Why do people from all over the world love to visit Tauranga? Here in New Zealand, holiday makers both local and abroad love exploring this fantastic city. There are so many wonderful attractions and plenty of fun things to do in Tauranga.

Tauranga City, Mount Maunganui and Papamoa are three of the most popular areas of the city. All of the three suburbs provide their own attractions that are definitely worth exploring. Outside of these suburbs, there is so much more to discover. The outskirts have just as much to explore as any of the other locations.

Tauranga City is the centre of the city and is very popular for its CBD. Aside from the shopping experience, there are movie theatres, a library and when the day turns dark, it’s very active nightlife appears on The Strand. A short drive from the CBD, over the harbour bridge, is the iconic and popular Mount Maunganui, another popular holiday destination.

Mount Maunganui is most often the prime location where visitors go when exploring Tauranga. Mt Maunganui has always been a popular holiday destination in New Zealand. This can be attributed to its stunning beach, voted as the most popular beach New Zealand. People have come to love it due to its wonderful location, relaxed lifestyle, its surf and white fluffy sand. Mount Maunganui also has its own, now extinct volcano, Mauao. This really cool mountain stands 232 meters tall and has a few awesome walking tracks. Two of the tracks lead to the summit and a single track around its base.

On the summit of Mauao, the scenic views are absolutely amazing. When looking north, you have the sight of the Pacific Ocean and a few islands in view. Looking east, you overlook the Mount Beach and the town as well as down the coast to Papamoa. South, you see Tauranga, the harbour, harbour bridge and the Kaimai ranges. West you get to see Matakana Island with the outback of the city and the Kaimai Ranges in view.

Papamoa continues to grow and expand as a popular holiday destination. The local camping grounds are busy every season given the beautiful location and Papamoa Beach on their doorstep. This beach is popular for its great surf and fishing off the beach.

If you’re an outdoors lover, the awesome walk and views from Papamoa Hills will impress you. This wonderful park land in Tauranga has a serene walking track that guides you through farm and bush land treating to awesome views not only along the way, but upon reaching the top.

It’s never been so easy to find fun things to do in Tauranga. Aside from these main centres, Tauranga has so much more to explore.

Exploring Tauranga will lead you to amazing scenery and such natural beauty. During your journey you will experience highly rated beaches and mountains. Panoramic views of the city, islands, the Pacific Ocean and much more. There are local waterfalls and walks through untouched forest that has been left to grow naturally.

Tauranga has such a pleasant atmosphere that is very welcoming. People from all walks of life love experiencing all the local attractions and activities. These reasons are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to visiting Tauranga, now one of the most popular cities in New Zealand!


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