WordPress has to be hands-down, one of the most popular content management system for bloggers and content hosting websites, not just in America but across the world. One of the main reasons for the popularity of WordPress is the fact that it is open source software. This enables people to customize it according to their requirements by adding plug-ins, widgets, and themes as per their blogging needs.

A blog on WordPress can be published as well as hosted without any costs. Bloggers, as well as website owners, can monetize their web content by increasing the traffic and subsequently placing various types of advertisements on the site. The higher the amount of traffic on the blog or the website, the heftier amount of advertising revenue can be achieved.

With the aid of WordPress Plugins, additional features and functionality can be integrated into the WordPress website or blog. There are different types of plugins available which can help the users enhance and customize their website. There are various WordPress plugins also available to maximize the revenue generated from ads on the internet.

Plugins are very useful tools, with some of them available free of cost and some can be purchased. Despite this, they can help in navigation, editing, uploading, traffic generation, increasing page views, increasing the click-through rate (CTR), automatically sharing content on social media, optimizing the content for SEO, optimizing images and overall improving not just the quantitative but even the qualitative aspect of the WordPress-based website.

Additionally, CRM WordPress Plugins are also being developed to facilitate the CRM solution being integrated into the website which is already delving into strategies to maximize its earnings through the internet.

Here are few of the WordPress plugins for the purpose of optimal monetization of your WordPress website:

  1. WP Ad Center

This multi-faceted plugin for WordPress is also open source software, and it can operate on all fronts when it comes to advertising on a WordPress powered website and providing complete statistical information and know-how.

This plugin provides end-to-end support regarding every advertising campaign posted on the website/blog and also enables the users to automatically collect payments from advertisers via PayPal. It also supports the placement of the Ads into the Ad Zones on the WordPress theme.

By using this plugin, the users can track the performance of every advertising banner or campaign posted on the website or blog. There is a Lite Version of the plugin also available which has similar but limited functionality for users.

  1. Google Adsense Manager

The official Google Adsense plugin for WordPress was discontinued, and consequentially there were some suitable replacements developed for the convenience of WordPress website owners.

This particular plugin became a favorite and most user-friendly tool for seamlessly integrating Google Adsense into the WordPress format. It is also very convenient to configure and customize especially for format, styling, and outlook of the blog.

It also does not require any additional coding and is cost-free for users.

  1. Ad Injection

To gauge maximum visibility for lengthy content-based blogs, Ad Injection on WordPress sites is a very clever strategy. However, like all other technical strategies, this needs to be executed with subtlety and a cautious hand. The ads can be placed in the middle of the text-based or picture-based content in a way that ensures maximum visibility.

This particular plugin helps the developer to insert Ads in the content without the hassle of extra coding and also maintains the hassle-free reading format of the blog.

This is an advanced plugin and holds key importance in revenue generation if utilized appropriately. It also strives to control the number of ads posted about the length of the webpage itself and the audience restriction as per the suitability of those ads.

This plugin does not take a portion of the advertising earnings by the WordPress website or blog and is thus free of cost. There is a similar plugin which only supports the Injection of AdSense ads on the website/blog, but Ad Injection is a more prolific and lucrative version of it since it supports injection of all types of web-based ads as well as other features if required.

  1. Salesmate

This plugin is also an intelligent and highly customizable tool which facilitates the sales and CRM process for the website/blog which represents the company. It has a host of features which includes contact management, mobile CRM, smart emails, etc. This plugin ensures that sales strategy is implemented and executed with precision and the overall process for sales is optimized.

Salesmate comes with a handy app to keep you up to date with all your sales data, while you’re on the go.

  1. Article Sponsorship

This plugin is unique and offers a very different way of revenue earnings as compared to the previously mentioned plugins. For the blogs/websites that publish premium quality or standardized content, this plugin facilitates the provision of sponsored content on those pages.

This is achieved by adding a box at the end of the webpage which mentions all details to a prospective advertiser of sponsored content for the website. At the same time, it also provides the option of automatic payments for the advertiser.

This plugin is fun and lucrative, and if the quality of your website or blog is standardized, it can organically generate quite a few leads.

It can also prevent your website turning into an overly advertised and cluttered webpage which is a tad bit off-putting for new visitors to the website.

  1. BuySellAds

BuySell Adds is not just a WordPress plugin but also a very huge platform through which additional revenue can be generated by registering the WordPress website on their portal. The portal is an automated solution for Buyers and Sellers of website Adverts, and it plays a middleman role in facilitating both.

Last thoughts:

Before going all out and installing various plugins, there are some key factors that you need to consider.

First and foremost being that the existing plugins installed are compatible with the new one that you are thinking to invest in.

Apart from that, developers need to keep working on the already installed plugins to ensure that there are no bugs and the plugin is functioning at par with the WordPress updates as well.


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