Australia has some of the best vineyards in the world so it comes as no surprise that wine lovers in China are keen to get their hands on some amazing Australian products. China became the largest purchaser of Australian wine in 2016 and many Chinese residents and businesses want to know how to best buy wine online in China.

This article will explore the ins and outs of the process of purchasing Australian wine, and how to do this with the least amount of stress possible.

Do lots of research: Because the product is traveling so far it is not possible to taste test before an item is purchased. Reading wine reviews and feedback on a product is an easy way to establish what the brand will taste like.

Often websites will include descriptions of the taste such as ‘gritty’ or ‘earthy’ so those wishing to buy wine online in China will get an idea of what kind of taste they will be getting.

As well as researching the taste it is important to discover the reputation of a company. How long do deliveries take? How long have they been in business? Are previous customers happy?

Great websites will include testimonials and often feedback can be found via an internet search. If no information can be found, it may be time to contact the company directly to get more information about taste, postage costs, postage times and previous customer feedback. Another way to learn more about wine is to consider taking courses, for instance you could visit a high wine school in Shanghai, or perhaps your local restaurant or community center has an option for an introduction.

Order samples: Some may feel that researching a product is simply not good enough and still wish to taste the brand for themselves. Contacting a company to see if they can send a sample box is a great way to get around this.

Rather than ordering full-sized bottles, a business may be able to ship a wide variety of smaller bottles so Chinese purchasers can get a taste for what they like and then order larger volumes of their favourites.

Find reputable companies: In order to buy wine online in China, it is important to find reputable companies in Australia. There are so many websites out there that simply do not deliver on their promises, and it is hard to know which websites are legitimate.

Some things to look out for are if the website provides a tracking number when goods are shipped, if a website offers a return policy and if there are easy ways to contact the website such as phone, email and online chat.

Again, it is important to read previous testimonials as this will let buyers know if previous customers have had a pleasant experience. Often when shipping overseas things can go wrong and orders can go missing.

Finding a company that ensures the product will find its buyer is crucial, as well as offering some sort of compensation if something goes array during delivery.

Buy in bulk: With all the things that could go wrong during an overseas delivery, a smart idea is to order in bulk. Once favourites wines and companies are established, greater volumes of wine can be ordered. This way, less time is spent waiting on deliveries and more time is spent enjoying some beautiful drinks.

Buying in bulk can also save money as many companies offer discounts that grow as the order grows (the more ordered the higher the discount). This may increase the postage costs as larger packaging will be needed, so it is a good idea to establish costs on bulk orders.

Buy with a friend: Getting a few wine lovers together to place an online order is a great way to share shipping costs. Friends can all order different varieties and invite each other over to test them and try new ones the next time an order is placed.

This could become a fun ritual and even a hobby for some. Drinking wine can certainly be a social occasion, so ordering with a loved one is a great way to share that experience.

Establish costs first: Before placing an online order, it is wise to first establish costs. Asking for an email quote is a great way to ensure that no hidden costs are uncovered down the track. Great companies will include their prices on their websites or will make it really easy for buyers to call them to receive a quote.

It is fair to ask if there will be any unexpected costs as transportation rates can often change. A good company will let consumers know the absolute maximum a delivery will cost and will offer a variety of safe ways to make payments such as PayPal, Stripe, credit care, visa card, direct debit and more.

In conclusion, buying wine from Australia can have many benefits. Some great ways to have the best purchasing experience possible is to do as much research as needed, to order a variety of samples, and to ensure that companies are reputable.

Furthermore, it can be rewarding to consider buying in bulk, buying with a friend as well as establishing costs before an online order is placed. If all options are considered, then there is no reason why shipping from overseas cannot be a pleasant experience.


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