The Ultimate Guide to Choosing WordPress Themes – Here’s What You Should Know!

A stunning theme for WordPress with a careful design will generate a strong impact on the minds of your audience. First impressions are important, but how will you decide which theme you should use for your business website? There are thousands of available themes available online for you to choose from and choosing the right theme can become overwhelming. In this article, you shall learn about some tips which will help you to select the best WordPress themes for your business site.

  1. Mobile friendly: choose a responsive theme

WordPress themes need to be responsive to adapt to various browser sizes, so you will not require a plugin for mobile sites. Contents will get automatically resized so that can be fitted on smaller screens. Many designers fail to recreate a beautiful theme for a mobile website. The primary thing which everyone must look for when deciding on a theme for WordPress is that they have to be mobile friendly. Designers at times focus more on using more stylized techniques than on making it mobile friendly. The responsive nature of the theme must be at par with its counterpart for the larger screen, and it must look good on both large and small screens. Themes have to be smooth, load quickly like they do on desktop themes.

When you are looking for themes online, you must keep your mobile phone ready for you so that you can test the theme on your mobile straight away. You can start with checking the theme on your desktop but be sure to test it on your mobile phone also and examine the theme’s layout both on the mobile phone’s screen and the desktop screen. You will have to envision the content of your site on a mobile site. You must critically analyze your navigation menu and other elements on the mobile version because you will get a lot of traffic from people who view your website from their cell phones.

  1. Theme Layouts: Go Beyond Demos

Many people while they are looking for a new theme for their WordPress site feel that the demonstration and layout will be looking precisely in the same manner on your main website. Many designers will use beautiful images to entice customers into buying their themes instead of the hundreds of others to choose from. Theme developers will present their demos with a lot of affection and care. Everything may seem to be adequately taken care of and ready. However, you must be cautious enough to imagine how it will all look when you finally put your elements into the theme. In case you are someone planning on starting a blog but do not have either the time or the budget to hire a professional blogger or somebody who will manage your blog, then you should neglect any such themes which has “feature article sliders.” Designers may create smooth sliders for scrolling featured images and titles of latest articles from your blog. However, people who browse such themes may not wonder about what content they will put inside the slider to fill the element; they will, later on, feel that their website is looking once it has been set up and the theme installed.

  1. Do Not Use Busy Themes

In the world of designs and graphics, more often than not, simplicity is the best way to go forward, and less can seem like more. You have to be consistent with your industry. While you choose a theme for your WordPress site, you have to predetermine what the purpose of your website is. The theme which you want must not be complimenting your goals. Instead, it should be simplifying them. Your theme’s layout must not be confusing for your readers; it has to precisely deliver the message of the purpose of your services to the target audience.

Go to other websites, reputed websites, which belong to your niche area to see how they present themselves, then look for a way to improve on them. You have to understand what your potential audience looks for in websites, after that you can easily narrow down on your choice of the theme which will be appropriate for you and then you can enhance it.

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Choosing a theme for your WordPress site can seem like an overwhelming task, especially since you will be having a plethora of options to choose from. However, knowing the right techniques will simply make you get the job done correctly. Hopefully, the tips you read about in this article will help you to choose a theme which will be most useful for your specific requirements.

Build a WordPress website for your online business to gain a competitive edge

When you are about to get your business started, it is imperative for you to improve your online presence on the Internet. WordPress is a unique opportunity for you to start off with this gesture as it is one of the most widely preferred content management system platforms for websites and blogs.

Now, if you are a beginner, you might not be aware of what WordPress is and how it can add value to your business. WordPress is a publishing platform that helps you to build blogs and websites. It is popular today because it has a platform that can be customized to meet and match your business needs. Many business websites are created and built on WordPress.

The top brands today that use WordPress are New York Times, People Magazine, CNN, Ford and much more. This list of brands that use WordPress is awe-inspiring, and this means that if you are considering WordPress for your business website, you are making a smart choice that you never will regret in the long-run.

Top reasons as to why you should use WordPress for your business website to gain competitive edge in the market

When it comes to WordPress, you will find that it is a content management system that has become highly popular since its inception in 2003. Web designers and web developers prefer this content management system for its user-friendly interface. This is the prime reason why it is prevalent today. Its popularity keeps on growing day by day. There was a time when WordPress was highly resorted to for blogging however now these times have changed.

It is one of the best solutions for web developers to use for creating their business websites and blogging. In fact, it is an open source platform that has become comprehensive over the years with the passage of time. It is a solid CMS that empowers different types of websites. Some of the typical examples are sites featuring classified ads, job boards etc.

WordPress facts for you to consider for your business

  • WordPress is free- WordPress is a cost-effective platform and free. If you are a business owner and wish to customize your website, you would have to hire a good and experienced web developer for the task. If you are a small business owner, this means that you need to spend much money. It can be hard for you at first as you have other elements to look into. There are plugins that you can choose from, and like WordPress, they are free as well. These plugins are open source, and like WordPress, if you wish to, you can edit them as well.
  • Better search ranks- Search engine optimization has a significant role to play when it comes to the web presence and inbound traffic of your business website. It is here that you get added benefits with WordPress. Search engines love WordPress because it is SEO friendly and the platform deploys a code that is well-written. SEO experts state that white hat link-building and other SEO techniques are simple for your business website if it is built on WordPress. This means if you are new in the market, opting for a WordPress empowered website will primarily help you to establish a web presence in the market. If you take a look at WordPress today, you will find that it is simple for you to add relevant and fresh content without hassles. The addition of fresh and relevant content should be part and parcel of your online marketing strategy as it informs search engines that your website is functioning well. It also helps your website to get better ranks and visitors can find you easily on organic search ranks.
  • Flexibility- WordPress is a flexible content management system, and it can be edited. This means that the source code used to operate WordPress is available to the public in general. The platform is an open source one, and anyone can modify it. You can customize WordPress as per your business needs. This is a huge advantage to you as it helps you to save both time and money. Now, the bonus of using WordPress is that several themes and plugins are created for the platform. They are open source and can be edited as well. This means when you are using WordPress, you have a whole community that is working together to improve WordPress and add better features and functionality to it. WordPress is a platform that is simple to use and customize for everyone.
  • Premium themes are affordable- The Premium themes on WordPress are affordable. You can choose the themes you want and ensure that it is flexible and adaptable to your business needs. The good news is that most of these themes do not even need customization. They give you value for money and so opting for them is indeed a wise choice. When you are choosing themes, carefully go through the options that are available to you. There are some excellent themes for websites of all niches, and you will never be disappointed when you search for the perfect theme for your site.
  • Problem resolution- If you have an issue with your website, WordPress helps you to a large extent to find a solution. There are a large number of plugins to help you eradicate flaws and errors in the system. They can be easily installed in the system without hassles at all. You can take the help of a skilled professional who is well versed in WordPress to help you out.

Therefore, with the aid of a WordPress website, you can get a competitive edge in the market with success. Even if you are a new businessman and wish to create a dominating presence online, ensure that you have your website set up on WordPress. The platform is user-friendly, and it helps you to reach out to the targeted audience with success as well as enhance your online visibility on the Internet to a large extent!

Author Bio: Derek Iwasiuk is an online digital marketer and SEO expert with years of valuable experience in white hat link-building in the USA. He helps small businesses with their SEO strategies and online marketing campaigns.

Best WordPress Travel Sites September 2017

If you’re looking to develop a WordPress Travel Themed site, you can look through these for inspiration.

We have gathered some of the more unique and interesting themes for websites offering tours, trips, travel and much more!

Of course all the themes we list on here are responsive, and they all work with the latest version of WordPress v4.2.3 currently.

First up on our list is the website by Rio Promo Tours, a company offering guided city tours called Passeios no Rio de Janeiro. According to their website one of their tours will have you experience the main sights of the city, such as: Christ The Redeemer, the Maracanã, the Sambódromo and the São Sebastião Cathedral. Departures are scheduled daily, with an average duration of 8 hours.

The website has red and yellow colors to emphasise their Spanish connection, and it works well for the travel industry in general. In the top site there is a clear phone number and logo, and the pictures align well with the pricing and other info on the site. This is a great example to use when designing the layout of your own landing pages.


Love Travel
lovetravel wordpress theme

Love travel is a quite diverse theme, featuring more than 100+ components to ensure any type of customization desired can be achieved. Some of the main features that stand out are WooCommerce capabilities, Mulitilingual options with WPML, and the possibility to create new pages such as Booking Systems, Map Pages, Hotels, Destinations and so forth, everything requires to build the perfect travel website.

goexplore wordpress travel theme
GoExplore is the second theme on our list of themes related to the wonderful hobby of wayfaring. Perhaps a slightly more commercial, corporate look to this travel theme, than many of the others on this list, GoExplore would be an ideal choice for any travel related agency, club or perhaps resort, or the more conservative globe-trotting blogger. This theme includes a destination plugin, which adds a new post type to your WordPress installation, allowing for easy management of entries.

travelo wordpress theme
Featuring a custom-made paypal payment system, this travel theme can host a variety of websites – including hotels, airlines, restaurants and more. For any wandering explorer, there is a hungry stomach as they say. Travelo comes with 8 different homepage variations, most of which look quite decent, it’s got plenty of customization options and addons, plugins and improvements on the original WordPress, this is quite a handy package.

travel tour theme
Designed by ThemeGoods, one has to take notice of the impressing frontpage. If you or your client has the opportunity to feature such vibrant, colorful artworks on your homepage, this theme is definitely one to look out for. Plenty of choices exists for shorter backgrounds, but this reviewer thinks they do not share the same effect as the images in full height. I imagine Altair would be a great theme for any agency out there looking to modernize their website, and the theme does come with various options for booking systems and so on.

Book Awesome
book-awesome template

Stylish theme, using images as the main wow factor, but with the additional help of pretty fonts and neat icons. Book Awesome has incorporated lots of types of listings for both tour packages, hotel overview, flight cruise and car listing pages as well. The responsive theme comes with Bootstrap and overall looks like a solid, stylish and modern theme.


midway travel theme
A great all-around theme, and probably one of the best that this author has experienced himself. For starters, it is no sweat to get going, the customization feels natural, and there are plenty of options for even the more advanced users, allowing for CSS styling and more. Then there’s the booking of tours, and search function to include all the post types. Every new post type has had invidiual custom fields added, so it becomes even easier and more intuitive to place the relevant information in the corresponding areas.

Hotel Master
hotelmaster travel template

According to the developers of Hotel Master, this is a great theme for websites showcasing hotel rooms, vacation destinations, anything relating to booking or reservation systems. Custom-made plugins for handling user data, and availability of rooms and a streamlined checkout process makes this a complete package for any travel site wanting a great looking website. Furthermore, the theme also installs a unique coupon post type that allows you to, create coupons and discounts. Hotel Master also ships with 2 different demos, white and dark style.

Many themes on this list sure do look awesome, but the question that you should ask yourself, as a potential customer, is whether or not you have the pictures to use for this sort of theme, and if you even want to use massive jpg’s at all? If you are concerned with SEO some of these themes are not the best choice for optimal load times, packing heavy jQuery scripts and more.

Of course many of you will already know this and take it into consideration when picking a new theme, but some of you might not truly appreciate the difference on SEO and UX that load times can have. And then there’s a problem of sourcing great pictures with a minimum size of 1920×1080 if not larger yet! Anyway, enough rambling, lets look at some WordPress Travel Themes

This post contains affiliate links to themeforest which are in turn hosting and handling all the themes, which are uploaded by different theme authors.

WordPress Themes For May 2017

September is upon us, and we are featuring some very nice WordPress themes from mainly Themeforest this time. I hope you can all keep warm and cozy, and I might suggest pouring a hot cup of coffee or tea, and settle down for this list of the best selling themes in September 2015.

IncMag is an awesome “viral” WordPress theme, allowing users to freely create great looking magazine-style websites. Any kind of social sharing site is also just a few clicks away.

Yonkers is a premium theme built with a rather unique look. Using Visual Composer, you can create just about any layout and design that you desire, but using the default settings in this case should prove a real joy for the eye. With basic squares, the theme combines the mobile first trend with responsive webdesign and no matter if you are on a tablet or desktop, you will want to click these links. This is a site used for the popular Korean website MT119 for instance (먹튀사이트).

Mixed is a fairly traditionally designed WordPress theme mainly designed for commercial purposes, dentists, doctors offices and similar professions would be the perfect match together with this theme out of the box. But combining the popular Redux Framework together with Visual Composer, you can virtually build any sort of website.

Wired has been built with a focus on the imagery. For most creative agencies this trend is the dominant one in 2015, and has even been quite overshadowing in 2014 and in some developed countries, this trend goes back a few years more on the web. Using premium quality typography and 1st class photos, you can achieve that cutting edge look as well!

If you are selling via WooCommerce, this theme might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. One of the hottest new themes of September is “Mango”. With more than 10 different demo layouts, settings and options, combined with 1 click install you can be up an running in no time, leaving you all the time in the world to do the things that matter most to your business!

If you are a more advanced theme user, ie. developing themes for a living or at least installing them for various other clients, you might want to learn more about Mist. This theme is truly one versatile little gem that’s bound to reach ever higher sales with time. The amount of websites you can create with this one theme is staggeringly high, and the 50+ demo setups they have included in their turn-key format proves that.

Examiner is a great magazine & news based WordPress theme. If you want that look of authority and class, but like the minimal design philosophy you can’t go wrong with this theme. Whether you want to start a gadget blog, or a tech review website, you can do this with Examiner.

Transfers is a nifty WordPress theme designed for a very specific purpose; car rentals & car hire themes. With built in reservation functionality as well as a really impressive backend featuring tons of customization options, this theme can be used not just for cars, but for any project that requires a rental feature.

Leaning heavily on the trends of the time, MO is an elegant multi-purpose WordPress theme designed to look pretty and minimal. Of course, with most WP themes, you have the option of adding content after content to any page and somewhat stray away from the minimal look, but with MO you really don’t feel like it’s necessary.

One of the trends lately on Themeforest, must be said to be that the developers include many demo setups. This is a great addition to any Page Builder plugin, since you more often than not purchase a theme to get started quickly, not to end up spending hours deciding on the hundreds of options the Visual Composer delivers. Pulse maintains a perfect balance between customizability and ease of use.

Free WooCommerce Theme: PurelyShopping


PurelyShopping: A Free WooCommerce Theme in 2015

We’ve just released yet another 100% free WordPress theme, this time to use as ecommerce, although it is of course possible to just use the blogging features!

This theme features a minimalistic design style, with a responsive layout that works on all devices.

For a great example of what’s possible with our themes, check out Incredible Planet. Remember to also look at the entry pages.

Built with WordPress and WooCommerce best practices, this theme is sure to be a great addition to your WordPress/WooCommerce installation.

We also advice you to take a look at our WordPress Plugins, as well as our WooCommerce Plugins

Free! Add to cart

View Demo

  • Version:


  • License:

    GNU GPLv2

  • Requires:

    WordPress 4.0+

  • Framework:

    Bootstrap and Underscores

  • Layout:

    Responsive, mobile friendly

  • Colors:

    White, Blue, Light

  • Released:

    25 May 2015

  • Updated:

    25 May 2015

  • Browser(s):

    IE9, IE10, IE11, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera

Web Hosting

Installing WooCommerce Theme: PurelyShopping

  1. First go to Appearance -> Themes & click “Add New” – Search for “purelyshopping” or alternatively,  obtain the .zip file from, then do the above step and also click “Add New” then “Upload New” and choose the zip file.
  2. Click Install (If you encounter an error message during install, please report it to our Support section)
  3. Once installed, click activate and the theme is now installed and running!


Setup: PurelyShopping

Go to the Apperance -> Widgets section, and configure your plugin widgets.
The below example is from the screenshot demo content, and features the free plugin “Meta Slider”, as well as the custom text modules native too WordPress, and then WooCommerce widgets for product display.




  • Added Color Controls for Navigation Links & Background
  • Added Excerpt and Featured image on category/archive pages
  • Added option to disable topmenubar
  • Updated CSS with a few minor changes


  • Fixed headers output issue
  • Added logo option in customizer settings (will replace title & tagline)
  • Small changes to structure (nothing visible)


  • Removed TinyNav and replaced with SlickNav
  • Updated CSS to reflect changes to the menu
  • Updated CSS to improve layout on responsive devices

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