The concept of proctor for exam and online proctoring is in trending nowadays. The advancement of technology has brought a great concept which has further helped and facilitated several kinds of opportunities to move from traditional systems to the latest ones. This particular shift in the education sector is only because of the advancements in technology and has significantly reduced the burden of administrative tasks on the institutions and organizations. 

 The online remote proctoring can be termed as software which has enabled the people to host several kinds of assessments as well as examinations so that candidates can appear for them through remote locations. This particular technology has allowed people to take online assessments without needing physical proctor to keep an eye on them all the time. This concept has very well ensured the authenticity of the examination throughout the process and make sure that there is no suspicious activity for example cheating from the end of candidates.

The proctor can be termed as an invigilator who has the job of looking after the test-takers during the examination and ensures that they never cheat. The advanced remote proctoring software allows the people to integrate with the learning management systems so that they can appear for examination is very easily and efficiently. The overall concept of virtual proctoring is considered to be a great way of expanding online courses and upgrading the education system of the universities. Hence, there has been a great shift from the traditional systems to the new ones and the concept of e-learning has been boosted throughout this.

 The increased popularity of learning management systems has provided organizations with several kinds of benefits. Due to the quarantine measures nowadays the universities and colleges across the globe have been shut down and have shifted their operations to the online systems which have very well given a great boost to the e-learning companies. Even the top rank education-related universities have postponed the examinations and have shifted to the online systems for teaching purposes. This particular shift has been possible because of the presence of e-learning platforms and the proctoring related systems. Now there is a complete application of a face-to-face classroom environment with the help of virtual systems so that examinations can be efficiently conducted.

 Online proctored examinations can be defined as the assessment which has been taken by the students with the help of online systems that help to make sure that there is a high level of authenticity and integrity throughout the process. The real-time proctor is present all the time during the duration of the assessment and with the help of this concept these kinds of systems are organized on mobile phones and computers with a stable internet connection through webcam. Examinations come with several kinds of benefits and the basic one is the there is no need to be physically present over there and the whole need of travelling and accommodating the things has been eliminated. Apart from this the proctor, the tests can also take away the logistical burden of holding the physical examinations in the universities and institutions. The conventional way of conducting the examinations has been completely shifted to the modern ways and supervision of the examination along with evaluating the things has become very easy. These kinds of systems are based upon an in-depth understanding of the proctoring related things and the concept has different versions which are very easily available in the market nowadays.

 The working of the examination system through proctoring has been mentioned as follows:

 The online examinations can be done through platforms and software provided by several companies. The data which has been recorded by the proctoring software can be easily transferred to the proctoring service and the latest solutions are very easily available. With the help of artificial intelligence, the proctoring has become very easy and the software will automatically issue red flags to the test takers who will be found guilty of suspicious activities, for example, switching of tabs and copy-pasting the answers. Before the test begins the candidates are required to fill the credentials, for example, age, date of birth, a name so that authenticity can be ensured off. In some of the modern and sophisticated systems ID proof is also to be submitted for facial recognition so that the things can proceed further. Once this particular type of assessment is done the real assessment will begin and in this way, the proctoring concept will start. 

In the cases of automatic touring the individuals will receive a specific set of questions in the specific format which they have to attempt in a time-based manner. The video recording will be done which can be checked by the proctor at the end of the whole thing. On the other hand, the cases of life proctoring examinations a highly qualified proctor will be looking over the things in a lively manner and red flags will be issued by him in real-time in case anybody is found indulging into suspicious activities. Traditionally this concept was not possible but nowadays this concept is considered to be a highly safe, secure and effortless way of conducting the examinations remotely. This concept is very much feasible as well as scalable which is the main reason it is highly popular among institutions and universities.

 The whole concept of online proctoring comes with several benefits and some of them include the relevance, accessibility, effortless things, student authentication, being Free from cheating, being highly convenient and processing the quick results and many other benefits. The best part of these kinds of things is that they are self-paced and people can learn according to their speed and convenience. In some of the cases, even the concept of examinations on demand is also possible because of the growing demand for such things. These kinds of things are very much cost-effective and come with several kinds of benefits for both the universities and students.

 Hence, proctoring services are considered to be the greatest boon of technology and has become a very essential part and parcel of the e-learning and life of individuals nowadays.