Choosing a theme for a party can determine the whole dynamic of the day. So, choose something that reflects your child’s personality and will make it their most memorable day of the year!

There are millions of different themes you can choose from and a thousand different party supplies to go along with them. So have a browse of the following theme ideas to get you inspired and ready to shop for the day.

Water Theme

In order to occupy 30 screaming kids and their abundance of energy, stocking up on supplies that involve water is the perfect option for a summer birthday.

Water balloons are an oldie, but a goodie. There might be a bit of cleaning up to do at the end, but the kids will be entertained for hours. A bucket of water balloons is all you need to get their excitement levels up.

You can even add in a buzzer for a unique take on pass the parcel. In this game the children will continuously pass the water balloon around in a circle and when the buzzer sounds, the child holding the balloon gets to pop it.

With a little twist on the classic musical statues game, your average party activity can also be transformed into a hit summer game. Turn the sprinklers on and blast their favourite songs as the kids run around through the sprinklers, the rules being everyone must freeze when the music pauses.

Zoo Theme

Every child has a favourite animal, so adopting a zoo theme will inevitably be a hit with the whole crowd.

An African Safari arrangement might be the perfect excuse for all the kids to get dressed up in safari outfits and accessories, while the house can be decked out with jungle decorations to guide them on their expedition.

There are plenty of party supplies available for an animal theme, such as paper balloon animals that can be suspended above the food table or the around the house. In addition, small plastic animal figurines can be enlivened with acrylic paint and scattered across tables to create an animal parade.

Cute animal masks can top off the theme with a little dress up box available for all the guests. The children can get creative and take on the character of their favourite animal for the day.



Arguably the most important part of the day is the cake and that means it needs to be decorated! Covering the cake in appropriate party supplies might just perfectly complete the day for the birthday boy or girl.

You can find copious amounts of cake toppings to match any theme you choose, like origami stars for a ninja themed party or fairy figures for a secret garden theme.

After you’ve organised this year’s theme, gather some classic party supplies Sydney that every kid loves. Items such as party poppers, balloons, bubbles and streamers are cheap essentials that get everyone in the mood for a birthday celebration. Lastly, make sure fairy bread makes an appearance!

Mad Scientist Theme

If your kid’s a keen trouble maker, a mad scientist party could give them the best opportunity to show off their experimenting skills. You can involve some scientific props, like lab coats and goggles to get everyone in the theme.

For an activity idea, you might like to set up an ice-cream making station, to tick off the compulsory sugar overload and entertainment component in one hit. You can switch out scoops for measuring cups and funnels, as well as plates for petri dishes to fit with the science theme.


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