We all know the benefits of typing well at our keyboard, and while there are plenty awesome options out there for free typing lessons, it’s not always self-taught programmers, and other WordPress developers know the correct positions for either their fingers, or how about the posture?

Usually developers already know how to write fairly well, and so it’s often a matter of pride, thinking “I don’t need to learn an official system” Sure, that can be true for some, but why limit oneself?

Seeing as how more and more jobs are revolved around computers, typing is an ever more important skill to master, and one that can even earn you more money in the long run, in terms of less time spent for instance.

Children are incredibly fast learners, and most parents have probably been surprised by the sheer speed by which their kids have picked up on seemingly complex principles, and applied them to other scenarios, all by themselves.

There are however some tasks that require training, and mechanical tasks are one of those examples. While children might pick up on the typing skills they need, faster than their adult counterparts, the actual touch typing is a mechanical skill that has to be developed over time and with effort and dedication.

This also applies to both high school and university students, where assignments done faster can net more free time, something that should attract many a teenager or young party-going adult.  Some claim it’s almost vital to some extent at the university where the ongoing papers and bachelor projects and the ultimate thesis must be written.

There is a huge difference in how fast otherwise “just skilled” students write. The fast-writing student has an advantage as he or she has better time to get involved in the task and ponder over it when less time is required to write it.

It ultimately results in a better grade, and more spare time, what’s not to like?

According to research done by danish professor Margit Schibitz, results showed an improvement in both reading and writing once students learned touch typing.

After daily teachings for four weeks, Margot Schibitz’ study showed that all students in the 1st grade performed better at reading and writing when training, and that students with the greatest learning disabilities had the greatest progress. Other results included:

• Students develop their concentration and simultaneous use of multiple senses

• Braille transfers the focus from keyboard to screen

• The spontaneous learning pleasure is clear

• Students who usually disturb are deeply concentrated

• The students develop greater self-esteem

• Students handle the computer more naturally

• The parents are happy that their children get the skills

• All students can (almost) be blindfolded after the teaching process.

Learning touch typing lessons can even help improve people with dyslexia, in terms of improving their reading skills, and provide a beneficial boost of confidence along the way.

Taking an online typing lesson together with your children can also be an excellent way of bonding through learning, one of the most powerful types there is.



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