A gaming chair is more than just an accessory to gamers, one designed specially for elevating comfort with maximum support to a gamer. It is more realistic to use a gaming chair than to suffer back pains and tension on different pressure points of the body by using traditional chairs, or worse, sitting on the floor.

Every year, manufacturers launch new gaming chairs into the market, and as a gamer, you want to be hooked up with the best that is in the market. This article covers six of the best gaming chairs you need to invest in 2018:

Autonomous A70 ErgoChair 2

The Autonomous ErgoChair 2 is one of those classy gaming chairs that are very stylish, modern and eye-catching in appeal. This has a solid build that is perfectly made for comfort throughout long gaming hours. As pointed out in its name, the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 is ergonomically made, with cushioning all around that offers ultimate support to your body while you play. Further, it has a mesh back that lets air circulate properly to avoid heating and sweating which can be very uncomfortable.

The chair is also highly adjustable that you can fine-tune pretty much every part of it, including the backrest, height, depth of the seat pan, among others. The chair is lightweight for effortless maneuverability, couple with caster wheels that have a smooth glide.

Noblechairs Epic Real Leather

If you are talking about sophistication, luxury comfort and quality in gaming chairs, then you may as well refer to the Noblechairs Epic Real leather. Although the seat is expensive, it is etched for quality and functionality. It is made from real leather with cross-thatched well-stitched embroidery to give you the luxurious and game throne experience.

The chair has a sturdy framework that is quick to set up, one made from premium quality materials. The gaming seat racing style chair has extensive adjustability for height and reclining, with impressive weight support of approximately 360 pounds. The seat pan is extremely comfortable to sit on, with adequate padding for added support on the crucial pressure points of the body.

Vertagear Gaming Series Triiger 350 Special Edition

The Vertagear Gaming Series Triiger 350 Special Edition is yet another one of those comfortable gaming chairs, but with extreme comfort and support to a gamer. Its adjustability in top-level, adjusting for seat height, depth, and backrest angle.

The sturdiness of its framework is thanks to the aluminum alloy that is then covered with a combination of mesh and calfskin leather. The DuPont TPEE mesh is featured on the backrest which is equipped with quality padding at the lumbar region and the headrest.

Corsair T2 Road Warrior

The manufacturers of the Corsair T2 Road Warrior are known for making high-end PC accessories and gaming peripherals. With such fame, they have created one of the best gaming chairs in 2018, one covered with PU leather all around. The cushioning is adequate and cozy, with extra pillows that are wrapped with microfiber.

The features of this chair continue to be fantastic, with 4D adjustable armrests and adjustability for height. It also reclines as far as 170degrees. The wheels feature a rollerblade style for ease in gliding across any surface devoid of scratches. The chair can give you style as it comes with two-layered color accents in red, yellow, blue, white or black.


The Respawn-300 has a combination of a racing style gaming chair and a high-end office chair that is evident from its ergonomics and mesh material. The mesh material is highly advantageous for breathability, particularly in warmer climatic areas.

Its adjustability is great with a 130degreerecline control mechanism. It further adjusts for height and depth, not forgetting, comes with 2D adjustable armrests. For comfort, the padding is adequate, with adjustable pillows for the headrest and the lumbar region. The framework is sturdy, made from steel tube frame, with capabilities of weight limits of up to 275 pounds.

Nitro Concepts C80 Pure Series

If you are looking for a gaming chair that will make you feel cool to your friends because it looks expensive, the Nitro Concepts C80 Pure Series is exactly your go-to chair.

While it uses PU leather instead of real leather, it does not compromise on sturdiness and the steel build quality, withstanding a weight limit of 260 pounds. The cold foam used is very comfortable to sit on, with softly-padded armrests to further elevate your experience. It further has a height-adjustable safety four gas-lift allowing for a rocking mechanism.

It may be hard to put together, but it looks more expensive than its worth and coupled with all those features, it is worth a try.

There is nothing quite like the thrilling experience of being deeply immersed in your gaming experience while taking in the support and coolness of a chair throughout the session. 800


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