feel a part of a community. Classes are a perfect way to improve health and fitness, and some classes even help couples reconnect again. It can be exciting to learn something new and can be a great way to practice self-care. Some adults out there wish to take up Sydney dance classes but do not know that lessons are not just for children. There is an array of adult options that can meet the needs of everybody. Four-week courses can be taken, or one-off classes can be attended. More often than not, studios will have easy booking options on their website or via an app. One of class passes can usually be purchased, or bulk classes can be bought for those who are enjoying themselves. No matter the reason for wanting to begin, there are many benefits to be gained and much fun to be had by taking up Sydney dance classes.

What to expect

While some are more flexible and coordinated than others, nobody is going to be a professional dancer straight off the bat. There will be a short transition period where the other attendees are not known, and the teaching style will have to get used to. It will take a second to get used to attending regular classes and it may feel like a chore for a little while. Before long, students find themselves feeling more confident and learning new moves faster. This is when the fun really begins. It is important to be prepared for the short and slightly uncomfortable transition process when beginning with lessons, as breaking through that can lead to a lot of fun. Quickly chatting to a teacher before arrival can be a great way to get a little extra support during those first few lessons. In terms of what to bring, it is important to stay hydrated during a class. Bringing a water bottle is essential as well as a sweat towel. Some even prefer to bring their own foam roller to use during the cool down. Many studios have shower facilities or at least a place to change, so it can be a great idea to bring a change of clothes. Bringing spare clothes is very handy for those who are always on the run and who may have dinner plans or work commitments after a lesson. Aside from that, all that needs to be brought it a smile, a positive attitude, and an open mind.

Different types of lessons

There is a wide variety of dance styles available and most studios cater to many different styles. While some wish to seek lessons to prepare for their wedding or graduation, a more traditional style such as ballroom would be ideal. For others looking for something really fun and different, they may enjoy Hip Hop, Salsa, Latin, Tap or Zumba. Those seeking a more classical style can opt for Ballet or contemporary. Different kinds of music that is liked will also influence the style of class that somebody enjoys. A person who enjoys traditionally Indian music may enjoy Bollywood classes, whereas someone who enjoys theatre may enjoy Jazz. It is important to factor in individual tastes when deciding on the type of lesson but also to remember that styles do not have to be set in stone. Trial classes can be taken to establish what type of dance in enjoyed and several different lessons can be taken if one style cannot be settled upon.

At the end of the day, there are so many benefits to taking up dance lessons. While some adults are cautious about trying something new, classes can be a great way for people to step out of their comfort zone. It is always better to try something than to not try and wonder what could have been. New friends can be made, new skills can be learned and a new lease on life can be garnered. Classes can be taken with friends to strengthen relationships, and couples taking lessons can put the spice back into their life. It doesn’t matter about age, size, gender or experience, classes are the perfect way to improve fitness, practice self-care and put a smile on people’s faces – make sure you try out some Sydney dance lessons. For those who are still unsure, the best thing to do is to simply pucker up some courage, and it try.


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