The Ultimate Guide to Choosing WordPress Themes – Here’s What You Should Know!

A stunning theme for WordPress with a careful design will generate a strong impact on the minds of your audience. First impressions are important, but how will you decide which theme you should use for your business website? There are thousands of available themes available online for you to choose from and choosing the right theme can become overwhelming. In this article, you shall learn about some tips which will help you to select the best WordPress themes for your business site.

  1. Mobile friendly: choose a responsive theme

WordPress themes need to be responsive to adapt to various browser sizes, so you will not require a plugin for mobile sites. Contents will get automatically resized so that can be fitted on smaller screens. Many designers fail to recreate a beautiful theme for a mobile website. The primary thing which everyone must look for when deciding on a theme for WordPress is that they have to be mobile friendly. Designers at times focus more on using more stylized techniques than on making it mobile friendly. The responsive nature of the theme must be at par with its counterpart for the larger screen, and it must look good on both large and small screens. Themes have to be smooth, load quickly like they do on desktop themes.

When you are looking for themes online, you must keep your mobile phone ready for you so that you can test the theme on your mobile straight away. You can start with checking the theme on your desktop but be sure to test it on your mobile phone also and examine the theme’s layout both on the mobile phone’s screen and the desktop screen. You will have to envision the content of your site on a mobile site. You must critically analyze your navigation menu and other elements on the mobile version because you will get a lot of traffic from people who view your website from their cell phones.

  1. Theme Layouts: Go Beyond Demos

Many people while they are looking for a new theme for their WordPress site feel that the demonstration and layout will be looking precisely in the same manner on your main website. Many designers will use beautiful images to entice customers into buying their themes instead of the hundreds of others to choose from. Theme developers will present their demos with a lot of affection and care. Everything may seem to be adequately taken care of and ready. However, you must be cautious enough to imagine how it will all look when you finally put your elements into the theme. In case you are someone planning on starting a blog but do not have either the time or the budget to hire a professional blogger or somebody who will manage your blog, then you should neglect any such themes which has “feature article sliders.” Designers may create smooth sliders for scrolling featured images and titles of latest articles from your blog. However, people who browse such themes may not wonder about what content they will put inside the slider to fill the element; they will, later on, feel that their website is looking once it has been set up and the theme installed.

  1. Do Not Use Busy Themes

In the world of designs and graphics, more often than not, simplicity is the best way to go forward, and less can seem like more. You have to be consistent with your industry. While you choose a theme for your WordPress site, you have to predetermine what the purpose of your website is. The theme which you want must not be complimenting your goals. Instead, it should be simplifying them. Your theme’s layout must not be confusing for your readers; it has to precisely deliver the message of the purpose of your services to the target audience.

Go to other websites, reputed websites, which belong to your niche area to see how they present themselves, then look for a way to improve on them. You have to understand what your potential audience looks for in websites, after that you can easily narrow down on your choice of the theme which will be appropriate for you and then you can enhance it.

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Choosing a theme for your WordPress site can seem like an overwhelming task, especially since you will be having a plethora of options to choose from. However, knowing the right techniques will simply make you get the job done correctly. Hopefully, the tips you read about in this article will help you to choose a theme which will be most useful for your specific requirements.

How to Select an Effective Web Host?

Are you planning to shop for a web hosting company which will be effective in both cost and features? With a myriad of options available across, it turns out to be a tedious decision to make. But if you’re aware of the features of hosting services, you can bag a good choice!

A particular web hosting services make the websites reachable via the World Wide Web. In short, the host owns a server and leases out some space to run a website. There are thousands of web hosts present out there and it can be a daunting task to settle on the best one.

Some important factors and suggestions to select a perfect web hosting service:

  • The kind of your website makes an important consideration ahead the web hosting purchase. You need to make sure that your web host provides you a bunch of services that suits your website’s requirement.

  • The cost always makes a huge difference. The two types of costs are involved in a web hosting service viz. installation (initial) cost and the renewal expenses which are incurred at steady intervals to carry on the service.

  • Another essential point that decides of a web host for your site is the shared or dedicated web hosting service. The shared website hosting is quite pocket friendly and allows different websites to run on the same server space. Whereas the dedicated service offers you the entire and exclusive serve space with complete control.

  • Before tapping the lucrative offers, pick out the time to study the server’s reputation and reviews in the market. It provides you with a ready platform of all the required information and quality standards. It is recommended to pick the best web hosting company GpdHost with decent market values.

  • When you expand your business, you might need to have Add-On domains. You can create multiple domains while sticking to one host. It cuts down the cost as you don’t need to pay for the multiple hosts. Also, you can fetch SEO benefits.

  • A speedy website is everyone’s need. A slow pace website is always a big NO. The speed depends entirely on the web hosting services. A simple suggestion to find a web host which delivers excellent speed is to track the past surveys which are conducted to test the speed of the web host.

  • A web host has to be ardently user-friendly and easy-to-use for its customers. Every individual or company must pay an extra attention to the user friendliness of its control panel. It is suggested to take a trial session before you make the final decision.

The GPD Host Company is known to offer reliable and WordPress hosting services.

GoDaddy Hosting: Coupons, Advantages and Disadvantages

GoDaddy is one of the best known and largest web hosting provider. They offer a wide variety of reliable web hosting services thanks to their dependable uptime, Windows and Linux based servers, exceptional customer service, and various other features.

As one of the oldest domain registrars in the market, GoDaddy boasts more than 63 million domain names which are currently registered. GoDaddy is the ideal choice especially for new website owners who want to register a domain name cheaply, sign up for quality web hosting, and build websites all in a single integrated platform. GoDaddy also offers a platform for the advanced web developers to put their expert skills to good use.

GoDaddy Hosting Coupons

Most of the top web hosting companies have great offers all throughout the year, especially for first time customers. It is good practice to always search for a coupon code before you buying a hosting service. That said, it’s important to note that GoDaddy hosting coupons are very popular online, and can be used to get discounts on their various hosting services. The coupons will enable you to acquire GoDaddy hosting services at a lower price, than you’d otherwise have paid. You will end up paying half of the original price. With a GoDaddy coupon you will not only obtain immediate savings on domain names and site purchases, but you’re also assured of high quality services and products.

Here are some of the GoDaddy Coupon Codes;

  • The coupon cjcgnc30 will save you 30% on new product purchases.
  • The coupon cjcgnc99 will enable you to get a new .com domain for .99 cents.
  • The coupon cjcgncfree will give you a one month Free trial of GoDaddy site builder.

To receive the discount, you simply need to enter the coupon code when you check out.


Easy to Use

GoDaddy wesite editor is simple to understand, and has an intuitive user interface which allows even the beginners to start using it right out of the box without being overwhelmed. All of their tools are drag and drop (like inserting images, contact forms and slideshows), which means you can place the items anywhere on your site. In addition to this, the GoDaddy’s beginner friendly site builder offers a step by step tutorial on how to set up and fine tune your site. Whether you are making a photo gallery or adding a button, GoDaddy has a simple-to-follow guide for that.

Top of the Line Technology

Web hosting involves lots of technicalities hence there’s so much which depends on the type of technology being used. To the benefit of clients, GoDaddy company utilizes some of the latest and most advanced technology to carry out their web hosting services. The web hosting is done using 4GH Linux which is among the best in the industry. They also use high end servers with better configuration which ensures better speed and performance of your sites.

Wide Variety of Hosting Solutions

One great thing about GoDaddy hosting is that it offers users the flexibility they need at any point of their journey. For example, you can begin with shared hosting option, and then later on switch (by paying just a little more) for more flexibility via dedicated hosting. There’s also an option of cloud hosting that’s much cheaper, but offers reasonable flexibility. In addition to this, the company offers a reseller hosting option, and this is a great thing for those who’d like to start a web hosting busines; with GoDaddy, your options are plenty and you can be assured to find the ideal hosting plan which suits your particular needs.

Design Flexibility

GoDaddy offers a wide variety of site templates to use, including templates which are optimized for smartphones and mobile devices. They provide over 300 professional looking themes which are predesigned with content, making it easy for you to build your website. All you have to do is replace the already provided generic content with your own customized details. You can also adjust the appearance and layout of different buttons which are provided with each of the themes.

Quality Customer Support

GoDaddy hosting is known to have among the best customer support team in the industry. If you happen to get stuck at any point, you can contact their technical experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their customer service support is quick to react, efficient, courteous and polite. They have several methods of providing the customer support; you can use the online chat feature, submit queries via email, or you can simply call in. GoDaddy usually responds to email queries in less than 24 hours.

Affordable Deals

GoDaddy offers some of the best packages at a very affordable price. As a matter of fact, GoDaddy is considered to be quie low cost as compared to many other hosting service providers, especially given the level of quality and professionalism GoDaddy is associated with. Most of the packages they offer are available on monthly subscription basis with charges which are as low as $3.49 a month. The monthly packages will ensure you enjoy top class services at a very reasonable price. On top of that, there are lots of Godaddy coupons which are available online, which means you can get yourself a better deal by utilizing them.


GoDaddy always try their best to stay ahead of the pack. As such, they have a state of the art data center that works round the clock to ensure users enjoy a 99.9% uptime. This means that when you choose GoDaddy, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your site will always be visible to the world at any given time of day.


Nowadays, protecting your data, and the data of your clients is very crucial which is one of the reasons why Godaddy spent huge sums of money implementing the most efficient online security. If you decide to host your site with GoDaddy, you can be rest assured that your website will be in safe and capable hands.

Offers Quality WordPress Auto Install

GoDaddy has a serious focus on WordPress which includes; one click installs, dedicated servers, and highly trained support staff. They have made the process of installing WordPress very easy which is particularly ideal for beginners.


Although GoDaddy is well known for its’ discount coupons which are available online, some users consider the coupon offer to be too limited and they feel that a bigger number of discount coupons would be of great help.

  • People who want to start out small, might consider the cost of the GoDaddy packages to be a bit high.
  • Godaddy has a custom cpanel that is a little different than the usualy cpanel you find in most other hosts. I find it very intuitive and easy to use, however, others may prefer the usual cpanel.

So, if you are wondering what to consider when evaluating Godaddy as you hosting solution, keep in mind the above pros and cons.

Liquidweb Managed WordPress Hosting: Features, Prices and Coupons

When looking for a new WordPress hosting plan, you may have come across two unfamiliar words: managed and unmanaged WordPress hosting. These terminologies, per se, don’t really apply to the shared hosting environment – which in itself is governed by the hosting company – but are applicable on VPS’s (Virtual Private Server) and dedicated servers.

More often than not, a majority of website owners start off with the shared hosting plan; as in the start, shared hosting is more than enough to support a small site. Today we will discuss “managed WordPress hosting” and if it’s the right choice for you to make and upgrade to.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

In this article we will not discuss what Managed WordPress hosting is. To see that read this guide on We will see, however, the pros and cons of this type of hosting.

Let’s start off with the conspicuous positive first:

Your website will be much faster, reliable and secure, thanks to the fact that it’s not shared with other websites on the same system, which may end up creating clutter. Further, there would be an increased motley of management services to choose from, which would come preloaded with the plan.

There are some obvious negatives to it:

You are restricted to running just a WordPress website on it and nothing else – which is something quite understood from the name! On top of that, you may also be restricted with the choice of plugins that you can make, with some of them not gelling well with the server.

Another obvious disadvantage is the cost. Managed hosting requires the host to deploy more of their resources. This is going to be reflected at the price, which is not affordable by all. This is why companies like introduce promotional coupon codes. A reduced price allows private individuals, as well as small companies, on small hosting budget the test the product for a few months.

Introducing Managed WordPress Hosting Plans from LiquidWeb

Although many services could provide you with managed WordPress hosting, not all of them are cut from the same stone; hence, to make things the easier for you, I would want to recommend Liquid Web to you – A host that was established a good 20 years back and has garnered a lot of favorable reviews from its customers over the years.


There are benefits for web developers in the form of PHPMyAdmin and WP-CLI to access the website’s database. In addition to that, there is also a provision to access your website through SFTP and SSH. It is worth noting, though, that you may not be able to install everything on the server.

Liquidweb also provide you with Varnish caching layer, which could be easily disabled or enabled on a site by site basis on the hosting.

Cost and Liquidweb Promotional Codes

Although there is a noticeable difference in price for managed and unmanaged hosting, it’s all justified. Liquid Web provides you with managed plans that range from 119$ to 289$ per month; offer 300GB SSD, 5TB bandwidth and the option to host over 50 websites.

This is a steep price to pay, compared to unmanaged plans, or even compared to ordinary shared hosting. To get familiar and appreciate the product, you can try it at a reduced price using Liquid web coupon code WORDPRESS33. Visit for the latest offers.


Managed WordPress Hosting: A comprehensive guide

Welcome to this blog post. This article contains information relating to the specific type of web hosting called “managed hosting” – This is different from the conventional type of hosting, in that a support team will not only host your WordPress website, but also take care of the security updates, firewall settings and other technical stuff.

If you are not interested in paying for these extra services, we recommend you take a look at our regular Fastest WordPress Hosting article.


Managed Hosting: What is it?

Often times it is easiest to compare this type of hosting to the shared ones. With a managed hosting account you will often receive a dedicated server (computer) that only runs the WordPress stuff that concerns your own website. On a shared setup, you will not be the only one using the particular server, and can therefore experience poor performance if the other websites are running heavy loads. You won’t receive the same level of support either, neither in the form of automatic updates, and security help, but also in the speed of reply you get when contacting about specific subjects.

Managed hosting is typically an expansion of devoted hosting, whereby the obliged equipment is claimed by the hosting supplier and is rented to a solitary customer. It varies from different types of devoted hosting, in any case, in the way that the regular administration and upkeep of the servers is taken care of by the hosting supplier as opposed to by the customers themselves.

The equivocalness in the term managed hosting stems from the distinctive “levels” of administration accessible; albeit completely managed hosting as a rule incorporates, however is not restricted to, the accompanying:

  • Server Checking – This is the procedure of examining the servers looking for any anomalies or potential disappointments; when done in an auspicious manner, these issues can be redressed before they form into significant issues or administration interruption.
  • Security – This incorporates infection examining, spam sifting, firewall setup and working framework redesigns notwithstanding standard physical server farm efforts to establish safety. Security is vital on any PC framework/system, yet it is particularly essential when managing individual or business discriminating information and data.
  • Full Go down and Stockpiling – An organization losing information can be immoderate in each feeling of the word; it can bring about a loss of cash, time and client trust. Consequently, it is indispensable that all basic or individual data is went down and put away safely.

Managed Hosting Suppliers are much more inclined to have both the physical and specialized abilities set up to complete the go down/capacity handle effectively.

  • Server Design and Upkeep – Managed hosting suppliers can offer authority staff with the aptitude to guarantee that the hosting arrangement is at first arranged to meet the client’s prerequisites adequately and hence, to perform the essential server support to keep the stage running easily
  • Support – An alluring advantage of managed hosting is that – if there ever is an issue – there is constantly qualified backing close by. In perfect cases, organizations make human phone support accessible every minute of every day/365, however in some, backing is offered by means of email.

There are likewise business advantages to managed hosting, which as a rule incorporate, however at the end of the day are not restricted to, the accompanying:

  • Adaptability – Managed Hosting is an adaptable arrangement – not an one size fits all administration – and suppliers can work with clients to accomplish an answer custom-made to suit the financial backing and individual prerequisites of their business. Likewise, when those necessities change, managed hosting suppliers can respond in great time to guarantee that the hosting stage keeps on taking care of those requests.
  • Decreased expense of operation – The equipment and ability needed to oversee hosting in-house can be excessive; with numerous organizations, the expense exceeds the advantages. Managed hosting can be a more financially savvy IT arrangement without needing to trade off on suitability or control.
  • More successful utilization of asset – If your organization utilizes IT staff then you know not anybody that talented IT workers can be excessive. On account of this, it verifies that you put this asset to the best conceivable utilization. At the point when utilizing a Managed Hosting administration, the supplier deals with the regular running and upkeep of the servers and framework, implying that in-house IT staff can concentrate on other, more

WordPress Managed Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

This form of hosting permits clients to rent pre-configured, dedicated hardware and integration from the supplier. Dedicated hosting gives more noteworthy adaptability than shared hosting (and involves less obligation than colocation hosting), subsequent to the client by and large holds control over the hosting environment and decision of working framework. The supplier, notwithstanding, stays in charge of equipment and system organization.

Administration ordinarily incorporates: Dedicated gadgets, server checking, unmanaged systems administration and capacity gear and complete server farm support.

Clients utilizing a dedicated hosting arrangement ought to have competency in IT and server organization. Dedicated hosting likewise obliges a more critical speculation of accounts, time, and HR than shared hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting vs Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a sort of hosting structural engineering that permits figuring assets to be expended as an administration through the Web. Regularly, cloud situations have the capacity to include or evacuate assets like CPU performance and memory-ram and system stockpiling as required. Indeed, even Base administrations like burden adjusting and movement forming, security, savvy reserving alongside dedicated figuring stages for execution investigation, observing and reporting scale with nature.

The primary concern is that cloud architectures can scale to suit client request and activity spikes rapidly. Designers don’t need to always re-build their surroundings and expense structures to handle top burdens. Organizations don’t need to grapple with the basic framework and center advancements or the everyday operational, execution and adaptability issues of their stage. Rather, they can really center their assets on adding to their applications and destinations.




WordPress Hosting: A Speed and Price Comparison List

Ah, WordPress. Back in 2005-2006, the infamous 5 minute installation made it’s mark on the world wide web. No more did we have to edit the wp-config.php in order for us just to type in our database and other hosting parameters.

Now we could just upload the all the installation files along with any WordPress theme that we so wished to use, and the on-screen installer process would take care of the rest. How things have changed since then. These days, 5 minutes to install WordPress seems like overkill.

Any decent hosting company runs with “One-click” application installers, that even type in your database and server configurations for you, basically all you have to do is log on to your hosting provider, click a button or two, and now you are running WordPress!

If you’re just looking for a list of cheap web hosting, check out this site that does a great job at maintaining an active list of cheap hosts. If you wish to learn more, read on!

WordPress Hosting: What types are there?

This article will compare some of the market’s most famous and widely used shared wordpress hosting providers. If you are looking for other types of hosting, you might want to use the index below. For an explanation of each of these types, read below the list.

  • Hosting For WordPress
  • Shared WordPress Hosting
  • WordPress VPN Hosting
  • Managed Hosting for WordPress
  • WordPress Cloud Hosting
  • Self Hosted WordPress
  • Cheapest WordPress hosting
  • Fastest WordPress hosting


Hosting for WordPress: What to consider?

First of all, you might want to make sure your website is going to run on WordPress at all. Some web developers still develop ASP pages, which basically means a Windows Server, compared to the Linux servers that is most common for WP servers.

Also, if you are just going to have a few pages, you might want to consider just using static HTML files, since these will load near instantaneously, and thus provide a much better experience for your users. However, they are tedious to update, and if you have more than just a handful of pages, you will soon find yourself looking for WordPress or another similar CMS for managing your content.

If you wish to create something like a tech blog, you will want a scripting language more dynamic than HTML.

When considering how to proceed with the hosting, you want to make sure you are focusing on the right things. First and foremost, you get what you pay for in most scenarios. Meaning that if you buy $1/month hosting, you can’t reasonably expect the site to run smoothly at all levels of traffic load.

Since the cheapest WordPress hosting is almost always Shared Hosting, then you can experience poor performance and slow load times even when your own pages are not receiving much traffic, because someone else on the same server as you is using all the juice.

Just like sharing an internet connection with someone else, you can make that comparison with relative ease.

Shared WordPress Hosting: The Cheapest Option

Still, even though it is among the slowest of the web-hosting out there, it is one of the most popular choices. Why? Well because most sites in the upstart phase don’t need that much performance.

If you are building up your site from scratch, chances are you won’t be receiving more than 10,000 pageviews a month, meaning you can deliver your site within 1.5-4 seconds on average, and while you won’t win any prices for having the fastest WordPress hosting, and you might lose a few visitors due to load times, most of your visitors will be using your site regardless, and you can therefore save on costs while starting up.

Some web hosts include several levels of shared hosting, meaning that you can upgrade performance slightly, while still keeping costs minimal, but as long as your content is hosted in any shared environment, your clients or visitors will never get that blazing fast experience.

VPN Hosting for WP: A good choice for medium sized sites

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This means that you get access to their servers via remote control, and thus have far more options than standard shared hosting provides.

This requires a bit more technical knowledge, since you can easily make mistakes that will send your visitors 403 or similar error messages. VPN’s are usually shared as well, but the number of websites competing over CPU and Memory power are much lower, where shared hosts sometimes have 100’s of sites on 1 computer, with a VPN you might be sharing it with 5-10 websites, and often have the possibility of completely renting one for just yourself.

Managed WordPress Hosting: What is it, and why choose it?

One of the newer types of WP hosting is called managed hosting, and as the name suggests, the web host will take care of many of the technical aspects of running a WordPress website. Not everybody needs this level of care and compassion, but for the inexperienced, having a contact person whom you can ask any type of WP or Server question will greatly benefit your own learning experience, and keep frustrations at a minimum.

Apart from that, you get their experts setting up Security Rules and Firewalls, Cache and Performance enhancements, some managers will also take care of any type of update coming your way. And most of them take scheduled backups as well. There are no hard rules as to what type of server your website will eventually be hosted on when choosing a managed WordPress hosting company, that all depends on the individual order you set up.

So that means you could end up on a shared server, paying 2-4 times more for just basic plugin installations if you don’t do your due diligence and read up on the exact specifications. There are other companies out there that provide VPN hosting as well as Cloud hosting for virtually the same cost as those who sell shared hosting packages.

WordPress Cloud Hosting: A short introduction

We’ve all heard the term cloud, when dealing with tech terms, but what exactly is it, and why would you combine it with WordPress? Roughly speaking, “the cloud” is simply a bunch of computers connected, and sharing the load between them.

So unlike traditional shared hosting, where you are allocated X percent of the total capacity of a single, specified computer – with Cloud hosting your WordPress installation will be fluctuating between servers around the world.

That means improved speed, since often times they work like CDN’s (content delivery networks) and display the resources requested based off of location to the user. This is a great choice if you are planning on upgrading your existing installation due to performance issues.

Self Hosted WordPress: For the true techies

The holy grail of any true nerd must be the ultimate server configuration. We won’t discuss this in much detail, since anyone wanting to get into hosting their own servers, should already know plenty about the subject, or else be prepared to fail a lot.

Cheapest WordPress Hosts: Best for small/new websites

It is important that you choose your hosting account based on your needs. In the article above you will find the most relevant information about the most popular web hosting services for WordPress.

It is of course important to make your choice based on what your goal is with the website – and what your needs are regarding performance. The types of hosting provided in this article are all great packages, but still with room for improvement. If you have special requirements for your hosting however, you should examine whether those web spaces can accommodate your needs.

For all providers of cheap web hosting is possible to upgrade so that you can get more space on your web space. This could be that you have a special need for large quantities of high quality images or video, and therefore it is of course essential that the web can be upgraded – without – having to change providers.

Fastest WordPress hosting: When performance matters

The most important parameters for any experienced WordPress webmaster when choosing a provider of hosting, is stability and up-time as well as performance. Of course it is very important that the up-time is as close as possible to 100%. As a rule of thumb, it is unacceptable that your hosting account has an uptime of less than 99.9%.

However, it can be extremely difficult to control and measure the uptime of the provider – and especially before you invest in your new web space. Should you measure a hosting you about already have in advance so that the tool can Pingdom clearly highlighted. Is it with a new provider, the best thing you can do to read others’ experiences.

Google for reviews about specific hosting companies – and if you know someone who uses the provider – ask them.