In the age of apps, it becomes essential to be up to date with whatever is happening around you. One such trend which is increasing and gaining recognition is a time tracking software or an app. These apps help increase your efficiency by tracking the number of hours put in by your employees and how well are they engaged in the project.

Accordingly, you can take decisions to allocate your resource to better utilize their efforts. Also, we need to understand that whether you are starting out young or a big firm, tracking time is equally important for both of them. Now, that you know you need to track time, you will out on a hunt for good software and apps that you can introduce in your firm. But, because of the level of options available, we have narrowed down a few for you.

  • Toggl: This is particularly a web app and is very easy to use. Because of its user-friendly interface it is most widely accepted and used. As soon as you start your work, you press start and press stop as soon as you are done with it. It is more like a timer concept; this helps you track what work you were able to cover each hour of the day. It also had additional features like projects, billable time, clients etc.
  • Harvest: Another simple and intuitive interface time managing software is Harvest. Available in desktop platforms, iOS and Android providing real-time report from its powerful system. It helps you enter in your expense, updates your invoices, has support for automated payment reminders, provides timely reminders to your employees for filling in their timesheets. It comes with various options for single users and for teams as well.
  • Scoro: It is a double package providing the benefits both tracking time and tracking bills. It provides you with options of different currencies, separates the actual and billable times and even gives overdue reminders. Not just this, it even provides support to function smoothly for day-to-day activities like scheduling meetings, sending email invoices and viewing detailed reports.
  • ClickTime: If your managing multiple projects, managing different tasks in it and have too many employees under you working on those projects and handling those multiple clients then this is the right app for you. This helps you manage all of that. It also comes with an additional feature of tracking additional costs for each project, to manage your profits better. It offers you better project insights with good resource planning.

  • actiTIME: This is a straightforward app which is used as a time tracker, and for project planning, time recording and task management. The reason why it is so different than the others is that it lets you create timesheets, add a project, a client and also enter in the time. Because of this feature, it helps you manage different projects at the same time.
  • Timecamp: This app is an organized and managed way of tracking not only your time but even your budget. It offers the following features: entering invoices, counting profitability, tracking project status and even managing your attendance. It is an app which is most suitable for a team, but if you are working as a freelancer then even you can reap its benefits.
  • Hubstaff: This software is a unique software because it comes with an activity level which shows how active is your team and an activity view, which shows what all is going on. It also lets you take three screenshots every 10 minutes to have details about each and everything. It offers to track paid and unpaid hours of your projects giving a clear picture. This provides information on real-time basis and supports for team management.
  • TimeDoctor: This particular software keeps a track of network usage by monitoring how much effective time you are working on your project and how much time you are spending on social media sites. This gives you a reminder to focus on your current project. It calculates the time you have spent on such sites and send timely reminders.
  • Freckle: This is useful if your managing different projects with clients located in different countries and transacting in different currencies. For the same reason, it supports multi-currency invoicing. It also comes with a mobile application, giving you the flexibility to access it anytime and anywhere.
  • Dovico: This is a time and expense tracking timesheet based software. It gives mail intimations to managers which in turn can be passed to clients as well. It follows a system of approved workflows to approve the employee time before forwarding it.

We have tried to keep the list short because the ones listed above comes with the most unique and exciting features. What’s best is this software are available for trial usage as well, so you can do tour trial and error and see which ones suit the dynamics of your firm.


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