A Simple On-Page Strategy to Rank Keywords

Along with time Google is getting mature and it is getting difficult to get higher positions in Google. Keyword Ranking in 2018 will be difficult if you do not apply the strategy correctly.

There are 2 types of strategies On-Page and Off-Page but in this article, I am going to explain you the On-Page strategy.

On-Page Strategy to Rank Keywords:

You must follow the following steps.

1. Keyword in Title Tag

It is recommended that you use your focus keyword in the beginning of your title and make your title look charming. So, people click on your link to read your article. Even if your article is of high quality but if you use boring title than very few people click on it.

As in the picture you can see that the title begins with the focus keyword, SEO Guide, So, you also must do the same while writing titles.

2. Keyword in the Description

Adding your keywords in the description is also very important. This is not a big ranking factor but still helps in understanding Google about the topic of your article. Do not use your keyword more than once both in Title and Description.

3. Keyword in the First Paragraph

Use your focus keyword at least one time in the first paragraph of your article. And if your first paragraph is too long then try to add your keyword in the first 100 words. This also helps in Google understanding properly on which topic your article is.

4. Keyword Density

As I have forced on keywords, so it does not mean that you fill up your article with keywords. Doing so result in the penalty. So, there is a specific keyword density that you should use. For each 100 words you can use your key phrase only 1 time.

Understand it like that, if your article length is 500 words than you are not allowed to use it more than 5 times. And try to add them naturally where they make sense.

5. Keyword in the Images

To make the articles look beautiful you must add media like images and videos. When you add images, there is an option of ALT section in them where you must add your focus keyword.

Wrapping it Up!

This is how the on-page strategy works but there is also an Off-Page strategy which helps more than 50% in ranking keywords. Along with on page you also have to learn off page strategy for good and quick results.

How to Create the Best Backlink Profile

In the modern realm of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), having a strong and well developed backlink profile is crucial to ranking well in the search engine results pages. Google highly values quality and reliable backlinks meaning that they will help to improve ranking.

There are a few dangers when it comes to building a backlink profile, mostly surrounding poor-quality or “invisible” ones that ultimately don’t improve the quality of the website but are merely an attempt to make it appear better.

Digital marketing experts like The Marketing Folks are able to help build these effective backlink profiles and as digital marketing in Sydney becomes more and more prominent, as it already has, it will only be more important to have a strong backlink profile for the site.

Authoritative Links

Whilst this may seem obvious, it is the most important thing to get right and forms the base of a good profile. Authoritative links help to promote the website as one that is well trusted by other high ranking sites and can therefore be respected and trusted itself.

The important thing to note is to not have too many low-authority links as they can be seen as spam. Having lots of spam-y backlinks can lead to a low ranking and potentially penalties from Google. Whilst it is impossible for all of these to be avoided, it is a good idea to have digital marketing experts go over it to ensure that it is clean and not encourage bad SEO practices in building weak links.

Follow vs Nofollow

By including follow and nofollow links, the website appears natural and this helps to improve and maintain ranking. Sites that are loaded with only ‘follow’ links can be penalised and end up lower in the search engine results page. With digital marketing in Sydney so important, no business can afford a reduction in ranking.

This is a good strategy to maintain a balanced profile and reduce the risk of penalties or poor rankings. It still helps to build a stronger profile, but is more importantly a way to stop a slide in rankings.

Keep it Fresh

Backlinks need to constantly be refreshed and updated with new ones to maintain a contemporary and relevant image. Backlinks deteriorate in value over time and if they are not regularly updated with new ones, the site becomes less well-recognised. New links from authoritative sites are the best way to maintain a strong ranking.

New backlinks from authoritative sites hold a greater value than old ones and keep the site ranking well. This is because Google is constantly checking to ensure that sites are maintaining their level of trust and if there are only old links, it appears as though the site has lost trust from the high authority sites.

Make it Relevant

The backlinks used on the site must be relevant to the content that is being displayed. Whilst there used to be a time when digital marketing in Sydney was all about the total number of backlinks, now it is about being relevant and beneficial for the user should they need to look for more information.

This presents a challenge in relation to the level of authority that the link holds. In some cases, the relevance of the link may hold greater weight than the high domain authority that it comes from. This is important to take note of as getting the balance right between the two can have a significant influence on ranking.


Infographics are a great way to attract attention to the site and build a strong backlink profile. This is because they are a colourful and easy to interpret way of presenting a lot of information to everyday people. The difficulty with them is finding the right information that is going to interest and entice people and a digital marketing expert may be the most help.

The infographic needs to contain information that is in line with current trends and relates to people. The relative nature of the backlink can be to do with pictures and it can relate to the actual research presented. Most people respond well to infographics as it requires minimal reading and maximum learning in a short space.

Internal Links

These are great for helping users to navigate the site and to build on the websites blog. Internal links are a way of increasing people’s knowledge throughout your site and to maintain their user experience.

The strength in them is that it makes the site more user-friendly which is a great way to improve ranking. Additionally, it allows for link juice to be passed on amassing the domain authority throughout the whole site.

How SEO and SEM Work Together To Deliver Results

While SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) are different, they both play very similar roles sharing one common goal, which is to bring website users to your site.

Often, people try to define whether one or the other is better for marketing online, and which one will get you the kind of results that you are looking for.

It is true that each has its strong points and its weaknesses. Michigan SEO Company widely recognized that these two methods can actually be used together to create an even more effective online marketing strategy.

Research shows that most consumers search online before making any kind of purchase. Therefore, it is obvious that your company’s presence in search engines from a Trustworthy SEO Company is essential to reaching your business goals.

What is SEO?

SEO focuses on the code of the website using ALT tags, page and link titles and much more.

The goal of SEO is to attract users organically – without paying for it.

SEO involves many different factors, including:



The more useful, informative content that you have, the better. In addition, including relevant keywords helps search engines to direct your site to the appropriate searchers.


If your site loads reasonably fast, this will improve its rank.

Ease of Use

Does it make your site easy to navigate?


Search engines judge authority based on links. Inbound links give you authority because search engines see that other sites reference your content. Outbound links serve as citations to the information that you provide, building authority for your statements.

 Benefits and weaknesses of SEO


  • Free to Implement

If you are willing to spend the time to learn it, SEO can be a completely free option to market your business.

  • Brings Targeted Traffic

Getting higher on search engine results doesn’t just mean you’re getting more traffic. It also means you are getting better quality traffic.

  • High Conversion Rates

Due to receiving more targeted traffic, your website visits will be more likely to convert into sales, subscriptions, etc.


  • Results Take Time

For SEO to really work, it could take weeks of effort. This is partially due to the time that it takes to fully optimize your site.

Additionally, Google starts to trust websites only after some time of being online. That means that even if you work extremely hard to improve your site’s SEO, it will still take time for you to rank well in search query results and get more traffic.

  • No Guaranteed Results

In addition to the time it takes, there are no guarantees when it comes to SEO. Landing on the first page is essential to the success of your SEO methods, and getting to the top of that page is even better.

What is SEM?

Also known as paid search advertising or paid search marketing, this method involves the paid ads that you see displayed on a search results page. These ads are targeted to certain keywords, and appear when those keywords are searched.

When you search Google keywords, you will notice that the first few results might have the word ‘Ad’ or ‘Sponsored’ next to them. In addition, Google will place these types of ads on the right sidebar of your search results page. These ads or sponsored results are paid links to related content.

 Good and Bad SEM:


  • Fast Results

If you are looking for immediate results for your business, then SEM is the fastest way to get you to the top of search results. If your ads are well targeted, you could be bringing in new traffic within hours!

  • Brand Recognition

Seeing your brand at the top of the search results gives you more visibility across different platforms in your related niche. Even if the searchers don’t click on your website, they’re becoming familiar with your brand within that niche.

  • Brings Targeted Traffic

When setting up your campaign, there are plenty of ways to make it targeted to your potential customers. This means that more clicks to your website will be from the people you want.

  • Easy to See ROI

Within the panel of your ad campaign, it’s easy to see how well your ads are doing, whether the traffic they bring is converting, etc. You’ll have a great view of the return on investment, as well as being able to adapt your campaigns to the results you’re seeing.


  • Requires Specialized Knowledge

Each different management platform (e.g. Google AdSense) is unique, and usually quite complex. There is a definite learning curve involved. Also, knowing how to set up and manage an ad campaign that is successful takes a fair amount of knowledge.

You could always decide to hire a professional to set up your ad campaign for you, but this will be an extra expense.

  • Takes Time to Implement

Keyword research, learning a new management platform, and setting up your campaign will all take time. However, the time involved doesn’t end there. After setting up your campaign, it will require constant monitoring and optimization to achieve the best results.

So How Do SEO and SEM Actually Work Together?

When done correctly the two complement one another extremely well.

Your SEO efforts are for gaining organic listings. SEM helps you create a more effective and targeted advertising campaign that helps your website get found for the words you don’t rank for organically.

Search Engine Land hits the nail on the head:

  • SEO: earning traffic through unpaid or free listings
  • SEM: buying traffic through paid search listings

When working together, SEO and SEM are stronger than either would be working individually.

The important factor to remember is that both are only as good as the website is that is being marketed.

If the website does not provide the quality that Google thinks users are looking for then all of your SEO and SEM efforts will go unnoticed and cause you a severe amount of frustration.

Start with a website your users will love and then market and optimize from there.

How do SEO and SEM Relate?


This is the focus of both SEO and SEM methodology. People search for keywords that help them get the information they need, and the results that they find are those that are optimized for those keywords.

If your pages are optimized for SEO, it means that they will come up as organic search results when people query the right keywords. Along the same lines, if your sponsored links and ads are well targeted to the correct keywords, your pages will show up in the sponsored area of the search results, above the organic results.


The goal of SEO and SEM tends to be the same: to drive more traffic to your website. However, that is not the only goal. Both of these methods have the goal of increasing, not just the volume, but the quality of the traffic on your website. Ultimately, the end goal of increasing high-quality traffic is to get a higher conversion rate.

Both of these methods are effective in reaching their goals due to their natural responses to keywords. The difference between them is the time involved and the effort it takes to see results.

The differences between these methods can actually lead to huge benefits in using them together as a team.

10 Tips for SEO: The 2018 Edition

The yearly SEO roundup – 2018

It’s almost December already, and that means we are going to look at the world of SEO over the past year, what’s changed and what’s improved?

  1. The first one has to be the focus on Rank Brain, this is one of Google’s latest additions to improving their search and has to do with evaluating the quality of the content displayed in searches. When you are searching for something on Google you will open one page, read the article then if you aren’t satisfied with that answer you will go to the next article and so on. If you stay on the first page you choose for few minutes that mean that you like the article. If you stay on the page but you start bouncing from article to article that means you are still looking for the right information. Google will give a boost to the first option because he has a proof that that particular article gave useful information for the readers.

  1. Keywords aren’t in the first place anymore. They are still important and they should be through the entire article, but Google has made a step up in this department. You can’t just have a good quality SEO article, now you have to have a good quality and relevant website to get an additional boost.

  1. Making an exact filled article is not enough. Fill the article with LSI keywords as well. LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing and it is actually connected to your main keyword. If you are focusing on for example main keyword baby cradle; the LSI keywords are everything connected to it; like a baby swing, best baby swing, best baby cradle…With those keywords, you are spreading your article in more categories which is a great thing.

  1. Smartphones are so popular that most of the searches done in the Google are made on mobile phones. Due to that, the mobile version of your site will have an impact on Google. If you have a website which is adjusted to mobile screens you will get more points in Google’s eyes that the website with similar content but with only a desktop version.

  1. Include a Youtube Channel in your website. There are 60% more people on Youtube now than in 2017 and that number will continue to grow. Youtube is the perfect place for people to gain information and people are starting to use it every day more and more. If you make a good quality video about your topic you will open the doors to the completely new audience.

  1. Don’t forget about the voice search. Every smartphone offers the voice search option and people are using it in numerous situations. Due to that, voice search is growing and you can infiltrate your website on that field as well. It is a great thing because most sites haven’t done it yet.

  1. Before you start optimizing your website for the Voice Search and making a YouTube Channel, keep in mind that you need to think about the content of your page. Your main focus still needs to be original and quality content because that is how you build the site. Other parts are finishing touches which will drive people to you and not your opponent. The original content is important because people will stumble upon the similar article and they won’t read it because they know it all. That is a factor which can cost you many readers.

  1. Don’t make boring articles. People are visual creatures and the moment they open your site which is made entirely from the text, they will feel bored and they will press the back button. Fill your article with relevant pictures, videos, and even infographics because that is how you get someone’s attention.

  1. If you write about a topic which doesn’t have much to offer visually don’t hesitate. You can always catch someone’s attention with H2 and H3 tags. Make compelling titles and separate the article in small paragraphs. Emphasise important sentences by underlining them or bolding them and make graphs. Graphs are an excellent mode for demonstrating data you used in the article.

  1. The last and in my opinion, the most important part is: have patience. Building a website is a process that can last for months and if you really want your project to work, prepare to work for a long period of time, without giving up. Building website and links will take months, but jumping up in Google’s eyes will happen only if you show consistency.
Mark is a blogger, SEO enthusiast, and a foosball player. He has a blog where he writes about foosball because he wants to share his knowledge about this awesome game with the rest of the internet. Visit his blog if you are interested in learning more about foosball, from foosball history to foosball championship and tips on how to pick the right foosball table for you and your family.  Enter the foosball world through his blog called Foosball Table | Foosball Zone.

4 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

Once you’ve launched your official website using WordPress platform, you should start the search for various plugins which will ease up the process of site’s maintenance. Among many plugins which can help you with customer service, sales, and appearance of the website, there are a lot of SEO dedicated ones which will help you to optimize the site so it could rank better in search results, and therefore, ensure higher traffic. Before installing and utilizing one of them, make sure to get well informed about their good and bad sides.

Yoast SEO

Undoubtedly one of the best SEO plugins on the market today. Yoast SEO had been downloaded more than 4.5 million times and its overall rating is 4.7 out of 5. This plugin comes with wide variety of features which can improve your SEO in no time. Yoast SEO will help with social integration. It comes with Facebook OpenGraph implementation which will connect social media with SEO.

Breadcrumbs can be very useful if you’re trying to develop website’s navigation. Another great feature is an automatic creation of XML sitemaps. It is good to know that this plugin will inform Bing and Google about sitemaps once they’re done. In the end, Yoast SEO is capable of analyzing the content by checking the length of posts, sentences, and general style/grammar display. It also checks for the presence of meta description, keywords, slug/URL composition and other technical things within posts.


Plenty of SEO plugins became obsolete during the last couple of years since Google released plenty of significant algorithm updates such as Google Penguin and Google Panda. These updates changed the way you should be approaching SEO, and SEOPressor may be the right choice since it’s developed in accordance with mentioned updates.

Before purchasing it, you’ll have a chance to try it out for 60 days, and get a full refund if it doesn’t meet all your needs. This plugin will help you with links and keywords management and show you how to improve their scores. Keep in mind that their customer support is not that good, and because of that, you should avoid this plugin if you’re a beginner.

SEO Ultimate

If you’re dealing with a lot of data which is scattered all over the online space, you should go with this plugin. SEO Ultimate is great with exporting and importing data from various sources and will provide you with both versatility and data flexibility. One of the most valuable features is most certainly the automatic creation of internal links once your keywords are set up. In addition, with SEO Ultimate, you’ll be able to monitor 404 errors, optimize social media, or add headers and footers for your content.

Of course, you shouldn’t rely on plugins when it comes to website design and appearance. Unless you truly know what you’re doing, then it is always better to hire a web development company such as Nirmal. WordPress website design is a piece of cake for most of them, and some assistance can be very valuable if you’re tight on time. A great design will additionally improve your website’s SEO.

Premium Seo Pack

This SEO plugin is equipped with some very cool features such as image optimization, SERP tracking, and social sharing. In addition, Premium SEO Pack will allow you to monitor pagespeed across all desktop and mobile devices. You’ll be able to find and replace 404 pages, build high-quality backlinks, and update images with latest ALT and Title Attributes. This plugin will also assist with posting on Facebook via its Planner feature. Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t have RSS settings, and link builder may be a little bit outdated.


If you decided to go with WordPress, make sure to install one of the latest WP SEO plugins, so your website can become more visible in search engine results. Avoid a rookie mistake and don’t use built-in theme SEO functionality. Yes, it is as good as plugins, but all settings will be lost once you change the theme. Keep in mind that just one high-quality SEO plugin will get the job done. If you decide to install more than one, keep in mind that the synergy they create can be harmful to your website’s SEO.


Boost Your WordPress Website with Effective SEO Strategies

– Here’s How You Can Do It!

When it comes to making your site visible on the search engines, then it is impossible without SEO. You need to ensure that proper SEO strategies are used to bring your site on the first page of the popular search engines. Now, SEO is not a small term that we can discuss on a single page. It is so vast and elaborate that one cannot even think about. If you have studied for years on this topic, still there are many things which are not covered up in the syllabus. The term SEO is not limited to anything in specific and in this post, we will try to cover up some aspects regarding SEO and WordPress, which is known for being a popular CMS platform.


The best way of getting more links to the website, which actually, in turn, increases the rankings of the search engines is to link with other people simply. If you are supporting a website, then certainly you can expect to get back the favor, especially if both belong to the same niche. I suggest that you turn on this option in WordPress, which can notify you of other blogs that you have linked up with.

Key-phrase is essential

If you are not very much involved in branding, it is the best option to optimize your website surrounding a Keyphrase. This will help you to send search traffic. Most of the times, it so happens that the blogs end up getting maximum links to the homepage. Thus, it is always an ideal choice to try out as well as leverage those web links by getting rankings for related phrases. Once you come up with a Keyphrase, you can use the same in the heading of your website, company logo, title tag of the homepage as well as in the form of anchor text for links from other sites.


Many people get confused when they hear the term permalinks. Well, these are nothing, but simply the URL’s for the posts. The link which comes by default for any post appears different from the URL. The URL link format is better and even gives an idea to the web visitors about the products of the site. In fact, the words present in the URL will be highlighted in the results of the search engine if the content or post is directly relevant to the query given for search. E.g., your site appears like http://www.abc.com/wordpress-seo/, then people will get an idea that your site deals in selling cosmetic products. On the other hand, the default link will come at abc.com/?p=38. Now you think which one is better?

Meta Tags

When you look for a website in Google, then you will come across a snippet of the content below the link to the page. To control that, you can simply customize the Meta description tag available for the particular page. At the same time, if you want you can also add keywords to the tag to tell the search engine that products or services offered by your website. If you prefer Google search engine, then I should mention that just a few months ago the announced that they do not tend to offer the service of keyword crawling any longer.

Some years ago, the keywords were known for being an essential part of the search engines, and it is the only way to determine what a specific website deals in. But, with technological advancement, now search engines have much better facilities for determining the relevance and rankings.

As per the descriptions go, automating the entire process is not possible through any specific ideal way. Best descriptions are hand written. With the plugin Headspace, you can configure them for every post. With plugin Headspace, you can even auto-fill the meta-description of a post by the category description. So, even if you post frequently, it may prove to be helpful for you. You can get in touch with Big3media for SEO services at its best.

Title Tags

This is known for being an essential on-site factor, and it helps the search engine to know the whereabouts of your website. In the older WordPress version, the post titles are displayed as “Blog Name >> Post Title.” Your homepage is already ranking for the website name, so there is no question of helping yourself by simply putting up your website name at the front of the title. There is no need to rank the site for more than once.

In this post, we have just covered a bit of SEO and WordPress related matters. To know more in details, you can follow the upcoming blogs!

Getting More Traffic to Your Site Without Ranking High on Search Engines

The challenge for any website owner is to ensure that when people search for a product or service in your niche, they notice you and not others. To do this, site owners usually follow an illusively simple technique. They recognize how people are hunting for their service, build links, and optimize pages so that Google can locate, acknowledge and trust them. The purpose of making all this effort is to attract more organic traffic to their site.

I know the process sounds straightforward and effortless. But sadly, it isn’t. Imagine you’ve invested your time and energy to fulfill all the search engine requirements, but somehow failed to rank higher on it.

The purpose of this post is to create awareness amongst online entrepreneurs and blog owners that there’s plenty you can do increase organic traffic to your site and that too without spending an extra penny to build links, adding more content or making any changes to your current site framework.

Subjugate Your Competitors

Keeping an eye on the current competition is one of the best ways to outperform in your field. It’s not only a successful business tactic but can do wonders if applied appropriately in the SEO structure. Especially look out for fairly noncompetitive opponents trying to make progress in your field of specialization.

To begin this, you’ve to conduct an in-depth market survey to list out all the neighboring territories offering somewhat similar product or services as yours. Once you’ve assembled your list, you can now conduct a basic keyword research, and assess the pages ranking well on search engines.

Make sure to inspect their DAs, search volumes, the caliber of their content and the limit to which they’ve perfected basic optimization. Now make a strategy that how could you outperform their progress.

Conduct a SWOT analysis for your business and make use of it by highlighting your strengths, fixing your weaknesses, catching hold of opportunities and conquering threats.

There is no denying the fact that risk-taking leads to greater opportunities; however, it’s still important to reduce the risk factor by starting with a basic feasible version. For instance, maybe a single landing page or white-labeled product to start-off. If it shows improvement, you can proceed further.

The objective is to outplay contenders trying to take a lead in your space. Have faith that you can do this by spreading your services, and offering reliable user experiences in the relevant areas. After all, you’ve already created a credible brand, a strong portfolio and a robust website, which audiences are already focusing on.

Play Trump Card

Subject to your vertical, there could be an untried opportunity among potential buyers who don’t recognize or feel complacent with the product or service. For instance, if you sell mobiles, a lot of buyers may be hesitant of purchasing a mobile online or let’s say they always buy such things after consulting professionals. Well, in that case, they might prefer investing in a cheaper product to minimize risk or would rather avoid making an online purchase on the whole.

To cope with this situation, you need to introduce attractive and dependable deals that immediately grab your visitors’ attention and persuade them to invest into your product. Adding a page that includes ‘Best phones under $300’ or ‘Best Smartphones under $400’ deals could convince site visitors to spend more. Just make sure that these pages give the impression of basic feature contrast and don’t look too salty.

Besides adding such pages, you can also include useful buying guides and tutorials that will encourage potential customers to trust your products and spend their hard-earned money online. Keep in Mind, if you can make your potential buyers feel safe and protected, you might be able to switch their buying behavior.

Use Social Media

If you’re really serious about getting organic traffic to your site, social media is your safest bid. Just make sure to share your content in a proper way to drive the highest boost in traffic.

Build your online presence on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ to enhance your visibility and engage more audience.

How to Share your Content to Get More Traffic?

  • Customized Optimization for Each Site

Here you have to make use of your researching skills to find out the personalized criterion for each social media platform. Facebook, for instance, requires you to include an HQ image, a proper description having at least 80+ words and an engaging description beneath the image. Similarly, you’ve to figure out prerequisites for each podium. Make sure to optimize your posts accordingly to enjoy a higher number of shares, increased engagement and of course more traffic.

  • Prepare a Sharing Plan

Outlining a content sharing schedule is a great idea as it will help you become more organized. The motive is to avoid under-sharing or over-sharing on social media as it may do more harm than good.

  • Avoid Spamming

Never ever repost your content again and again on your social media pages as it will reduce your reader’s interest. If you ask me, a good blend of blog posts and videos, informative content from external influencers and sharing other thought-provoking statuses can make all the difference.

  • Add ‘Share’ Tab to Your Site

Don’t forget to include a ‘Share’ button on your site as it will enable readers to share out their favorite content right away from your site.

Make Your Account on Quora

Okay, so this one’s the simplest yet most effective step that can help you enjoy increased organic traffic without actually making much effort. The process is quite simple: people post their questions, and you’ve to reply them back with appropriate and useful answers along with suitable links back to your website. If you’re a pro in your field and know your work, believe me, you can receive an immense breakthrough in traffic.

Getting Started with Quora

  • Type quora.com and create an account
  • Develop and optimize your bio (include a few sentences about you, your work, experience, and passions)
  • Choose suitable categories
  • Hunt for great questions (pay close attention to correct grammar, industry relevance, etc.)
  • Post compelling answers (make use of correct grammar and appropriate formatting, add relevant details and stories, include suitable links back to your page)

Conduct a Content Audit to Track Your Progress

It’s not always about the amount of content you’ve placed on your site or the keywords you’ve stuffed into your write-ups to make them more visible to the search engines. It’s more about adding relevant content to your site that attracts your readers and compels them to come back for more.

One of the ways to analyze the performance of your site and to get rid of redundant and useless content is to conduct a content audit of your website. For this, you can either opt for a good-quality SEO Audit Tool or can also hire services of professional SEO to do this for you.

Keep in Mind, ‘Quality is the new SEO’. Content audit not only improves rankings but also help you identify the problem areas that need your attention.

Optimize for Your Buyer Personas

One thing that you should pay attention to is to understand that your objective isn’t to persuade search engines alone. Knowing your target market can help you curate the most relevant content that will naturally improve the SEO of your site.

To achieve this, you first need to write down your buyer personas. By doing so will help you know exactly to whom you’re conveying your content. Once you know your target audience, it’s time now to conduct a keyword research based on your consumer’s interest and the words/phrases they use in search inquiries. Remember, optimizing for search engines only is worthless and impractical and will result in nothing but keyword-perforated nonsense only.

Trigger Excitement

Engage your potential consumers emotionally or socially with your brand. There is always a group of enthusiasts who’re more interested in your content than anything else. I personally would like to visit those sites frequently that display something of my interest on their social media pages. Try to add something of value for your buyers and you’ll witness them coming over and over again.

Republish Your Content on High-Authority Websites

Getting your valuable content in front of new readers can help you get more traffic to your site. You can do this by republishing your useful content on large publications and websites. This is perfect because you won’t need to spend heaps of time and energy writing plenty of guest posts each month.

We all have heard the myth that republishing your content is harmful to SEO. But, the fact is it isn’t. Even Matthew Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team knocked out this delusion. According to him, there is no harm in republishing your content if it’s free from spam or not crammed with keywords.

How to Get your Content Republished on High-Authority Sites?

  • Step -1: Look out for all the large publications in your niche that offers republishing option

Big publications usually have massive content requirements. So, if they offer republishing option, and you hold valuable and appropriate content, then you may definitely have a good chance. To begin with, find 7-8 large publications in your area and let’s get started.

  • Step – 2: Select Appropriate Content

What kind of content is the site looking for? Flip through your files to see which one of your content pieces correlate with the prerequisites. In case you don’t have any material that matches up the requirements, you can adjust it to make a perfect fit.

  • Step – 3: Submit Your Proposal

Once you have all the relevant details in hand, it’s time now to pitch the publication. The best way to do this is to submit your authentic content pieces first, so you can have an opportunity before pitching material from your page.

  • Step – 4: Make Your Content Ready

Once your proposal gets approval, start working on the content you’re planning to get republished. Assess and follow all the republishing rules mentioned on the site. Make sure to incorporate at least 2-3 backlinks to your posts and don’t forget to change the title, so that search engine doesn’t get puzzled while ranking your post.

By following this approach, you can get 3-5 posts republished every month and that too without investing any additional money or spending extra hours. And, you’ll be surprised to see the traffic inflow.

Final Words

In conclusion, to boost organic traffic all you need to do is to give your buyers what they want. Follow the above-mentioned steps and you will soon notice a substantial hike in your traffic without thinking much about search engine rankings.

How do you go about attracting demand in your industry? What mechanism works for you? Please leave your feedback in the comments section below.

Author Bio: Emma Alex is a freelance writer, experienced blogger, and a professional social media coach. Currently, She’s working with seomator.com. Furthermore, Emma assists in the business creation and control social media content planning.

Semalt: The Principal Difference Between Alt Text And Image Title

Currently, images are becoming useful elements of websites. WordPress has provided several ways of adding images to web content, and almost every web publisher can do it in a matter of minutes. However, it’s important to take your time when filling in the “Attachment Details” of an image. Specifically, make the best use of the Alt Text and Title tags of your images. Jason Adler, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, reminds that these two attributes determine the communicative value of the image and its ranking on SERPs. They also improve user engagement and thus help to build a good reputation for your site.

What is image Alt Text and image title in WordPress?

Alt Text, or alternate text, is added to the image details to act as a placeholder in case the image takes long to load or does not load at all. Instead of the visitor seeing nothing (which can create bad user experience), they see the description of the image – the Alt Text.

Alt Text is made not only for users but also for search engines. When a search engine like Google is crawling websites, it cannot read images, but it can read an image’s Alt Text. If this tag is optimized, the search engine gives the image and thus the website a better rank in search results.

Image title does a lot of good to your site too. When you move the mouse pointer over an image, you may notice that a certain descriptive text pops up. That is the image title, and it provides a better understanding of the image. More importantly, the title helps readers with visual impairments to understand the image. Normally, these visitors use screen-reading software to read content on websites. When the software reaches where the image is, it reads out the title of the image for the user. If no title has been provided the screen reader doesn’t return anything and moves to the next portion of the content that it can read.

Adding image Alt Text to an image in WordPress

There are two ways you can use to add Alt Text to your images. You have a chance to add the text when uploading the image using the built-in media uploader provided by WordPress. The other method involves opening the media library, finding the image and clicking the Edit link located below that image.

Adding image title in WordPress

It’s important to note that the term “image title” in WordPress may be used to mean two different things. When uploading an image using WordPress media uploader, you’ll see a title field. The text you enter into this field is called a title, but it’s used by WordPress media library to display the list of images and other media files in your library. However, this is not the title that visitors will see when the mouse pointer rests on the image.

Here’s how to add the image title you want users to see:

If you use the visual post editor, you can click on the image and then the edit button. In the popup screen that appears, click on Advanced Options, and you are given an option to add the title attribute.

In case you can write HTML code, use the Text editor to add the title attribute.

Both the image Alt Text and title are important for the site. Use them to give your images and the entire site some personality. Ensure all your WordPress images are well-labeled with optimized Alt Texts and titles. You will push your site a step ahead towards better ranking on SERPs, and it will be more user-friendly.

SEO Guide From Semalt: What Are Types Of Links?

Many businesses are benefiting from the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their commercial websites. Search engine optimization is a digital marketing plan which incorporates some of the major methods which web masters employ in making a website or brand get a big online visibility.

Large enterprises benefit from the use of SEO, especially in their business practices. For instance, people can use SEO on their e-commerce websites and fetch many customers online.

When using SEO, people may wonder about using some specific terms and SEO motives. For instance, many SEO users may be new to the industry. Some of the words like hyperlink, backlink, follow or non-follow link as well as a right or wrong link. It is essential to building them on a website which has some of the best SEO strategies to make the site visible online.

Ross Barber, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, defines some of the links which can be present in the SEO methods:

    • Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks denote texts and other input parameters which contain aspects present on other URLs. It is important to place hyperlinks like when doing guest posting for SEO. In other cases, people can use hyperlinks in a context which makes them as an internal link to your domain. Hyperlinks can help your UX improvement as well as contributing to the ranking factors.

    • Internal links

When doing SEO, backlinking is a common aspect of increasing the domain authority. It makes your website and domain relevant to your niche, making search engines place your website high on the SERPs. Internal links are links pointing to your site, but they all originate from the same domain as the website itself. This aspect of SEO makes the website fetch some good traffic as well as increasing the brand authority of your site.

    • External links

These are links from another website which come from other domains. Backlinks are like external links only that they have an opposing method of occurrence. For instance, there can occur backlinks which come from other websites. These are the ones who count as legitimate backlinks. They also increase your domain authority, content relevance, and clientele base.

  • Follow and non-follow links

Sometimes, you can click a link and transfer your link authority. In other cases, link juice can be present or not. In these cases, people use non-follow links to make sure that this process is successful. Follow links are essential in making the entire internet site visible to the persons viewing it.


SEO is one of the best internet marketing strategies. SEO helps many businesses get a big clientele base from many parts of the globe. It is possible to go to the various SEO automation tools and achieve some of the best features to control the way the website behaves. Some people may wonder what some of the links in SEO means. Some of the best SEO techniques can be available from the online platform as well as making some of the necessary adjustments on their internet marketing skills.

Build a WordPress website for your online business to gain a competitive edge

When you are about to get your business started, it is imperative for you to improve your online presence on the Internet. WordPress is a unique opportunity for you to start off with this gesture as it is one of the most widely preferred content management system platforms for websites and blogs.

Now, if you are a beginner, you might not be aware of what WordPress is and how it can add value to your business. WordPress is a publishing platform that helps you to build blogs and websites. It is popular today because it has a platform that can be customized to meet and match your business needs. Many business websites are created and built on WordPress.

The top brands today that use WordPress are New York Times, People Magazine, CNN, Ford and much more. This list of brands that use WordPress is awe-inspiring, and this means that if you are considering WordPress for your business website, you are making a smart choice that you never will regret in the long-run.

Top reasons as to why you should use WordPress for your business website to gain competitive edge in the market

When it comes to WordPress, you will find that it is a content management system that has become highly popular since its inception in 2003. Web designers and web developers prefer this content management system for its user-friendly interface. This is the prime reason why it is prevalent today. Its popularity keeps on growing day by day. There was a time when WordPress was highly resorted to for blogging however now these times have changed.

It is one of the best solutions for web developers to use for creating their business websites and blogging. In fact, it is an open source platform that has become comprehensive over the years with the passage of time. It is a solid CMS that empowers different types of websites. Some of the typical examples are sites featuring classified ads, job boards etc.

WordPress facts for you to consider for your business

  • WordPress is free- WordPress is a cost-effective platform and free. If you are a business owner and wish to customize your website, you would have to hire a good and experienced web developer for the task. If you are a small business owner, this means that you need to spend much money. It can be hard for you at first as you have other elements to look into. There are plugins that you can choose from, and like WordPress, they are free as well. These plugins are open source, and like WordPress, if you wish to, you can edit them as well.
  • Better search ranks- Search engine optimization has a significant role to play when it comes to the web presence and inbound traffic of your business website. It is here that you get added benefits with WordPress. Search engines love WordPress because it is SEO friendly and the platform deploys a code that is well-written. SEO experts state that white hat link-building and other SEO techniques are simple for your business website if it is built on WordPress. This means if you are new in the market, opting for a WordPress empowered website will primarily help you to establish a web presence in the market. If you take a look at WordPress today, you will find that it is simple for you to add relevant and fresh content without hassles. The addition of fresh and relevant content should be part and parcel of your online marketing strategy as it informs search engines that your website is functioning well. It also helps your website to get better ranks and visitors can find you easily on organic search ranks.
  • Flexibility- WordPress is a flexible content management system, and it can be edited. This means that the source code used to operate WordPress is available to the public in general. The platform is an open source one, and anyone can modify it. You can customize WordPress as per your business needs. This is a huge advantage to you as it helps you to save both time and money. Now, the bonus of using WordPress is that several themes and plugins are created for the platform. They are open source and can be edited as well. This means when you are using WordPress, you have a whole community that is working together to improve WordPress and add better features and functionality to it. WordPress is a platform that is simple to use and customize for everyone.
  • Premium themes are affordable- The Premium themes on WordPress are affordable. You can choose the themes you want and ensure that it is flexible and adaptable to your business needs. The good news is that most of these themes do not even need customization. They give you value for money and so opting for them is indeed a wise choice. When you are choosing themes, carefully go through the options that are available to you. There are some excellent themes for websites of all niches, and you will never be disappointed when you search for the perfect theme for your site.
  • Problem resolution- If you have an issue with your website, WordPress helps you to a large extent to find a solution. There are a large number of plugins to help you eradicate flaws and errors in the system. They can be easily installed in the system without hassles at all. You can take the help of a skilled professional who is well versed in WordPress to help you out.

Therefore, with the aid of a WordPress website, you can get a competitive edge in the market with success. Even if you are a new businessman and wish to create a dominating presence online, ensure that you have your website set up on WordPress. The platform is user-friendly, and it helps you to reach out to the targeted audience with success as well as enhance your online visibility on the Internet to a large extent!

Author Bio: Derek Iwasiuk is an online digital marketer and SEO expert with years of valuable experience in white hat link-building in the USA. He helps small businesses with their SEO strategies and online marketing campaigns.

A Guide to Demystify Pay-Per-Performance SEO for your WP Site

Are you struggling to break through to your target market with your WordPress website? You are not alone; Google says that millions of websites are indexed daily but only a few reach their revenue targets.

The internet environment keeps changing and businesses which are slow to adapt find it harder to meet their targets. Search engine optimization (SEO) has now become an integral part of online business marketing.

In fact, SEO has now emerged as an industry on its own powered by more structured guidelines for Google and other search engines. As the SEO industry becomes more streamlined, the demand for SEO services has gone up tremendously.

Every business is now scrambling for a piece of the customer-rich internet marketplace. In traditional SEO, anything goes as long as a business gets that high ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).However, pay-per-performance, also called performance-based SEO, has emerged as the better alternative with clients finding this model more reliable.

Leveraging the Power of SEO

Of course your WordPress business website on its own is a powerful tool in the online marketplace. This is one reason why 60% of all websites using a CMS go for WordPress. However, you have to appreciate that stiff competition calls for more innovative thinking and this is where SEO comes in.

A recent survey shows that 75% of internet users don’t scroll beyond the first page of search engine result pages (SEO). This means your marketing efforts must also focus on positioning your website among the top ranking on SERPs for ranking keywords. There’s no gainsaying the place of SEO at the core of your online marketing campaigns.

Pay-Per-Performance SEO in Detail

If you have been finding it hard to reach your business target despite investing in WordPress SEO services, it is time you looked at what performance-based SEO has to offer. The volatility of the internet marketplace means you should always be on the lookout for the trending techniques.

With the popularity of pay-per-performance search engine optimization on the rise, it is only logical to get more insight on what it entails. This is the only way to stay ahead of the pack in your niche as an early adopter.

Pay-per-performance SEO is a new approach to search engine optimization where a client pays only if the results promised are achieved. You only pay for results and this is the biggest win for any website owner. In traditional SEO, you are forced to pay for a package which might include services you don’t even need. There are also no clear-cut agreements on how to measure results in the old fashioned SEO.

In this working arrangement, you have an agreement on the results and the time limit within which you expect such results. Many SEO providers are now shifting from traditional practices to pay-per-performance basis.

If you are wondering whether pay-per-performance is the best for your WordPress website, consider the following benefits:

  1. No-risk SEO Services

One of the major complaints you will find on consumer reports regarding SEO companies is the fact that they never deliver fully on what they are supposed to do. The SEO industry is still in its nascent stages and there are no standard regulations yet. As such, you should always be wary when paying your money in advance. This is where this performance-based SEO model comes in because you will have a contract based on actual work done. If there are no results, you don’t have to worry about payments; in essence, you have a zero-risk situation which is perfect for onlineservices.

  1. Higher ROI

In traditional SEO, you are supposed to pay for a package that might not even be suitable for you. This means irrespective of the results, you will have paid some money with no guarantee of returns. However, performance-based SEO changes all this by making it possible to only invest in services that you think are necessary for your SEO campaign. The SEO provider knows they only get paid after results are achieved and hence, they hire the best team and use only highly effective SEO strategies to meet the terms of the agreement.

  1. Better Working Relationships

Many website owners complain about poor working relationships with their SEOs and this is understandable. Most traditional SEO companies are not forthright about their operations and this is despite getting paid in advance.

When clients followup on results, what follows is a lot of tension and eventual breakdown in the relationship. With performance-based SEO, you have an agreement and this means the working arrangement is more solid. You will find it easier to use the SEO service over and over again.

While performance-based SEO offers many advantages, you should be wary of scams where you get lofty promises only for your WP website to get hit with a penalty. Make sure you agree on white hat SEO only and avoid shortcuts including keyword stuffing, article spinning, spammy links, comment spamming, cloaking, fake social signals and low-quality backlinks. When you find a reliable performance-based SEO service, you will be on your way to achieving your SEO objectives.

Tim Hollande is a performance SEO expert based in New York. He has over 19 years’ experience in the industry. Tim also comments on industry issues through his blog. Visit his blog here for more information

Looking for a Reliable SEO Agency? Here Are Some Things to Consider

Running a business today is not for the fainthearted. The contemporary business landscape in France calls for innovation and creativity in order to remain competitive. When competing on a globalized platform, you have to contend with increased competition,especially when doing business online.

However, this competitive internet marketplace also offers a silver lining for smaller businesses that now have a level playing ground with larger companies. Whatever your niche industry, you can harness the resources of an established marketing agency to beat the competition.

If you are struggling to make a mark in your online marketing campaigns, it is important to appreciate the place of search engine optimization (SEO) in the larger scheme of things. Building a business website should no longer be considered in isolation with marketing efforts. However good your website looks, you have to optimize it for search engines to rank highly on search engine result pages (SERPs) for a ranking keyword. This is the only way for your target customers to find you.

SEO plays an integral role in online marketing. A recent report shows that search still remains the #1 driver of traffic to content websites. But there is more; 93% of all internet experiences start with a search engine. This means your marketing efforts should be concentrated on getting noticed on search. If you are concentrating on getting your website visible on search, it is most likely your efforts are failing.

With this in mind, hiring an SEO agency is a no-brainer. While some aspects of SEO can be done in-house, an SEO expert brings onboard a fresh and objective perspective. More importantly, an SEO company boasts a wide range of skills including content management, social media marketing, keyword research and many others.

There are thousands of SEO agencies in Paris and finding the best can be a daunting affair. Many website owners have fallen for SEO scams which cost them dearly but luckily, you can avoid this pitfall by considering the following factors:

  1. Experience and Track Record

Always go for a company that has years of experience in the SEO industry. To do this, you have to ask hard questions during the interview sessions with the prospective SEO agency you want to hire. Ask for references to gauge the quality of services they offer. If possible, talk to the other website owners who have used their services and assess their satisfaction levels. A good SEO service should be ready to share a list of its past clients if they have nothing to fear.

  1. Mode of Operation

Before hiring an SEO company, confirm about the techniques they use.A reliable SEO service is always ready to share their methodology with the client. The reason you need to confirm about this is the fact that many services use black hat techniques which can lead to penalties.

By getting an outline of the techniques to be used in the project, you are assured all are ethical and there will be no danger of costly penalties or loss of reputation. If an SEO partner is not ready to reveal the techniques they are using, it is highly likely that you are about to sign up with a scam service.

  1. Confirm about Their Dedication to Your Account

When comparing different SEO services, ask about the time your website will get throughout the SEO project. A good company will have a dedicated team for your account to guaranteeeverything works seamlessly. AlaQueue offers a unique way of serving clients by opening new communication channels which a client can use to find out everything about the project. By having a dedicated project team working for you, the outcomes are more positive and you will not experience downtime or any other technical glitches.

  1. Custom SEO

There is no one-size-fits-all solution in SEO and for this reason, a reliable service should be ready to offer custom solutions that perfectly suit your needs. When looking for an SEO service to work with, check whether they are taking time to understand your business goals and objectives. This is the only way an SEO service can provide tailored SEO solutions to suit your unique needs.

For instance, Instagram marketing might be very popular today but it might not be suitable for your type of business. If an SEO company keeps on insisting that you need this service and you feel it is not the best for you, keep looking.

  1. Wide Range of Solutions

During initial consultations, ask about the type of SEO techniques the company will offer. If they keep harping about link building alone, it is obvious they are not uptodate with the trends in the industry. A reliable SEO company should be up to speed with the latest SEO trends including voice search, AMP, and social media marketing among others.

It is also good to compare prices but don’t allow low pricing to be the only consideration lest you fall for a scam.


Author Bio:-

Barrack Diego is an SEO expert working with AlaQueue. He boasts experience in the internet industry and shares his experience through writing in his blog. Barrack lives with his family in Paris.


10 Great Tips To Earn More In The Digital Marketing Industry

As an expert in digital marketing you have read hundreds of thousands of tips on digital marketing. You even learnt many different things that become obsolete and not longer working, and some are working efficiently.

When you apply some of your previously learnt tips, sometimes you know they will work and sometimes you do not know whether they will work or not.

In spite of it all, you apply those techniques to help your clients’ websites getting rank in search engines. Here, in this blog we are about to discuss ten great tips that help you earn more in this digital marketing industry.

Why Earn More in Digital Marketing

Let us discuss something important about digital marketing. As we see, digital marketing is booming. It is a great career for students, fresher as well as experienced individuals. Sometimes industry people also learn the fundamental of digital marketing to accelerate and polish their digital marketing skills. Though, whatsoever the reason of learning digital marketing the implantation tips of digital marketing and to earn more in the digital marketing industry is growing day by day. Many people are concerned about it.

How to Earn Through Digital Marketing

Wey have all come to know the statistics as well as reports on how SEO is one of the most critical focus points for the purpose of business on Internet. Therefore, setting up a perfect stage for customers to come in as well as patronize your business with great web design.

Though, it is not just one or enough thing that helps you earn more in the industry. At the same time, your search engine optimization and social media optimization including marketing will play a great role for sure. To do this efficiently, you do not need to cater the business in such a way that you need to hire a team, but to make it successful you need to be updated all the time.

  1. Grow Your Audience – Grow your audience as much as possible with the help of search engine and social media optimization. You can grow your audience through paid advertising as well.
  2. Boost Your Search Rank – Boost your search rank with organic search engine optimization. Organic search is related to organic search engine optimization which is one of the most influential ways to understand the digital domain.
  3. Social media Marketing – Social media marketing is a channel like Facebook, Twitter etc. help you manage your marketing campaign. Social media generally helps your marketing effort easy and quick, sometimes through paid and often through organic ways.
  4. Social media optimization – Social media optimization also helps the channel like Facebook, Twitter etc. not only help you handle your entire marketing effort but also help your marketing effort easy to manage and quick to solve often through paid and sometimes or organic ways.
  5. Paid Marketing – Paid marketing are not many, one of the most popular is PPC that is Pay Per Click which is a marketing service given by Google. Bing and Yahoo also provide this type of marketing.
  6. Content Marketing – Content writing and marketing is not same thing, but writing the content that boost one’s marketing effort easily.
  7. Content Optimization – Optimizing content is important, which helps content marketing easy and manageable.
  8. Facebook Marketing – Marketing through facebook is a common thing and that could be in two ways, one is free and one is paid marketing.
  9. Twitter Marketing – Twitter marketing by way of Twitter is also a common way but that could be possible free and paid marketing.
  10. Sharing Website’s new updates – It is important to sharing new content or updated information to the visitors, which will help earn more in the digital marketing.

To earn more in digital marketing either you need to learn the tips and tricks of digital marketing or hire a team of experts it is up to you. If you heard a statistics as well as reports on how search engine works but the thing is you need many customers to point your products or services out that can provide them great user experience.

Though, social media can take a leading role in website visitor referral for the purpose of business online, but what is unforgettable as well as undeniable is that search is still one of the most trusted sources of the targeted customers online.

Author Bio:Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Alliance International IT – a Web design and Development Company. Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on Digital Marketing Services, Web Designing and mobile app development.

SEO in Google

A beautiful marriage, a match made in heaven.

No exaggeration, because one cannot work without the other. Firstly, for those that do not know SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation sounds technical and fancy and not only is it those two things but it is also highly effective.

In this article, I will cover the building blocks you need to know and need to have to make your website rank in Google.

  • The basics of SEO
  • Keywords
  • Websites content
  • The hidden stuff (Meta Data, Image File Names)
  • Tracking the results of your website (effectiveness, traffic and ranking statistics)

Sounds hard and complicated, but if you break up the components of SEO and how it works with Google, you will understand why SEO in Google is important and oh so very useful.

The Basics of SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is all about ranking. Everyone wants to have their website at the top of page one of Google. This is the aim. It is human nature to start at the top and read downwards as you were taught as a child to read a book or read anything for that matter. It is automatic. Now how to get to number one, I have listed some basic yet crucial steps below.


Google is kind enough to have established a tool called “keyword planner” here you can find not only how much each keyword costs if you choose to use it to pick up a particular phrase or word on your website.

Keywords will usually be your industry, service, product, and area mixed with words like best, cheapest, top, etc. Think of phrases that customers, clients and yourself use when conducting a simple Google search and what would appeal to you no matter which industry, product or service you are looking for.

Same goes for your business. You want to match up keywords to a Google search that is related to your company’s products and services. Sounds simple? There are a few more hoops to jump through first.

Your website Content

You have the keywords that are most popular (most viewed) in your industry to target your audience highlighting your services and usually area. Now, where do you use them? The first place you should begin is in your website content. Seems straight forward, include your keywords when you are describing your services, products, and information about your company right? However, there is a catch.

There is an unknown limit on how many times you use your keywords, because if you do use them excessively Google may class your website as “spammy” meaning it is not a trusted and real website and your website won’t be listed on any page at all. For the safety of consumers, Google automatically identifies and classifies spammy websites. So, your website content needs to include keywords, but also your site’s content has to be easy to read and informative.

Because once you have attracted potential clients and consumers to your website you also want them to go through and purchase your product and services, and you want them to come back, right?

The Hidden Stuff

Here we get a little more technical. The hidden stuff is small but not insignificant in any way shape or form. It is not to say that without the following your website will not rank. However, with Meta Data, Image file names and Anchor texts (I will explain briefly don’t worry!) your website will have a better chance of ranking.

  • Meta Data: When you type in a search into Google, and you see the site title or phrase which will be a Bold blue link (this is the Meta Title) and the sentence or sentences below it (Meta Description). This is the meta data, and I don’t know about you but the more relevant, simple and informative the title and description the more likely I would click on that search result. Hence why it is important for your website to be successful.
  • Image File Names: Every website should have pictures, not only are they eye catching but as the saying goes “a picture can say a thousand words.” So not only is it important to have pictures for aesthetics but it is also important what you name each picture. Believe it or not, how you name your picture, should also include keywords which will help it rank when you enter the picture name into the website which Google uses to pick up as It cannot recognise the picture itself.
  • Anchor Text: This refers to having links from one page to another, connecting a product, for example, a “Conditioner product” should have a link back to the main “Hair Products Page” or “Commercial Plumbing” should link back to the primary “Plumbing Services” page. This makes it easy not only for potential clients and the internet users to navigate through your website but also for Google to rank your page.

Tracking your Results

There are many ways to do this, and unless you are a digital marketing expert I would leave it at that, leave it to the professionals. If you aren’t using a digital marketing company the only way you may be able to tell is perhaps if you have an inquiry form that includes “how did you hear about us,” searching for your website on google to see where it ranks when you type in specific keywords.

All of these are fine, but there are much more ways that can assess how many people visit your site, how long they spend on each page, which website they were referred from if your website is listed on a directory or was navigated from social media, etc. Beneficial and specific tools that the average Joe or Jane will not be able to calculate without an expert.


Here are the steps very briefly of how you can help your website rank in Google. And the steps any good Digital Marketing Company will use plus more to help your site not only rank but be effective in increasing internet traffic, exposure to products and services and hopefully increase the sale or purchase of your company’s products and or services.

  1. Research Keywords which relate to your industry, products, etc.
  2. Include Keywords into your title, body of text and subheads (just not too much!)
  3. Use the hidden tools (Meta Data, Image tags, etc.)
  4. Ensure you or your marketing company you have employed uses Google or other methods to track the effectiveness of your campaign, and if it is not as effective as it should be it should be revised and altered.

Good luck and happy ranking!

5 Things an SEO Agency Actually Does

SEO is a well-established industry that continues to grow, one that is seen by most as a necessity in the digital marketing field. SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation’, which looks at strategies to help increase your search engine ranking.

In essence, they make your website come up on the front page (or close to it) of Google. You may be interested in hiring an SEO agency or maybe you already have, so it’s important to know what they do exactly.

Here are five functions that SEO companies actually perform:

1. Social Media Management

This is certainly not required, but as social media proliferates, so does the necessity to utilise and operate accounts on the various platforms. It is unlikely that you are interested or knowledgeable in social media management and ergo, SEOs are great for provided such services. The best search engine optimisation businesses will provide:

  • Accounts on multiple websites, not just one
  • The ability for daily posts
  • Reports and analysis of the social media
  • Content on your social media that is actually relevant to your company
  1. Progress Reports

It is vital for you to understand how their work is progressing and how your business’s SEO is being developed. Weekly or monthly reports are sent that detail many things, such as:

  • What keywords are best for your business
  • The rate of keyword usage
  • How many people visit your website from backlinks
  • How often people visit your website
  • How many sales you receive from backlinks

Some companies will also provide you with access to software that lets you monitor the progress and statistical intricacies of the SEO practices

3. Website Optimisation

While some SEO will redesign your website, web optimisation is not web design. Rather it is the editing of your website to make sure that you are properly maximising your SEO potential, specifically through the utilisation of keywords. For the best optimisation you would expect to have relevant and useful keywords in your meta-tags, H1s, image tags and a few other specific areas. It may be the case that you have incidentally done this to a certain degree, but web optimisation will make sure your website appears in Google’s search algorithms.

4. Link Building

Link building is the creation of content on third party websites, then placing a backlink (a link to another website) over a keyword, so that your website has greater association with the relevant keyword. Firstly this attracts people to your website when reading articles related to your company, as well as, for example, creating a greater connotation between ‘flower delivery’ and your business, ‘Blue Bouquets’. Link building is a key component of SEO, but you don’t want a company that focuses too heavily on it, as after recent Google updates, this has lost a lot of power.

  1. Content Management

Much like with social media, a healthy presence on your website, with consistent content from your blog is very important to demonstrating activity to your customers. Furthermore the more content you produce allows for a greater presence of other key SEO practices and allows the pre-existing techniques to be more efficient. As part of content management, many SEO businesses will provide you with unique and well-written weekly blogs personalised to your websites content.

Every SEO agency varies in the specifics of what they do, many of which specialise in certain areas of the field. Either way, these are 5 things you’d expect an SEO company to do.

Digital vs. Traditional Marketing: Which is the Best Way to Market Your Business?

Becoming a business owner in 2017 can be an extremely difficult feat, as the economy has begun to stabilise and the market is becoming much more saturated with business. It’s been revealed that only 20% of entrepreneurs are victorious in their business ventures after those initial two years.

One of the most difficult things to consider when starting a business is how you are going to build your brand and how you are going to market your services. The majority of modern marketing tools fall into two categories, which are “traditional” and “digital” marketing, the question is, which one is best for your business?

Traditional Marketing:

Traditional marketing is a craft that has been perfected over the span of centuries. Every advertisement you ever see, hear, or pass by are the result of carefully calculated and thought out by a marketing team. Traditional marketing has the power to stay with somebody long after they have come into contact with the advertisement or strategy.

Think about this, have you ever walked through a busy high-street and been handed a bottle of your favourite drink, or given a sample of food in a supermarket. All of these clever little ways to get you thinking and talking about a product or brand, fall under the umbrella of traditional marketing.

One of the best things about a traditional marketing campaign, is that you are most likely going to reach a lot of people over a short period of time, for example if you have a television advert set to air over the course of a day, then people are bound to see it. On the other hand, although you will be reaching a large audience, or putting your product in front of a lot of people, there is no guarantee that any of these people will want to buy your product or service, or even take notice of the advertisement.

There is a common saying in the marketing industry, called “throwing mud at the wall”, unless carefully catered to a specific/ niche television channel, or centred around the demographics and psychographics of your target audience, then you are essentially throwing mud at the wall and hoping that it sticks.

In other words, traditional marketing is all about thinking outside of the box and about timing. If you consider the people you are trying to sell to, where they will be, what they watch, what they listen to, and what they respond to, and then target your campaign to fit this, then you can have a really successful outcome. Some of the most simple yet effective ways to deliver brand marketing is to also hand out promotional items, such as wristbands, t-shirts and mugs.

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing allows you to be more specific and precise with your targeting. Rather than using the “throwing mud at a wall” approach, you instead have the option of practices such as Search Engine Optimization, and Pay Per Click, which will put your company’s website in front of people who are seeking your service. This is great news for you, as it means that you are guaranteed to reach your target audience – this isn’t always a possibility with TV adverts.

As well as using SEO and PPC, many companies also choose to take advantage of social media as a key aspect of their digital marketing strategy. The reason that this strategy is becoming increasingly more popular is because it is a cheap and easy to use platform, and has also been proven to bring in one of the most successful ROI of all the marketing tools. Similar to traditional marketing techniques, digital marketing techniques and strategies are most successful when they are used together. For example, social media campaigns are useful when they are combined with SEO campaigns or PPC campaigns. All are effective on their own, but all are more successful when combined together.

Is Either one Better?

As with anything, these traditional and digital strategies are not without fault of their own. Following on from the “throwing mud at the wall” idea for traditional marketing, there is also no real way of tracking how effective your campaigns have been. For example, if a chocolate manufacturer decides to hand out free samples of their product, and also to produce a television advert, there is no real way of knowing how many direct sales have come from this.

Although you can take into consideration the rise/ drop in sales of a product, or a rise/ drop in enquiries based around the time or location, you can never be sure. As for digital marketing strategies and the use of social media platforms, there is often a two-way communication between both the company and the customers or clients, so any negative reviews that are left for the site, are made open to the public and can even damage the company’s reputation in the long run.

With all factors considered, it’s important to make sure that you put a lot of thought and consideration into your marketing campaigns. One of the best ways to ensure that you are making the most out of your marketing campaigns is by using both methods in tandem with one another.

Running various marketing campaigns, both traditional and digital and using the trial and error method will allow you to gain a better understanding on what works for your business and what brings in ROI. An unconventional, yet successful method could be to create a hashtag on social media and also printing out the hashtag on wristbands. There are so many different ways that collaborating and exerting these techniques could really assist your business in making a higher ROI.

Semalt Shares The Secrets To Ranking High In Local Search Engines

If you are interested in ranking higher in search engines, it is important to understand how search engines operate. Their aim is to provide visitors with honest and relevant answers to the questions asked. When searchers throw queries to local search mix, search engines, such as Google requires knowing that local businesses are real. Spam sites are also attempting to rank high in every local search by providing fake information about their locations. So how can a local business prove its information?

Ross Barber, the leading expert of Semalt Digital Service, describes the methods that will help you to rank higher in local SEO.

Sign Up in “Google My Business”

To start with, sign up your business in “Google My Business”. It is completely free to sign up, and any local business should have this account. This is the initial step a company make to rank higher in SEO and local search engines. Most people look out for available local businesses from the Google. Any local business that already has an account with Google My Business has a perfect chance to rank above other organic search results. Visit the Google My Business and get started.

Learn Advantages of Your Competitors

Secondly, get inspired by local competition. Research on those businesses that rank above your company and learn how they have achieved their success. This is not a hard task. Also, analyze backlinks (websites from other domains that point to your site) as soon as they are another important ranking factor. It iis safe to assume that competitors have some valuable backlinks and SEO profiles. You can use Backlink tool to learn who is linking to your business competitors.

Connect with the Community

Thirdly, get tangled with the community. Interacting with members of society is not only necessary for brand exposure and increasing referrals by word of mouth, but also, it can help a business to rank higher both local and global search engines. Ways by which local business owners can get involved in community include donating money, organizing and sponsoring events. Consequently, the recipients of donations will mention your business on their social media profiles and web site. If they fail to do so, an entrepreneur can tag or link them when posting. The posts will be shared with those who were not involved, and search engines will establish a connection between your business and local community.

Use Local keywords

Target the local keywords. Use your state or city name for search engines to index the business correctly. This can be achieved by using Google’s Keyword Planner Tool that compiles a list of locally available keywords that prospective clients ask for in Google. Type every keyword on Google and assess the competition. For local SEO purposes, target these keywords in title tags, meta descriptions, body content, header tags, social media alt tags.

Finally, update the items of your online local presence. Adjust page settings for Yelp, Bing, Superpages, Yellow Pages, Google (Search, Google Maps) and Facebook. It is common for a company to change or add addresses, services, and telephone numbers. However, this is something that affects the local ranking of business if inconsistently listed on different sites. For instance, Semalt Analyzer tool is the one that can be used to check constancy of such information.

6 Important Ways to Keep Up With Google in 2017

Search engine optimization is continuously evolving and it is up to the SEO experts in the industry to make sure that they are up to date. If they are not keeping an eye on rankings or changes in Google’s algorithm they may suffer some harsh consequences related to their website rankings. This can result in a loss of profits for you and (even worse) your client, which no agency wants.

The truth of the matter is that Google has control and they choose what happens on their software. They have experts and coders working all day trying to find ways to stop aggressive black hat SEO from ruining their business, giving searchers falsified information based on dirty backlink building.

This is why we have seen so many algorithm and security updates on their system like Panda and Penguin, which allows Google to automatically assess a web page and deem it both high-quality and Google friendly or spammy and useless.

It is for this reason why keeping up to date with trends and Google’s changes are more important than ever before, so here are a 6 simple and effective ways you can make sure you stay ranked and remain in Google’s good books.

Make Content Engaging and Helpful

Why do people search in Google? Because they are looking for information (most of the time). I know some may argue against this but, for the majority, individuals come to Google for help and info and stick to Amazon when they’re looking to make a purchase. Google is very aware of this and ranks sites heavily on their content.

It is more important than ever to make sure that you are writing high-quality content that answers as many questions as possible. A study by Backlinko found that the highest ranked sites in niches normally had more content, approximately 1500+ words. When you are trying to rank a web page in Google, write it as long as you can without breaking away from the subject. Add media and remember to keep keyword optimization smart, not excessive. Google can see an over-optimized page from a mile off and recent updates seem to be focusing on this on-page aspect more and more in 2017.

Build Links with Relevancy in Mind

Unfortunately, you cannot go on the internet and begin building links from any site you please. Well, saying that, you can but you won’t get great results and you may even receive a slap from Google’s algorithm. Google has come down hard on spammers and terrible backlinks from spammy, irrelevant sites. With newer and better systems Google can now check the backlinks of your site and assess the anchor text, the co-citations and the quality of the site in general.

The truth of the matter is that Google wants to deliver its users relevant results that direct them to more relevant results. That is also the reason why it is beneficial to include outbound links on your posts – it indicates that you’re part of a community. If the site is not only low in authority and trust but also completely irrelevant to your site, Google will not take it as a viable source to rank you and you may not see a lot of SERP movement.

Matt Cutts announced himself that relevancy is the new page rank. Make sure backlinks are on relevant sites and use contextual anchor text that relates to the content it’s pointing too.

Use Google’s Web Tools

Google has restricted the use of many handy tools in the past, including the Keyword Planner (which is still available but no longer shows specific volumes) and the keyword tool on Google Analytics. However, this most definitely doesn’t mean they should be abandoned completed.

Google invests a lot of time and money to make sure that their webmasters have a bundle of tools and equipment to help them succeed with their business. When you look at all the options they offer you can begin to see the opportunity that you’ve missed. They offer features like the Keyword Planner (still incredibly useful), webmaster tools like sitemap submission and page rank, and if you cannot find any use for these tools there are a bunch of third-party tools that, in some cases, can be even more beneficial for your SEO efforts. Some of these include Moz, SEMrush, and Ahrefs.

Social Media is More Powerful than You Think

Social media is actually a lot more powerful than SEO. That concept can be hard to accept if you have been committed to SEO your entire life and have always seen results. The truth is, however, is that your audience are probably using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram a lot more than Google. Sure, Google gets a lot of searches on a daily basis, but when you compare that to the number of sessions on social media it means nothing.

It is so important that you jump on the social media bandwagon because it is not only a great source of additional traffic but it also provides your SEO with no-follow social links, which add credibly to your campaigns and help improve trust. Even if there is a continuous debate over the effect of social links on web page ranks (because they are no-follow), they still have a place in the algorithm, whether you like it or not.

Also, social media acts as a way to communicate to your audience and some companies use it as a form of customer service. It gives you to the opportunity to close the seller-buyer gap and talk to customers on a personal level.

You need to be concerned about Site Metrics

When people think of SEO they immediately jump to the conclusion that backlinks are the best way to climb the SERP ladder. This may be true to an extent but Google has been making some changes and backlinks in combination with content and RankBrain are what really matter with SEO.

We have already covered content briefly as well as backlinks, but what about RankBrain. It isn’t really mentioned a lot in SEO and that is because not a much is known about it. Google themselves are still trying to work out how the algorithm works and learns – it’s a learning process on both ends. RankBrain is a form of AI that looks at lots of different signals that come from your site, including metrics like click-through rates and bounce rates.

What does this mean for you? Basically, you need to make sure that your site is user-friendly and has lots of hooks to keep the reader on the site. You also want to make sure the snippets/metadata for your pages are catchy and makes the searcher feel compelled to click it. This relates to the first point but it is important to make the content engaging and relevant! At the very least you should be capturing emails so you have some control over your traffic.

Keep a Fresh Eye on your Competition

If you are in a competitive niche or are in competition locally against another business, it is very important that you watch their site closely and monitor their performance. This is even more important when the competitors are also performing SEO. If they are staying in the top positions they are doing something right. Check their site, SEO strategy, and content. Your job is to either mimic or improve – we always suggest you improve on it.

Using tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush and Majestic are fantastic when it comes to seeing what your competitors are doing when it comes to SEO. Ahrefs is great for mass backlink checking, providing you with relevant, clean link opportunities; SEMrush is great for keyword analysis and page rank checks and Majestic is great for anchor text checks and topical flow.


SEO is an ever-changing game and in order to stay in that top position, you need to keep one eye on the rankings and one eye on the algorithm. It is essential that you play along with Google and don’t break their rules. There are so many dark practices that you can perform to achieve quick, easy rankings (PBNs, Web 2.0s, etc) but they are not as effective as white hat outreach and broken backlink building. Use the tips above to stay on the good side of Google. The last thing you need is a virtual slap and a decrease in site traffic.