With New Year comes budget and all the planning would go in vain if we lay our eyes on a slim phone with a hefty cost. Smartphones are mini-computers easy to carry and use than the other bulky handsets. Technology is growing day by day and also getting cheaper by the price. So, if you are looking for some cheap yet cool handsets, here are a few Samsung mobiles to buy this year. Samsung because- affordable, good battery life, excellent features on a limited budget!

Samsung Galaxy A8

The Samsung Galaxy A8 has a full edge to edge 5.60-inch touchscreen display with a pin-sharp resolution of 2,220 vs 1,080 pixels. It is possible to be a lot cheaper than the starting price of Galaxy S8 model. A8 will be released early in January in other Asia. However, it won’t arrive in the UK until April 2018. Although, Samsung has not yet revealed the price it might be somewhere around £499 RRP of the Galaxy A7 (2017). It has a 24-hour battery life with Android version 7.1.1, and there is a 6GB RAM/64GB storage option. It will be available in three natural colours from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy J5

Samsung has always come up with budget-friendly cellphones. The J series has drawn headlines for the past year, making an affordable yet fantastic smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy J5 has impressive battery life and costs less than £240 for the updated version releasing this year. The price might hike a bit, yet it’s affordable considering the other expensive smartphones on the market today. The updated version will have a much-improved camera and flagship-like design. The Samsung Galaxy J5 was the Best Affordable smartphone in 2017, and it vows to keep the trend ongoing in the coming year.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the favourite smartphone from 2017. It has an edge-to-edge display like the A8with the initial cost of £689 which dropped to £579 within a few months. It has a 64 GB internal storage, but it is water resistant. The security features are fantastic- it has an iris scanner and facial detection and also includes voice recognition. You can enjoy the latest operating system as it is about to get Android Oreo.

Samsung Galaxy A5

The Samsung Galaxy A5 was launched a few weeks before the S8 model, in 2017. The model fits right in between A3 and A7 with a 5.2-inch display and slick performance. While it couldn’t match up the features a Samsung smartphone offers, this year Samsung is working on the model way too much, and by far the best news to come out is- they are trying to give it a similar edge-to-edge design of S8 within the lower price. A5 cost about £350 back in 2017, but the price might hike up to £400 with the changes in it.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 

S7 Edge has been in use for two years while it had quite a tough time during a few months of its release. Galaxy S7 was previously much likeable yet with some changes done, S7 edge worked brilliantly adding zest to the design. Although better models like S8 plus have now come out, S7 Edge remains the top-notch budget-friendly smartphone with all essential features of a Samsung mobile. The best part is, it is waterproof with a microSD card slot. Also, those who have hung on to their device for nearly a year or two, there’s news of Android Oreo update coming up. The price is lower than Galaxy S8, costing about £400.

Samsung has a trend of lowering the prices within three months. If you are not a fan of purchasing the newly launched phone, wait until the price drops. Look for deals online or in your nearest Samsung store.


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