Books are the most reliable sources for any kind of information. Books give you the real peek at industries, personal lives of investors, tips for business and many other vital details that you need to succeed as a businessperson. The internet has of late presented a viable alternative for accessing learning material. No matter how much entrenched the internet is, though, there will always be a special place for books in any industry. As a forex trader, you need to have at least a dozen trading books in your cabinet. Here are the 7 best forex trading books you must read.

1. Day Trading and the Currency Market

Kathy Lien is a prolific writer who has a great reputation in the financial industry. She shares her knowledge and experiences in this far-reaching book that is a piece of art in as much as it is an educational book. If you want to be inspired, informed, encouraged and even shocked by the secrets of the forex market, this is the book you should consider purchasing.

2. Currency Trading for Dummies

Brian Dolan spent many years learning and mastering the art of forex trading. He spent over two decades as both an analyst and trader in the market. Over those years, he gained some crucial insights which he shares in a captivating yet detailed manner in his book. Dolan has compiled some of the most crucial tips that beginners in the trade should never miss nor overlook. If you have no idea what the market is about or where to start, grab this book and your confusion will be gone by the time you flip the last page.

3. Forex Trading: The Basics

This book by Jim Brown is undoubtedly the perfect introduction to the forex market, forex strategies and the general landscape in the trade. The author explains the various concepts and aspects of the market in a clear and concise manner that any amateur would understand. The experiences and tips that Jim Brown shares are one-of-a-kind. If you want to learn and be inspired, make a point of acquiring this book as soon as you can.

4. Thirty Days of Forex Trading

As the title of this book suggests, forex trading has strategies and a timeline as well. This book is authored by Raghee Horner, an experienced teacher who also spent a huge amount of time trading. This book is perfect for traders who know they will spend the whole day, week and month in the business. The book is broken down into various sections that are connected thus making the whole read resemble a journey that every forex trader must take.

5. MT4 High Probability Forex Trading Method

MetaTrader 4 is the most popular platform for forex traders all around the world. It thus makes sense to have a book about this essential platform. This book authored by Jim Brown is not all about the software program though. It looks into the deeper aspects of forex strategy, risks associated with trading and the overall trading landscape. The simple method adopted, used and perfected by Jim Brown is also shared in this book for free. You should definitely get a copy to have a peek at the excellent ideas shared.

6. Naked Forex

This book is one of the best that has been written by an active member of the trading community who also happens to be in the professional circles. Alex Nekritin, the author of this book, has been the president and CEO of TradersChoiceFX since it was established. He collaborated with Walter Peters to work on this significant book for forex traders. In the book, issues like trading without technical indicators are discussed at length. If you want to get a peek at ‘naked trading’, this book is the first option you should consider.

7. The Sensible Guide to Forex

Lastly, The Sensible Guide to Forex is a remarkable book by Cliff Wachtel. Wachtel is the director of research, training and new media at Volatility is a key focus of this book which also touches on market risks and time management. The book covers pivotal issues that any trader must preoccupy themselves with if they want to succeed in the market. Wachtel does a great job of highlighting the main problems that investors need to look at and also offers some practical solutions to those problems.


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