If you take a look at the sides of any typical laptop you find in any computer store today; you will see some ports on either of its sides. These include connections to the universal serial bus, power connection, high-definition multimedia interface for watching videos, external pen drive, keyboards, and mice.

However, industry experts if prominent computer manufacturers like Apple, Asus, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell are to have their way, this could soon become history. These companies are soon introducing new models in the market that adopt the best USB TYPE C cable (universal serial bus Type C cable), which enhances speed, is convenient to use and functional.

Why do laptop users need a USB Type C Cable?

The experts from these prominent company manufacturers say the concept behind the introduction of new universal serial bus Type C cable is no difficulty for you to understand. Now, users have one standard cable and a single compatible port through which they can connect any computer peripheral to their laptops. In simple words, it means you have now a single cable with which you can plug in your external hard drives, tablets, computer monitors, smartphones, sound cards and still use it to charge your laptop.

Presently, you need to use a universal serial bus Type A cable connector to connect such peripherals to your personal computer or laptop. It is similar to the rectangular connectors you find on the most universal serial bus pen drive, external keyboard or hard drive. The other end uses a micro universal serial bus connector similar to the one most smartphone manufacturers use.

They go on to explain that the main difficulty with the current arrangement is that laptop users need to have no other choice but to carry different types of cables for their devices wherever they go. Moreover, they inadvertently damage one end of any of this cable, they have no option but to buy a new one. The best USB TYPE C cable available on the market today solves this problem by introducing a single cable which is compatible with a wide range of devices. Moreover, you can use either need end of the cable connector to plug such gadgets into your computer.

The future of the USB TYPE C cable

The universal serial bus Type C cable has a smaller and slimmer connector than the previous USB versions. It is also symmetrical in shape and reversible. This implies that you can use either connector end to plug the computer peripheral you want to use to your computer.

Therefore, the days of trying to find out connector end fit into a particular device are over. These experts further clarify that as time passes, the universal serial bus Type C will replace the existing USB connector versions available in the market as they complicate the lives of laptop users.

Industry experts admit that the best USB TYPE C cable (universal serial bus Type C cable) has not become popular with laptop user as most computer peripherals still use the older versions. However, Apple is taking the initiative to introduce them when the computer launches its MacBook Pro range. Even companies like Asus and Hewlett-Packard are not far behind.


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