The past decade has witnessed a whirlwind of digitally-forward innovations that brought transactions–whether commercial or conversational–into the online sphere. Nowadays, choosing to rely on old-school, traditional marketing strategies is uncalled for, as the current climate has brought even the most basic functions online. It has become a necessity for companies to leave a digital footprint to generate leads, build brand equity, and keep consumers engaged. 

A huge concern for SMEs and large corporations alike is figuring out the right strategy to reach out to a targeted audience–and identifying that specific niche. Digital marketing tools are constantly evolving at a lightning-fast pace–it can be difficult to keep up. You may need to hire an SEO agency like The Search Assembly to optimize your content or employ social media managers to increase customer engagement. Regardless, here are some ways to build your brand’s digital footprint:

Make the Most Out of Organic Socials 

There are two types of social media categories–organic and paid socials. Essentially, organic socials are free-to-use functions, while paid socials–as its name suggests–cost money to operate. These two categories live in the same platforms, which means that a social media channel like Facebook can offer both to individuals and businesses. While it is ideal to eventually leverage paid social functions, which are usually in the form of ads or link page posts, organic functions also offer your company a huge engagement opportunity. 

Free-to-use social media functions are more robust than you may think–influencer and viral media make the most out of unpaid audience engagement to keep profits high but costs low. You can post an unlimited number of times, and directly engage with customers through chat, reacts, and stories. 

Creating and maintaining a social media presence is the baseline of your digital footprint. If you are not social media-savvy or are not up-to-date with trends, then it is best to hire someone to manage all of the company’s accounts. They will build the brand’s personality and directly engage with clients–a wonderful way to generate and maintain leads at a low cost. 

Build Traffic Through SEO 

Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can bring your website up in the Google search. It means that if you own a juice company in California, and a prospective customer types in “fruit juice California” in a browser search engine, your website will be one of the first to pop up. Realistically, nobody has the time or mind to scour through five pages to purchase juice, so being at the top of the list offers a significant sales advantage. 

There are plenty of ways you can approach an SEO campaign–through content creation, keyword optimization, and more. But getting to that point requires years of SEO-focused digital marketing experience. For many companies, the simplest solution is to work with agencies like The Search Assembly to take care of your brand’s SEO campaigns. It follows the same concept as hiring ad agencies to make advertisements for you–but this time, you will receive SEO support. 

Optimizing your company’s digital footprint to a point where you can generate a steady stream of leads is not something that can be done with an overnight solution. It can take months of optimizing content and studying analytics to figure out what works best for your target market. And the challenge does not end there–a world that rides on trends requires you to follow suit to retain relevancy over the years. The best way to keep up with the quickly-evolving digital sphere is to get help whenever needed and be open to innovation–it is one of the best business decisions you can make!