Optimizing your Instagram feed makes your business stand unique from your competitors on the platform. As Instagram is a visually oriented platform, you need to ensure that your IG feed looks visually attractive.

Many small businesses fail in this professional feed strategy that makes them lose many new followers. It’s crucial to have a professionally attractive IG feed to grab more audiences. Your Instagram feed is the first page your audience visits when they land on your profile. So, optimize it attractively. 

Acquiring a perfect feed isn’t only about selecting an exciting theme and sticking to it as much as possible. If you don’t understand the social media branding basics, you can’t even have an attractive feed for a long time. Here are the five simple tips for optimizing your feed section more attractively to catch eye-balls on Instagram.

Choose An Innovative Theme

You should know your brand’s vibe and style if you are using Instagram to market your business. Via knowing it perfectly, you can choose a good theme for your business feed. 

For example: If you need your business feed clean and peaceful, you can add pictures with little visuals and stick with light blue, white, and some “airy” colors.

If you want any inspiration or need to see what your IG feed may look like, then launch Pinterest and bring up a board to get more inspirations for your business. Search for keywords relevant to your business’s characteristics. For example, peace. It may look like “peaceful aesthetic” or “peace quotes.” 

Also, referencing other brands or businesses related to you on the platform picks you the ideas and takes their feed as one of your inspirations. Also, it helps in bringing you huge automatic Instagram likes for social proof and gets exposure to your IG profile to the maximum target audience. Still, you could learn from massive brands, pick great ideas and try them on your brand or business.

Know Your IG Feed Before Clicking A Picture

Entrepreneurs are always great at running businesses, but they don’t have enough knowledge of photos’ contrast, brightness, and colors. They will find the differences in pictures, but they can’t find the exact things.

Your brand trustability is a significant step. If you grab visual language well, then you could create excellent content. If you don’t know how to bring up your feed, you will snap random photos, and the feed doesn’t give a refined look. For instance, you want a simple look for your feed, and you can click pictures with simple backgrounds and a primary subject. 

Always take pictures with proper lighting so your photos look good and your feed stays more consistent with precise subjects. Taking pictures with various lighting conditions seems different, and it’s tough to reach a great look.

Consistently Edit Your Pictures

No need for photoshops; there’re various apps available online you could use to edit your pictures. If you work with different apps & filters, your pictures will look entirely different in your feed in a fantastic way.

Photo editing consistently is the brand’s most prominent secret, with good feeds on Instagram. Many people think that editing is to bring your pictures to look natural. Please select the correct apps and filters and utilize them perfectly to bring out a great product visualization. Stick to the apps and filters you like most.

Bring Up An Editorial Calendar

Plan accordingly to bring your feed with exciting content. Planning brings your pictures and content to make your Instagram feed looks visually attractive and more professional. So make a content calendar. You can utilize the holidays and important days to post your content as it grabs more visitors.

Proposal Your Feed

Instagram content planning is not only what you upload but also when you upload. Though every photo appears side to side, it is crucial to make it look more attractive and follow some logical sequence. And also, there are various apps available online to help you with this in a short time. 

This app works by merging your feed – the pictures you have already uploaded and new pictures that you post into a visuals gallery. 

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Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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