If you really want to get noticed by google or any other search engine on the web. You have to work on the SEO of the website. There are some key points which need to be remembered while doing a SEO of a website.

What happens if someone makes a search on the internet? How can you increase the traffic?

7 Effective Ways to Improve Websites Rankings on Search Engine Results

Keyword Research

The first step is keyword research. Use search data and research your competition to find the best targets for each page on your website. Depending on how big your website is and the resources you have available, start with the pages that have the most content, and are helpful for your customers.

Search on google console Google will give you results of organic search ranking. This means you can see how each page on your site ranks for specific keywords that users searched on Google. You know your industry better than anyone. Write content that is helpful and also includes keywords and synonyms that get your website found by Google and other search engines.

Make Link building a priority

Google, links are critical to improving the search engine ranking. When it comes to better search engine rankings, then you need back-linking. Earning links from top websites requires some outreach. You need to connect with publishers, bloggers, and more to get your content some press.

Outreach requires time and dedication. Getting your content recognized, will increase the goodwill in the market and can have a tremendous impact on your company’s exposure and search engine rankings. It can also help people in your audience discover your business on the web.

Improve your page loading speed

Page loading time is a key important thing to remember for a few reasons.First of all, if your load speed is too slow, Google will recognize this, and it will impact on your ranking in a bad way. But the website will also impact the way your website visitors engage with your pages. More loading time will make your viewer get frustrated and jump to your competitor website. As a result, these negative interactions will hurt your ranking too.

Better UX/UI design Quality

More often than not, high bounce rates result from poor usability and an awkward user experience (UX). Unfortunately, it’s tough to pinpoint UX problems because they can vary dramatically from site to site. Here are a few testing tools like crazy egg, Heat Maps, Scroll Maps, Confetti maps showing you which referral sources resulted in the most clicks as well as what people click on most are the tools to help you to analyse how you can improve SEO.

Optimize Images

This is the best SEO practice if you are giving name to your images similar to the keyword used. Better to add the description about the images and alt name because search engines can not identify the image they can only identify the image with alt name and details and match that with the content. If the content matches with the image that it will improve the ranking of the website or blogs.

Create Useful Contents

Always create useful contents that befits your audience. Let’s take an example of a Pet Food website. If this website show only the pet food products only then it will get low rating on google because it will show only when your audience is willing to buy a product but if you provide value to your viewers then there is chance then the people who are not willing to buy might buy the products from your site because they visited your site. There is a high possibility of that. So the website posts blogs related to how to train your pet, how to build a great bond with your pets can improve your website ranking and more traffic will increase on your website.

Add videos on your website

If you will put a video on your website that there is a high chance that your audience will attract. Videos take less time and visually your audience will better understand what you really offer instead of reading long articles. You can also make a youtube channel. Let’s take an example of a bakery shop. There is one bakery shop in town now they put their business online, build a website but they are not able to generate traffic online because they are just putting the images and prices of the cakes, pan cakes, muffin’s they are not providing any value to their customer. So to increase the traffic they can add some recipes videos on there website so that more audience will visit there site and ranking of the website will increase with this.


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