In the modern era, every business needs to have a digital presence in order to succeed irrespective of the industry. From tradies to hospitals and lawyers to exporters, a solid digital strategy has started to shape overall performance.

Why Go Digital?

While some business owners still remain resistant to change and imagine their business is doing well without an online presence, the fact remains that consumers now look up the Internet as a trusted medium when making buying decisions – which could leave your business in the lurch if you fail to change your traditional mindset.

A strategic digital media company such as TrafficBox will offer different solutions to help boost your business success in this new online world. Myriad brand management strategies will prove beneficial, so follow these to boost your digital media presence.

Start with the Basics… Create a Great Website

Most business owner’s will want to either contract professional web development services, or prepare for a steep and long learning curve if they wish to craft a beautiful website on their own. There are numerous advantages to ordering work from an agency. We won’t go into details with the more obvious ones such as getting the best quality work and experience these agencies offer, instead it is actually often a money saving adventure as well.

Time spent on learning how to build a website yourself could be time spent on managing the part of the commercial success you excel at, and just as you probably could build a house yourself, it’s not so certain you would want to live in that house all year around, and depend on it for your livelihood. Same goes with websites. It’s more important now than ever to have a beautiful and visually engaging website.

Then Begin Your Campaign

If you don’t use any local SEO companies, you should perform SEO by yourself. Your website is perhaps the most vital factor when it comes to setting up a good SEO strategy. It is the first thing that people notice when looking for your business online, and can make a strong first impression. Follow these guidelines (courtesy of seo toronto) to ensure you’re on the right track towards creating a great website:

  • Do not clutter the website with wordy and unreadable content.
  • Make sure each page on the website is clear and easy to navigate through.
  • Create a responsive page for mobile since many users search online for businesses.
  • Ensure quick page loads.
  • Highlight your desired call to action to generate the right results.

Understand Why Keywords Are Important

SEO is vital to a good online strategy, which is why you need to make sure you have the right keywords from an optimisation perspective. Make sure you follow these basic keyword guidelines for your website:

  • Optimise for keywords most relevant to your business with the help of your SEO and digital media partner.
  • Consider adding specific keyword phrases that users most search for.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing because Google will penalise you for using negative digital strategies.
  • Get important keywords linked to authoritative websites through organic link building efforts.

Write Great Blogs

Blogs have become important for online marketers because they deliver vital information that can help businesses build good relationships with customers… and other respected websites. Follow these guidelines when creating your own business blog:

  • Genuine and unique content is the most important, so make sure you’re writing pieces people want to read.
  • Update blogs regularly to engage better with users and potential customers.
  • Make sure the blog is well-written with no errors and a clear call to action.
  • Write in simple language that users can best relate to without including the technical jargon that can cause them to lose interest and flip to another website.

Use Social Media Smartly

Social media is key to any good SEO strategy, especially with the proliferation of tools like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snap Chat and much more. These social media tools allow you to engage with a wider audience, thereby enhancing your potential customer pool. Follow these guidelines in your quest to use social media more intelligently for the benefit of your business:

  • Understand what social media platform works best for your business. For example, if you’re selling to seniors, then Facebook might be better than Instagram.
  • Be clear who your audience is and choose your posts wisely to engage with the right target market.
  • Start two-way conversations that allow users to better engage with your business.
  • Run contests and promotions that foster greater interaction with current and potential customers for your business.
  • Respond to complaints and concerns about your business frequently to develop trust in your brand.

There are plenty of considerations when getting your business into the digital world but it is important to understand that a formidable online presence doesn’t occur overnight. It takes time to build genuine trust and confidence in your brand, so make sure you’re using the right strategies.

Any quick-win strategies may seem lucrative in the short run, but they will hurt your online presence in the long run. Always make sure you choose the right digital media company to partner with, so that you avoid any black-hat digital strategies that could damage all the work you’ve put into building your business in the first place.


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