Although the most famous names in music to come out of New Jersey are Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi, this state has been a stage for great names in music including Frankie Vallie, Bruce Springsteen, Frank Sinatra, and Robeson. Other notable figures include hip-hop group The Fugees and Queen Latifah. Today’s live music venues in NJ are home to names like Saves the Day, Gaslight Anthem and Thursday. New Jersey continues to be a vibrant music scene.

New Jersey was home to popular music venues like The Fast Lane in Asbury Park and Upstage in the same neighborhood. While most of the music venues along Route 35 are distant memories, there are grander replacements, particularly in Asbury Park. Here are some of the happening live music venues in NJ.

Stone Pony, Asbury Park

Simply known as The Pony, this venue has nurtured Jersey Shore bands including Bruce Springsteen. It is a venue with a national profile, pulling in bands from all over the US and even Europe. You won’t miss a notable band playing there at least every other week. Local bands are encouraged to do their thing afternoon to evening on Sundays.

The Brighton Bar, Long Branch

This is nicknamed The Small Club, but it is everything else but small in its fame. It is part of the national circuit for punk rock bands. If you love punk rock, this would be your venue in New Jersey.

The Court Tavern, New Brunswick

Since reopening under new management in 2012, this club has become the proving grounds for local bands. It is one of the live music venues in NJ which has a diehard fan base who always turn up to see the surprising mix of local and exotic bands.

The Saint, Asbury Park

This is the venue to see fresh and upcoming talent. This small venue is preferred by upcoming indie bands that want to make a name. But it also features national acts from time to time. This is a great option for indie music lovers.

MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford

If there is a truly big music name coming to New Jersey. This stadium has been the stage for Guns N Roses, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and Beyoncé.

Dingbatz, Clifton

This is the venue to see heavy metal bands. It also offers a big pull to critics and other people who are interested in this genre.

Hopewell Theater, Greenwood Ave.

Formerly Off-Broadstreet Theater, the Hopewell Theater is gaining traction as one of the go-to New Jersey music venues where creativity, ideas and music are as accessible as its surroundings. It offers a range of inviting cultural experiences—independent movies, live music & more.

Are you in New Jersey for a visit? Ensure to visit one or two of these live music venues and you will come out with a changed opinion.


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