If you’ve tried losing weight and getting in better shape, then you probably know how difficult things can get. In these situations, most people turn to technology to try and find a solution that will aid their weight loss journey.

One great option would be to use your smartphone to help you get and stay in shape. The trick with phones is that they are always available – either in your hand or on the table right next to you.

With the right app, therefore, you should be able to improve your chances of losing weight, keeping track of your progress, managing your diet, and more. This is where the Weight Watchers app comes in.

More particularly, this handy mobile application is designed to provide you with the useful resources you need to hold yourself accountable. Therefore, once you get it, you will have a handy technology-based dietician and personal trainer but without the extra bills that come with hiring such expert help.

In fact, the Weight Watchers app will deliver the calorie counters, workouts, and other weight loss programs to you. All of these tools will come in handy when you need to track your progress and understand how you are doing based on your fitness and health data. And it’s not just progress you can track, for other uses there is this page with more info on how to lighten skin naturally and permanently.

Read on to learn more about it:


At its most basic, the Weight Watchers app is an innovative smartphone-based program designed to help you lose weight and keep it off. The company that developed it has been aiding clients in their quest to stay in shape for more than 50 years now, which speaks volumes about its experience.

Once you download the app and subscribe to the different programs, you will get everything you need to help you track your activity, weight, and food intake. The app also comes with an easy-to-use interface that most people can understand.


So, what does the Weight Watchers app do? What do you stand to gain once you get it? Consider the following:

  1. Track Points

For starters, this app comes with its own tailored diet. You can track your points to ensure that you continue eating the right diet. Essentially, the app will assign points to every meal or food and give you a daily points quota. The goal is to ensure that you do not exceed this quote.

However, to ensure that you benefit from the Weight Watchers app, you need to subscribe to Weight Watchers Online for a monthly fee of $17.95 and a startup fee of $29.95. Although this might seem like a lot, it’s a steal considering how expensive it can be to hire your own personal trainer and dietician.

  1. Handy Features

After subscribing to the Weight Watchers program, you will access all the different features that the app provides. These include:

  • Databases

First, you will be able to get advice on eating right from a database of 30,000+ foods. This way, you can easily track and calculate your dietary points on a daily basis.

  • Customization

You can also add your own meals and recipes and get the app to calculate the points value for each.

  • Weight Log

The app also comes with a weight loss and an interactive chart that shows how your weight is changing through time.

  1. Weight Watchers Coupons

The app notifies you of all Weight Watchers deals and promotions so that you save up to 30% if you decide to join the granddaddy of all weight loss programs. Weight Watchers coupons are also posted on Lodlois.



  • The Weight Watchers app comes with featured recipes
  • The interface is easy to use and highly interactive
  • You should gain enough motivation to stay healthy from the success stories featured on the app


  • Some the features require subscription, which might prove expensive for some


As long as you have a smartphone or an iPhone/iPod Touch, then you should be able to download and start using the Weight Watchers app. Overall, we’d give it a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

This article is a courtesy of www.Fitij.com, a site that reviews meal delivery weight loss programs.


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