Are you looking for a quick and easy secure way to get yourself a place on the web? You’re not alone; WordPress is a smart way to build your personal website without the need of prior knowledge on web development or comprehensive knowledge of HTML. WordPress platform provides you everything, you need from start to finish.

What makes the WordPress best?

WordPress is built on a general-purpose scripting language called PHP which helps in producing effective web pages, and it also considered to be one of the most popular content management systems in use today. It was actually launched in the year of 2013 with a single bit of code with very few users. But today it has the millions of users and catches so many users heart with the feature of self-hosted blogging tools. WordPress’s WYSIWYG editor has been so popular that many users use this platform for that reason only. It offers more plugins and effective themes that users can redesign their websites. Adequately WordPress development companies exist, to provide efficient service to their clients with proper expectations and deliver on timelines.

Here are some features that you can benefit of using the WordPress platform for websites and blogging:

  • Featured images
  • Sticky posts feature
  • Scheduled posts
  • Configuring secret keys

What is yet to come in WordPress? – Gutenberg editor

WordPress development companies have made many variations in their existing features. The major change is Gutenberg-Editor. It is an upcoming editor with many options. Gutenberg editor creates a race with Squarespace and Wix platforms. The Gutenberg-editor with WordPress 5.0 version will make a major change in the way of users go about altering, designing and developing their websites as per their need. Gutenberg editor exists in two forms: Gutenberg GitHub Repo and WordPress plug-in. With the help of these two forms, you can create a custom block and change your content of the blocks, and then you can re-arrange them.

The future of WordPress looks like with Gutenberg editor

As soon as Gutenberg editor get merged with WordPress community and it will change everything about the old WordPress features.

  • The major change is WordPress theme. WordPress theme has become way too large and it’s filled with fluffy options, but the new Gutenberg WordPress provide a style sheet. You can customize via theme companion plug-in.
  • WordPress development companies provide new plug-ins for the front end of WordPress sites. Users can create a custom layout with the help of Gutenberg layout API
  • Page builders are an essential A user needs to build and control their sites without any complicated codes. There is no standard way to build a website in existing platform, but the Gutenberg editor provides standard plugins and effective themes, default WordPress page builders.

To make your website available on the World Wide Web, you require a secure and healthy web host. You can easily update your WordPress with just one click installation and get your safe and secure website with step by step guidelines. You can even access this platform on your smart phones. It will support all the major languages and will offer you other language helping tool in case you want more than one language on your site.


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