Over the last few years video marketing has emerged as one of the most powerful tools for businesses to promote their products or services. It is far more effective than other types of content due to its ability to engage viewers.

If you’re creating marketing videos, it is important that you take full advantage of that potential and try to boost its engagement levels. That can be done in several ways, but there are a few in particular that have been proven to be highly effective:

  • One video, one message, one goal

When you create a marketing video you should try to focus on a single message and goal. Trying to create marketing videos that have more than one main message or goal is never a good idea, and all it will do is make your video longer than it needs to be and dilute the message.

  • Try to hook viewers within 10 seconds

About 20% of viewers abandon videos within 10 seconds, which is why you need to try to hook as many of them as possible and convince them to keep watching within that time frame. The most effective way to do that is by being direct and immediately outlining the message of the video while highlighting the benefit that it will provide.

In a nutshell your hook should give viewers a compelling reason to want to watch the video.

  • Tell a story instead of trying to make a sale

Marketing videos that are too ‘salesy’ and try to push viewers into making a purchase are very likely to actually repel viewers. Instead of that a better approach is to structure your marketing videos as a story that lets viewers know why they should be interested without blatantly being blatantly promotional.

  • Use visuals to deliver the message

As a medium videos have an unparalleled ability to deliver information visually – and you need to take advantage of that. Ideally your message should be delivered as visually as possible, and you should always try to ‘show’ the points that you’re making as opposed to relying on a voiceover to ‘tell’ viewers about it.

Lately this has become all the more important as many viewers watch videos on mute – so if you want to engage them, you need to make sure your video can deliver its message entirely with visuals.

While your marketing videos don’t need to be costly productions in order to engage viewers, they should look clean and professional. That can be done quite easily if you know a bit of video editing and for example you could try Movavi Video Editor (https://www.movavi.com/videoeditor/) if you need a place to start.

If you start to utilize the tips listed above, you should find that your videos are able to engage more viewers. Be sure to track the performance of each video, and try to analyze it to find ways that you can increase engagement levels further in the next videos that you create.


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