Big Role Of Social Media In Education Industry

This is the time when the world around us is changing rapidly. Every now and then we can find any new releases of technologies or apps which are contributing a lot in making our lives convenient and simple. Social media is one of such advancement that has been serving for the betterment of our lives. Social media is not just being used for the improvement in the business’s efficiency and performance but is being used for almost all the areas.

Education is one such emerging area that has been deeply influenced by the use of social media. it is no more the time when only the private tutor was considered responsible for teaching the students everything. Now is the time when the students and the education industry is availing the various benefits of social media. If you want to expand your circle of learning new and innovative things then you must start using the social media. Here are some of the great reasons why you must incorporate social media for your educational needs:

Connecting with the experts:

The platform of social media is the best platform where the students can connect with the experts of each industry. No matter what is the area of interest of the student, one can easily find all the relevant help for that domain and can easily connect with the experts in that area. 

Enhancing the research:

Social media can help you in much better ways than the help of your private tutor. Social media is the pool of knowledge and information from where the students can get all the specific and desired information about their research topic. 

Effective communication channel:

Social media platforms also serve as one of the most effective channels for communication between the students and the Institute. Moreover, social media serves as an instant and quick platform for reaching out to the desired person and getting an immediate response. 

Improved learning:

Gone are the days when only the bookish knowledge was considered sufficient for the growth of the students. It is the time when the students have to learn many new and different abilities for making a difference in between the crowd. This is where social media helps them. Social media opens an immense pool of information for the students to learn from and thus helps the students for improving their learning. 

Building a social circle:

To make you successful, it is very important for one person to connect with the right people and thus reaching to those right set of people becomes even more necessary. Social media emerges as the right platform that can be used for establishing a connection with the right and authentic set of people. 

Knowledge sharing:

For being better than the rest of the world, the students must have plenty of knowledge for as many areas as possible. Thus social media can be the right help that the students can get for sharing the respective desired knowledge in between themselves and making a difference in the crowded competition.

Social media is the much-needed help that the education industry and the students need for improving their present situation. The use of social media is the right and perfect alternative for the private tutor.

Chirag Patel is writer and outreach expert at B4C Solution. He is passionate to write on an education, career success, private tuition and home tutors. His passion is to bring smiles to parents & students.

Coupon Strategies that Increase Sales and Customer Loyalty

Alex Papaconstantinou is the founder of, a coupon website that represents over 3,000 online stores in the United Kingdom. In this article he explains how a smart coupon strategy can help an online business, not only increase revenue, but track sales, support affiliates and increase the client base.

Though, in recent years, some retailers have opted out of coupon marketing, we’ll see here 5 reasons why online shops should consider publishing discount coupon codes.

1.      Reward loyalty

Giving existing customers coupon codes goes a long way towards rewarding loyalty to your brand. You can email them something like “We appreciate your loyalty so much that we would like to give you $30 off your next purchase. Thanks for your business”.

2.      Measure return on investment (ROI)

Tracking your marketing campaigns is very important as it gives you a clear picture of which marketing channels are creating more sales for your online business. Using coupon codes is a great way to track sales from various media.

Use a different code for every platform you promote your product, i.e. have different codes for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Youtube ,etc. Tracking the offer codes used and linking them to the sales they generated will help you calculate the number of sales produced by each marketing channel.

With a little bit of technology, you can also use coupon codes to track keyword level of your search ad campaign which is important when it comes to optimization.

3.      Personally reward followers on special occasions

Instead of offering coupons to everyone, sometimes it is best to only reward certain customers. For example, try send a special voucher code to people on their birthdays! This gives a person a lot of joy on their birthday, knowing that you thought of them. It also establishes your company as a user-friendly brand.

4.      Retargeting and shopping cart dropouts

Shopping cart dropout occurs when a potential customer visits an ecommerce site, selects a product, fills in their details including the email address but, for some reason, the customer leaves the website without completing the order. In this case, you can use a coupon code to lure the buyer back to the website.

What about sending them an email with a promotional code that reads something like this, “Hi, I am Alex from, we noticed you left our website without completing your order. Here is a 20% off coupon code for your next purchase. Use it now as it it’s valid for a day only”.

5.      Promote scarcity

In order to make buyers take action quickly when it comes to making a purchase, you can use limited time offer codes. This creates scarcity and drives the potential buyers, who maybe on the fence, to take action.

There are many ways you can leverage coupon codes to track customers, increase sales, build customer loyalty and more. But always remember that in order to build a sustainable business, you must never make a money off policy your only marketing strategy.