There are enough reasons WordPress runs over 75 million websites worldwide right now. It offers the most wholesome user experience to all developers and designers. While you are working on WordPress, you do not have to worry about third-party vendors, expensive visual editors and incredulously priced website add-ons. This CMS platform and website builder platform offers all the features any designer can ever dream of inside one complete package.

WordPress has thousands of fantastic plugins for visual effects. Here is a list of the ten different plug-ins that can transform the way you view WordPress and its design options right now:

DigiWidgets Plug-in – Image Editing

The DigiWidgets plug-in helps the users edit multiple images on WordPress by offering a layer system, zoom options, filters, cropping tools and text boxes. It is a complete design tool that offers high-intensity editing options for visual content.

Visual Composer – Page Builder Plug-in

It is the best page builder plug-in for all WordPress users. Users have downloaded this plug-in over 200,000 times, and it is ideal for professionals as well as newbies. While designing, VC will allow you to assume complete control over the page layout, with easy drag-and-drop options. In fact, you will need no programming knowledge to design with Visual Composer plug-in.

WP Touch Mobile – Page Builder Plug-in

Google and other leading search engines love websites that have mobile compatibility. Research from top rated Houston SEO agency shows that mobile-friendly sites rank higher than completely desktop websites of comparable size, content, and intent. The WP Touch Mobile plug-in ensures that your website passes Google mobile tests and conforms to the latest SEO trends.

NextGen Gallery – Gallery Plug-in

The NextGen Gallery plug-in is a masterpiece for all WordPress users. It includes lightbox effects, latest filters, transition effects, size options and new styles for all users. Users have downloaded this plug-in over a whopping 10 billion times! It is lightweight, precise and adds aesthetic value to your WordPress website design.

Smart Slider 3 – Slider Plug-in

Smart Slider 3 is a great plug-in that allows the users to create different kinds of slideshows with images, styles, and settings. Creating your first slider is just 5 minutes away, using a simple drag and drop tool. Smart Slider 3 is one of the best all-round slider plugins out there.

Social Media Feather – Social Media Widgets

Social Media Feather supports the addition of all popular social media buttons in different color themes. They allow easy sharing and following. It is perfect for 100% responsive retina ready displays and HD displays for mobile phones. It has all buttons including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Reddit in different tones to suit the different themes.

WP Smush – Optimization Plug-in

WP Smush is the most popular image optimization plug-in in the history of WordPress. Images are great additions to websites. Users love seeing images online. Products with HD images often perform better than products with lesser or lower resolution images. However, for websites the size of Amazon, supporting thousands of pictures can slow the site down. The only way around that problem is image resizing and compression. Compressing HD images preserves their quality, and it optimizes them for faster loading and viewing.

Easy Google Fonts – Font Type Plugins

Easy Google Fonts channels the power of Google’s freebies to WordPress website design. The developers can use the free fonts for specific CSS website elements. More importantly, this plug-in adds the necessary Google codes to the required location. It supports the creation of theme-specific font colors, the preview of font changes and the use of over 600+ font types for the website designing process.

YouTube – Video Plug-in

It is the leading video platform and the leading video plug-in for all WordPress users. The most popular plug-in features include YouTube gallery support, grid-based responsive layout, and channel gallery features. Visitors can view the thumbnails and check the playlists for videos on the YouTube player.

Responsive Lightbox – Visual Effect Plug-in

The Responsive Lightbox by dFactory is a 5-star plug-in that enables the users to view an enlarged image from the galleries of the website. It is ideal for all designers who are looking forward to optimizing their new website for all mobile devices. It offers simple custom lightbox animations, and it has infinite options for optimizing the image viewing options for all users.

It is quite easy to understand that with all the plug-ins WordPress has to offer, people rarely need the knowledge of HTML or CSS to design a website. However, a basic understanding of the markup language often provides the designers a chance to fine-tune their design elements and add more functionalities to their features.